If You Buy One Eye Shadow Palette, Make It This One…


Last week was a pretty sexy week for blogger mail, because not one, but two, brand-spanking new Urban Decay eye shadow palettes came a-creepin’ through my letter box.

The first, was the MOONDUST palette, which is a magpie dream come true if you love anything that makes your face sparkle like a treasure chest full of gems, and the other was this colourful hun – the UD XX VICE LTD RELOADED.

Even the name sounds dramatic.

I had to copy and paste it off the website because lol, your girl ain’t gonna remember that.

The palette features 20 shades from the brand’s 20-year history, which range from subtle and you-could-100%-wear-this-every-day (like Laced and Midnight Cowboy), to OH MUMMA LET’S START A PARTY ON OUR FACES (like Oil Slick and Freakshow).

And I guess that’s what I like about it over an Urban Decay Smokey Palette – is that you can do both. You can be as subtle and low-key as you like or as wild, dramatic and experimental. It caters for fancy days in the office where you’re wearing eye shadow because look, look, look you woke up five minutes earlier than usual, cray cray festival make-up and we-gunna-buy-all-the-pornstar-martini nights with your boo thangs.

There’s matte and there’s shimmer, THERE IS EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER NEED.

And lol, you’ll actually die when I tell you my fave shade.


The dark red. Or maroon. Or Gryffindor shade. Or whatever you want to call it.

I’ve worn it twice in the past week mostly because the lady on the U.S. version of Snog, Marry, Avoid said that dark red eye shadows bring out a green eye. Daytime TV is the best, huh?

I also like Anonymous for brightening under my brows and that patch of skin just under the outer corner of my eye that sometimes get dulled down with flecks of loose eye shadow crumbs.

So yeah, new palette. Available at Debenhams or on the Urban Decay website and it’s out now and it’s a *bit* pricey (£43), but maybe try and think of it as an investment because hey look enough eye shadow for life. Or just order it after a glass of wine and claim you were drunk.

Oh and look there’s some photos below of me attempting to use it, it was fun. Now I need Chris to take me out for dinner so I have an excuse to play dress up with it. Plz, plz?

Shop it here.


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