Three Ways To Sex Up Your Avocado On Toast


I won’t lie, taking the photos for this post was an absolute bloody hoot. Mostly because it involved having to eat my weight in avo on toast. Hashtag pray for Hannah.

In reality it was a little less glam because whilst attempting to hard boil my eggs, I got carried away with life and grabbed an egg out of a pan full of boiling hot water. That’s right, I plunged my hand into a pot of boiling water like some frickin’ moron that’s just arrived on planet Earth. Someone give me a round of applause.

But yeah, these three twists on ya classic Saturday brunch of avo on toast are absolute game changers. You need them in your life ASAP.

And I can tell you that because after slaving over them and then photographing them, Chris and I sat in bed and munched through all of them for dinner.

Soz not soz.

My top tip to making dreamy avo on toast at home is to use sourdough bread – Waitrose do a dreamy ready sliced one in case you’re a bit of a beginner at slicing bread yourself.

So yeah, sourdough, salt, pepper and half a medium/large avocado each as your base, and then make it sexy with these combos below…



Admittedly this fella was one I spied over on Pinterest and hubba hubba, she was delicious and I’ll absolutely be making her again. Is tomorrow too soon?

Basically you need one corn of cob per two people, cook it in a griddle pan and once it’s charred use a knife to remove the kernels. Scatter them across your avocado, along with lots of crumbled goat’s cheese and a few slices of chopped chilli if you’re feeling like a champion. SO. GOOD.

P8180742P8180744 (1)


This is my go-to combo at home and I never tire of it. Because tbf when does anyone ever have too much balsamic glaze in their life, eh?

All you gotta do is crumble feta, torn basil leaves and some sliced sundried tomatoes over your toast and finish off with a drizzle of my balsamic glaze baby girl for life. Olives also work well as an additional twist.



I’ma hold my hands up and say I copied this hunky little duo straight from the gods at Espresso Library.

Ideally you’d have a soft-boiled egg but I’m not some sort of egg sorceress and so naturally mine either turn out raw or hard-boiled to death. Lol.

You want to layer up a hunky slice of prosciutto and some roughly chopped spring onion on your toast and then top it with a little sliced eggy. And voila.

What other combos should I give a whirl this weekend?


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