Reviewing TEN Different Brow Products


First up, before you dive head first into LOL close-up snaps of my face, I need you to know that I am not allergic to tweezers.

I’m currently on a self-inflicted year-long tweezing ban in the hope of growing my brows into natural bushy babes like my home girl Chloe Grace Moretz.

And when I say home girl, I mean complete stranger than lives about 10,000 miles from me and doesn’t have a cat’s whisker who I am. But y’know, whatevs.

Anyway, I spent an entire afternoon drawing my brows on with different products, most of them high street, and then removing them with a face wipe, blotting them with a tissue, and reapplying concealer around them in a bid to hide the ever-growing rings of red that started forming because STOP WITH THE DAMN FACE WIPES.

I have to say, I could have done with a smidge more eye make-up, but hindsight is a glorious thing. Oh and ALSO, watch out for my straggly last few lash extensions trying to steal my brows’ thunder in every shot. The rascals.



First up, here’s what my brows look like with absolutely nothing on. Beautiful, right? And by beautiful I mean patchy and mousey and straggly. I can’t believe I went most of my adult life without filling them in. What a grade-A moron.

clean brows


I bought this last summer from Cult Beauty after seeing it tagged in so many people’s make-up close up snaps on Insta and it was a *bit* of a shock to the system.

As someone who had only ever used brow pencils, or ahem, eye shadow, I found the creamy texture a bit tricky and it took me a couple of weeks to get used to it.

At the moment it’s my most used brow product as I love how blendable it is when applied with a slanted brush. I usually add clear brow gel to get a sharper shape and make the inner end of my brow feel less harsh.




Admittedly, I do love the precision that comes from using a pencil over a slanted brush, especially when it comes to ahem, attempting to get some sort of point to my wildly overgrown baby girls.

I actually used this pencil until it RAN OUT last year (which must mean it’s true love, right?). It’s not so pigmented that it overwhelms your face but it blends well and gives a super smooth, easy application.

bare minerals


This is the middle shade out of three pencil shades and I’ll be honest, application felt a little like hard work. And lol it must have been hard work because hang on, what’s going on with that left brow? You alright, hun?

In the photos it doesn’t look too dissimilar to the bareMinerals pencil, but it took twice as long to apply and felt like it needed a lot of pressure to show up on my skin all.

hd brows



This product didn’t stand out to me as omfg yes Hannah you queen whilst I was trialing it, but looking back at the photos I feel like with a couple of attempts it could 100% be a new fave.

Whilst the colour is a little warmer toned than I’d like, I do actually really, really like the combo of pencil and gel. It means you get precision and then a little summin’ summin’ to fill them in and look fuller. An absolute steal for £7.99. Good work you Revlon babes.




I snapped up this double-ended wonder from a NYX counter the day before Thailand because I wanted a super quick and easy way to do my brows whilst traveling about.

I found the shade far too warm-toned although hello look it’s not coming up in the photos, whilst the highlight end was way too thick and crumbly and absolutely not the one.

I tried a different NYX brow pencil in New York and found it was also super warm toned. HI ORANGE EYE BROWS. So yeah, use that information however you like.




Hey there chubby brows, you enjoying your pizza and cake, eh?

First up, this pomade pen glides on like a dream, and with a slanted brush is super easy to blend into the shape you want. On the downside, it IS chunky, which makes it hard if you want to create a fine line.

I also got the impression it wouldn’t cope all day long in the London heat and would probably disappear the minute a teeny tiny bead of sweat appeared.

But it *might* have been the easiest one to apply out of all 10 that I tried.




What’s amusing is that over the past couple of weeks I’ve been falling more and more in love with this product (I used it in this snap), and yet in this photo it couldn’t look anymore orange. Awkward.

It’s a funny little product, and the light shade is in fact pretty dark. It’s kind of like a powder on a stick, and I just dot it through my brows and then leave my slanted brush to blend it in and give it shape.

It’s probs not one for a brow product first-timer, but despite what this snap says, it’s definitely worth a go.

barrry m



I found this £1 charmer at the bottom of a make-up box last week, and am sure there’s 473856 new Primark brow products by now – this one didn’t even have a shade. It’s just a universal one I guess.

It was an absolute mare to apply. It caught on every lump and bump in my brows and turned out quite patchy, and ahem, the colour is a good shade or two too dark. I look like that monobrow baby from Th Simpsons.





Oh sweet hunning hell, this was a fiddly product.

The little palette comes with a coloured wax which is supposed to go on first and then a coloured powder which is supposed to stick to the wax and a teeny tiny double-ended brush to apply it with.

As you can see, we didn’t get on too well with each other. We look like we’ve had a fight. Oops.




First up, this fella is completely unlike any of the other products I tried. It’s not designed to work for neat ‘Instagram’ brows, it gives much more of a fiesty, natural finish.

And alright, it’s hard to get any real shape when used alone, but that’s kind of the draw with brows like this, right?

Who’s that slug on the right? I think he needs a name.


What’s your fave brow product? I’m excited to grow mine just a teeny tiny bit more and then get them tidied up!

  • Jess

    I also spent most of my adult life not filling in my brows and don’t understand how I coped. I grew mine out and can confirm that it’s worth it. I also read this so intensely and studied each picture so hard that I when caught my reflection in my phone my brows were furrowed with concentration. Lol that this is the article that I’ve been most interested in in ages. Basic bitches for life.

  • han

    This was such a cracking read. I really like the look of the NYX one – I’m actually fond of the soap and glory archery brow crayon, although it’s gone in about two weeks which sucks ass.

    Hannah | Oh January

  • I’m 26 and still completely clueless with eyebrows, so this has been extremely helpful! Really need to get myself on that ABH train, it looks really good!

    Beth x

  • THESE. I didn’t even start filling in my brows until I found your blog last year. The Revlon and the HD look fab! I’ve been using an Eylure pencil that I found at Superdrug earlier this year, but since I moved to Mexico, the only thing I can find is Anastasia. I don’t love it – will try to find some of these here! xx

  • You do a wonderful job with your brows. I really like the way the Anastasia Brow pomade and the Nyx Brow Sculpt looks. I’m thinking about picking up the Anastasia Diobrow eventually, I just need to actually do it haha!

  • Amy

    The Revlon one looks absolutely amazing on you, I can definitely see why it might become a favourite! The only one out of these that I’ve tried is the Rimmel brow kit and it is very fiddly and I ended up giving up on the wax and just using the powder. My favourite brow product by far at the moment is Benefit Gimme Brow, it’s so fuss free and natural looking, gonna coin the term ‘my brows but better’.
    Amy xx

  • Mel

    I’ve been using the Rimmel one recently because it’s small enough to fit into my make up bag and I find that one some days when I’m feeling especially tired (ie not steady handed) I don’t bother using it all and go natural.

    Great review and so useful!

    Mel ★

  • Cat

    First of all YES GIRL! Growing out your brows, natural bushy brows for the win. Admittedly I tweeze my proper strays but mine are bushy as hell right now – haha!

    This is such a great post, I think my favourite is the NYX and the HD Brow define but that’s because I’m a sucker for those brands anyway. It’s interesting to see the different results though. Thanks for sharing!

  • Haha this cracked me up! Well done on finding the endurance to try all 10 of those products after 2 I would have admitted defeat and thrown in my towel! Im a ABH brow pomade girl myself, but I have heard GREAT things about the new Benefit Brow range. Just a shame I find their packaging design a little off putting for some real…

  • Eyebrows were the last facial feature i began paying attention too and now im obsessed. I use a simple dark brown eyeshadow and clear mascara as its easy to mould and adjust.

    WineAndWhine X

  • Lou

    I’ve tried a right selection too including the bargainous brand at Wilkos – Essence – their eyebrow gel is less than £3 from what I remember and with a bit of practise is passable if funds are tight – I wipe the wand on a tissue first. My absolute favourite is Younique brow gel in dark – it is effortless – they do a pencil too which was my first love but the gel has totally taken over for me. Yes I’m a presenter for them but I only recommend the products I love. I’ve also tried the newest benefit coloured brow gel – it’s not bad, takes a little getting used to, but gives good results. It’s painful trying to grow thicker brows! X

  • I am unbeleivably crap when it comes to my eyebrows (and make up in general) I need to up my a-game.

    I personally think the Revlon one looks the best. However the Bare Minerals one sounds lovely, and looks really natural!

    Georgina Clarke Blog

  • I’ve gotta say though, the Primark brow pencil looks just as good as the others! My favorite brow product has got to be the NYX brow gel, it’s not a huge fuss and outlines your brows perfectly. x

  • Sarah

    Soap & Glory ‘Arch di Triumph’ is my fave eyebrow pencil at the moment – so good!

    Going to get HD brows done every 2 months did absolute wonders for my brows – they went from the thinnest half brows, to glorious full babes in about 6 months (admittedly not as full as yours but it’s a work in progress!)

  • Wow that revlon one looks like a right little treat!

    Have you ever tried the Younique pencil? I ask because I tried ever brow product to try and beef up my sparse brows and this one is my go to product now! xx

  • Yaaaaas! I’ve always loved the Anastasia Dip Brow, but that Revlon one looks fabulous!

    You have amazing brows, girl!


  • amy

    Illamasqua brow cakes in ‘thunder’ for darker girls or ‘motto’ for fairer girls are amazing, and last forever, ive had mine like 4 years and its still only a tiny little dent in one corner. I finish mine with the new benefit brow gel – gimmie brow shade 5 – Hello Moretz brows!

  • Benefit’s ‘Gimme Brow’ is my favourite, purely because it’s like the lazy girl’s eyebrow fix, and for some reason, that’s the one thing that I have a mental block against in the make-up department!!

    Great post though, I needed some options for ‘night out’ brows, when I really wanna make an effort, rather than my day to day look!

  • Nope, I’m sticking to the brown kohl pencil I’ve worn down to a stub – it suits my brow colour, is easy to apply and stays on all day, done! You have a very lovely eye colour by the way! Alice xx

  • I still haven’t ventured out into trying to fill in my brows. I had them filled in once at Benefit but I wasn’t sure, made them look really huge and obvious, kinda put me off hahaha. Sophie x

  • I think the ABH brow pomade looks the best on you! It’s one of my favorites personally. I also love the Loreal Brow Stylist pencil which is a dupe for the ABH brow wiz (I love the brow wiz too!).


  • I never thought I’d care about eyebrow things and when a full brow came into fashion I looked at most of these hey brows thinking ‘what are you doing to yourself’? However, filling in my brows a little bit makes such difference to my face. I have been using Benefit’s Gimme Brow and I LOVE it, but it is quite expensive and goes a little tacky in as little as a month. This post has given me loads to check out 🙂 Thanks x

  • Hmm, this post has tempted me to try Revlon’s Fantasy Brow I think!

    Nicola //

  • This post came at a perfect time because I have suddenly realized, my brows need some friggen color!

  • Charlotte Andrews

    Love blogs like this – more please! x

  • The pomade and BM pencil look fab, I’m a huge ABH Brow Wiz fan but was using the wrong shade for ages – way too warm, brows not on fleek!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Your so lucky your brows are growing! It’s already been a year and mine have barely grown (godamn 15 year old me and my drastic over plucking!!!). My go to products have been Laura Merciers brow powder (light blonde) and the wax. Used it for about two years and love it so much I haven’t tried anything else (doesn’t have that horrible orange/red tone you get with so many products. The ABH looks a bit dreamy though so i might have to try that at some point! xo

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