Take A Peek Inside My Bedroom…


Our sofa might currently smell like cat wee and our bathroom might have a colour scheme straight out of a 2003 episode of Changing Rooms but look guys, LOOK, our bedroom isn’t so hideous.

At least, I don’t think it is.

Basically what happened is I ordered loads of things slowly over the course of a month and then as it arrived I hid them around the house, and then when I was sure I had everything, I waited til Chris was at work and spruced up our bedroom with all of it all at once.

So I guess that does sound suspiciously like Changing Rooms, huh?

Anyway, it sounds like I did it as a super sweet surprise to make him happy.

Alas, nope.

It was a crafty cunning bitch way to convince him that he would absolutely love a marble bedside table and look babes, look, you can use it as a blogging photo prop if you want to too.

And awww pops of baby pink, you LOVE pops of pale pink.

Anyway, it seems to have worked, so you can insert some kind of hyena-pitched Cruella Deville cackle here. No shame.

So yeah, welcome to our bedroom tour, hope ya like!




We had a really teeny tiny gap next to our big ol’ IKEA wardrobe that had been home to a stool (I literally can’t write that word without assuming I’ve spelt it wrong and that it actually means poo – turns out it has two meanings), and some metal shelf thingys that Chris bought.

Anyway look look, now we have a skinny storage unit that holds all of my make-up and toiletries as long as all our charging wires, caps, bandanas and other random crap that accumulates in our bedroom.

Oh and also – let’s give a short but important round of applause for the new Primark rose-gold make-up brushes. THEY. ARE. SO. GOOD. And pretty.

Drawers – La Redoute | Make-up brush holder – H&M (old) | Cactus print – Juniqe



Our bed is actually an old buy from Tesco and we just tend to stick to white bed sheets (these days they’re ones with a half decent thread count from a department store sale because heck we so rock ‘n’ roll).

Our cushions are a mix of La Redoute and H&M, whilst the blanket (which I legit have no idea how Chris didn’t cry over because SO MUCH PINK) is also H&M.

Bed – Tesco | Velvet cushion covers – H&M | Dark leaf print cushion cover – H&M (sold out online)| Fluffy cushion cover – La Redoute | Light leaf print cushion cover – La Redoute | Blanket – H&M



The reason there’s a gap in our shelves is because lol we couldn’t get them to line up. We so domesticated.

I like the idea of updating the shelf with prints and photos as we go, finding new things that mean something special to us or y’know, just look cute af.

Shelf – IKEA | Leaf print – Juniqe | Manhattan print – Etsy | Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat print – Lily Rose co



If you’re wondering where all our ‘stuff’ is, I’ve whipped it off the old bedside table and stuffed it either in Chris’s side of the wardrobe or in the new drawers so that hello cute lil minimal set up.

I liked the idea of having two little tables so that we could buy a big ass plant from B&Q and also because I’d seen it repeatedly on Pinterest and was like I wanna get me some of this basic bitch perfection.

Side note, that plant was SIX POUNDS. THAT IS IT. Also, the lamp was an absolute corker from the Habitat sale, so yeah, big up to Habitat.

Marble table – La Redoute | Gold table – MADE.com | Plant and plant pot – B&Q (in-store online) | Lamp – Habitat | Wire basket – H&M | Initial coaster – Anthropologie



My side of the bed is ahem, a little less neat and glossy. Soz.

We bought this chest of drawers from eBay a few years ago for just under Β£100 and to be fair, it needs a big ol’ clean because it appears to have a bazillion tea drip stains on it. My bad.

I’ve also got quite the fake plant collection because I’ve killed about 53756 plants since we moved in, and I’ve had to retire from my grown-up gardening career. I know, it’s been hard on me too.

Anyway yeah, I have a load of spare plant pots where I went a bit OTT in H&M so hopefully I’ll fill these up with some little champs soon and awwww lots of greenery to counteract the internet or something along those lines.

Wire rack – Urban Outfitters (similar here) | Wire basket – H&M (sold out online) | Gold tray – H&M | Gold mirror – charity shop | Lamp – B&Q

  • shannon

    Such a gorgeous room, love the colour scheme and the gold side table x


  • You have a cat and a white bedspread?!! Oh man. My cat totally destroyed mine, haha. I LOVE those colours.

  • Michelle Hung

    Loving the gold table! *goes to purchase….


  • Mel

    Really great tour – your bedroom looks so modern and comfortable too

  • I love your makeup storage! It seems so nice and luxurious!

  • Oh it looks absolutely lovely. Should definitely do something like that too.

    Love, Kerstin

  • Your room is gorgeous! I love the gold details like the metal baskets and the bedside table πŸ™‚

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  • Your bedroom is so pretty! I love the leaf pillowcases and the golden bedside table


  • Vic

    Please tell me how you put up shelves in a rented house!? The room looks fab too x

  • Erm, helllooooo bedroom of dreams! So pretty!


  • I’m 100% loving all the green. really like the feel of things too, it loos so cosy!!

  • han

    Love your bed frame and shelves!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • What a lovely room! It looks like the perfect place to relax. I hope I can recreate a similar vibe for my dorm room at college!

  • G

    Hannah! – bedroom is on point! I love the contrast between the dark chest of drawers and all the white and greenery; looks very fresh.

  • Looking lovely! I love the plant!


  • Ah this is stunning! Like literal goals. You seriously did such an amazing job with your place. And so so jealous of that marble brush holder..



  • The bedroom of DREAMS! Seriously hope when I have a house of my own, it’d look as good as yours. I am obsessed with your bedside tables! Way too beautiful. <3


  • What a gorgeous room, the colour of the walls really compliments your pops of pink. This is so Pinterest worthy! Where are your cushions from?

    Georgina Clarke Blog x

  • Your bedroom looks so fresh. You have a great eye for prints that aren’t too busy for your sleep zone. Love!
    Tracey x

  • OMG your room looks amazing – love the golden details and prints everywhere πŸ™‚
    Quite similar to our living room, as we also have palm prints and golden dΓ©cor <3


  • Love your blog, your bedroom is lovely. Being a vintage fiend I love love love the beautiful chest of drawers but you’ve done a great job making the room look fresh and inspiring.

  • Ahhhh so gorgeous! I really love the rustic looking chest of drawers – it’s gorgeous! – and also the set up on top of it. You really have an eye for detail πŸ™‚ I’m currently sitting in my very messy bedroom and this post has given me some inspiration to get up and tidy up a bit, so thank you! πŸ˜€

    Also, good shout on the Primark brushes, I’m think I’m gonna go and have a look at them today..!

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Gorgeous!

  • Chloe marie

    Such a gorgeous room, love the colour scheme and the gold side table! xoxo

  • Bedroom Goals!!! I looooveee the marble bedside table, so gorgeous x


  • I didn’t even realise that La Redoute did such great homeware! Also B&Q – am I the only one who thought that was just for DIY materials… Beautiful post though! It’s both aspirational and realistic which is a real nice change when it comes to interior posts πŸ™‚ Becca xx


  • I personally think that was a great idea for getting your style in there first! This is so pretty, I would copy so many bits of this room.

    Jaynie Shannon * | Beauty and Lifestyle


  • Sp pretty πŸ™‚ is all that storage make up!? H-h-how…!? xD I wouldn’t be able to cram all my stuff into one room I don’t know how you do it! although I guess I’m still living at my parents so I really do only have the one room to myself haha… can I ask… where do you keep your clothes?! Surely they can’t all fit in that small chest of drawers?

    Don’t worry, I kill plants too (by accident). I couldn’t even keep a cactus alive…

  • I love love love this and I’m off to buy that marble table as we speak!!!
    Sophie Cliff

  • Your bedroom is so cute and relaxing!! Love it!! kisses:D


  • Sarah-Louise

    Love the colour on your walls. What is the shade called? I have your bed, but the IKEA version haha

  • LOVE the palm print pillows!

  • Such a gorgeous room, I love the colour theme you have going on! The picture rail is such a nice little touch x

    Jordan || Darling Jordan

  • Omigod I love this – I move into my place in October and have quite a bit of leeway of how I want to decorate everything, stop everything, I’m getting that Marble table from La Redoute! So stunning! I personally love the pop of pink and there is still a nice masculine touch to it as well with original dark wood drawers! xx


  • Serious Pinterest-worthy bedroom style going on here Hannah! Plus, I am SO excited to meet you at the Bloggers Blog Awards, cannot wait! πŸ˜€ Alice xxx


  • Hannah, is there anything you’re not good at? Beauty, fashion, writing the most hilarious lists in the world, and now interiors – You go glen coco! I love it!

    Beth x


  • Your bedroom is so cute!
    Cloe X clxelouise.blogspot.com

  • Oh my, your room is absolutely beautiful Hannah! I love the marble and the big plant is so nice, I can’t believe it was Β£6! I’ve just been waiting for a small one to grow for our room because I didn’t want to have to spend money on a big one haha.
    Amy xx

  • I’m having serious bedroom envy. I cant believe you got the chest of drawers from eBay they are so pretty. i also love your grey walls I would never think to paint my bedroom that shade but it’s gorgeous!

  • Oh wow it looks amazing! It’s great to see you haven’t made any major changes, just spruced it up with cute decor. I also love the way you’ve styled the darker wood chest of drawers. I have an antique sideboard not too dissimilar and I’ve struggled to perk it up a bit and make it a little more modern but yours has given me some great inspiration.

    Clare πŸ™‚

  • Your bedroom looks so pretty! x

    Jess x

  • Absolutely love the inside of your bedroom! I love the nice cosy and neutral theme and love the cushions!


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