How I’d Spend My Perfect 24 Hours In London


Oh man, I had such a ball dreaming up this imaginary day.

I mean, it was a ball until reality hit and I was on the phone to Sky because lol my broadband is horrendous just as the Tesco delivery driver turned up and one of the cats sauntered past me and farted. And well, it was all a little too obvious that I wasn’t quite living up the glamorous story that I’d whipped up in my own imagination.


But seriously, all the things in this post are heavenly and corr, I would probably sell one of my fallopian tubes to get all of these things delivered to me in one 24-hour period (I mean, I wouldn’t because I quite like my fallopian tubes, but you get what I’m saying…).

I hope this post helps you if you’ve never been to London and need some sexy plans, I hope it helps you if you live in London but hang on I’ve forgotten foods to eat and places to visit and I hope it helps if you it’s your birthday soon or you’ve got a promotion and you need some help treatin’ yo’ self because you a queen. Slay it.



I spent a long time thinking about every breakfast I’ve ever had in London. And although I’ve had some pretty slammin’ stacks of pancakes and some posh af plates of avocado and toast, it’s The Breakfast Club that came out on top.

There’s about eight branches around London, all serving up seriously babin’ American style brunch – from pancakes and bacon to Huevos Rancheros, but I’d opt for the Spitalfields one as it’s just outside Liverpool Street station, AKA my gateway to and from London.

The dish I’d order? The Chorizo Hash. With a side of avocado. OMG GUYS IT COMES WITH A POACHED EGG AND CRUSHED POTATOES <3<3 Oh and I’d order a coffee and a green juice, obvs.



Ain’t nothing your girl loves more than a fresh mani-pedi.

Seriously though, my feet look like they belong to an ogre about 82% of the time. Yeeesh.

Cheeky is the cooler, younger sister of Soho House’s Cowshed beauty and grooming line, and Cheeky Parlour is nestled in the heart of Shoreditch, just a few minutes walk from The Breakfast Club. Huzzah!

Not only is it seriously Instagrammable, you can also get your hair done or a little wax or tint. Whilst a file and paint is just £14, I’d go the full whack and have Shellac because I’m a nuisance for peeling my nail varnish off two days after I’ve had it meticulously painted on…



Next up I’d go for a little mosey around tourist central because n’awww, it’s so pretty and also, CHAROTTE TILBURY STORE <3

Whilst in Covent Garden, I’d also pop into Chanel and pretend I could afford things and then take a sly snap of something hideously sexy and perfect for Insta whilst the sales assistant wasn’t looking, and then maybe, maybe, MAYBE, I’d treat myself to a little summin’ summin’ from Kate Spade.

I’d also peek inside H&M, Marks & Spencer and Kurt Geiger because why the flip not, eh?



I mean, I *probably* wouldn’t be hungry by this point, but I’d find room for a little burger-shaped snack because during the perfect 24-hours in London, calories wouldn’t count would they?

There’s a little Shake Shack nestled in the heart of Covent Garden and I remain firm that the ShackBurger is for sure in my top three burgers of all time. Although admittedly it does taste even dandier when eaten in New York.

Another fave burger joint in London is Honest Burger. They also have a branch near Covent Garden and oh sweet hubba, those rosemary fries break my heart with happiness every single damn time. Oh and also, they do a crackin’ gluten-free burger, or so I’ve heard on the grapevine…



OK, so this is 102% the best treatment I’ve ever had in my life. And that includes that time I had an hour-long massage at Babington House when I was a journalist who lived the life of Kate Middleton.

It’s 75 minutes long and costs more than you’d ever like to see come out of your online banking account, but oh baby, it’s just THE most divine present to yourself that probably exists in the entire world.

My beauty therapist couldn’t have been nicer, she steamed my pores and did some extraction, she gave me a mini back massage and a scalp massage, and she talked me through my face – which areas were dry and which were congested, and what I could do at home to improve the general condition of my skin (exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate apparently).

You also get free access to the spa and swimming pool at One Aldwych, which, and you will die when I tell you this, PLAYS MUSIC UNDERWATER. It’s basically like being in the prefect’s bathroom at Hogwarts.



Because hey, what’s the point in being in a city as enchanting and spectacular as London if you don’t get to witness it whilst being slightly tipsy from a rooftop bar?

The Radio Rooftop Bar is located across the road from your little Oskia facial, at the ME London hotel. It’s a *little* bit snooty, but let’s be honest, isn’t it nice to sometimes just pretend you fit into that scene and to order a glass of champagne without crying into your credit card receipt?

I’d start with something fizzy so I could toast my marvellous day (obvs I’d look super pretty because I’d have used all my new Charlotte Tilbury make-up in the One Aldwych changing rooms), and then I’d move onto a cocktail. Ideally one with passion fruit because passion fruit is bae <3



Located just downstairs at the ME Hotel is possibly one of the most sexy, sassy, steak places in London – STK.

I’ve been there a few times, my fave being with my LOOK team with some prize money we’d one from Time Inc for being website of the year and hunning hell, did we go to town on the red wine and sides.

The steak is obviously divine, but the bread they bring to your table to start you off and the mac and cheese sides are just some of the most on-point things that’ll ever enter your mouth.

OH AND OMG ANOTHER DINNER OPTION IS DUCK AND WAFFLE. Because what’s better for dinner than waffles with crispy duck from 40 floors above London? AND it’s open 24 hours a day.



After a long day of eating, drinking and laying about being pampered, there’s no way in heck I want to get back on the train to Ipperz and risk falling asleep because ahem, I’ve had too much wine and steak.

So instead I’d hop in an Uber to one of The Hoxton hotels – either Holborn or Shoreditch.

The rooms have massive circle mirrors that were made for selfies, are affordable and yet full of personality and charm and have fast wifi, good coffee and comfy beds. What more could you want, eh?

Maybe I’d have another couple of drinks at the bar, or maybe I’d starfish across the bed and make the most of that wifi with a little Netflix session. Dreamy.


Other things that would somehow be incorporated into my dream day include posing by the flowers at Liberty, because girl gotta keep up her basic image, although maybe I’d actually buy some this time around, and devouring a slice of rainbow cake from Hummingbird Bakery <3


What would you do on your perfect day in London?

  • Wow this does sound like the dream 24 hours!

    Holly at x

  • Michelle

    That is one hell of 24hrs in London babe! I live in London and still have never been to STK – but I have to say honest burger over shake shack any day!

    Great post x

    • Hahaha it would cost ££££ and you’d need a 62 hour nap afterwards followed by an all-day gym session, but a girl can dream right 😂

  • Covent Garden is such a beautiful place, and there is so much there to do x

  • This sounds like the actual dream. So much food porn in one day girl! x
    Sophie Cliff

  • em
  • Sounds like a great idea to stroll through London! My perfect day in London would be to walk along the Thames and just breathe. Btw, I love Shake Shack! x

  • Sarah

    Also good in Covent Garden for burgers is Meat Market. Bit dark in there and very hipster-ville feeling but the food is oh so good.

  • Great ideas for London, I love going to Covent Garden and Shake Shack is sooo good! x

  • This post is exactly what I needed! I’ve been dreaming of a long weekend away to London for a while now and this has given me the boost I needed to get my butt into gear and actually start planning something. I’ll definitely look into some of your suggestions too. Especially the Shake Shack, burger heaven!

    Sophie x

  • Harriet

    I finished uni in London this year and have just moved away, didn’t think I’d miss it that much but you just reminded me how awesome London is. I looove Shake Shack, especially their cheesy fries!

    Wish I had £££ to live out this day x

  • A couple of absolute London gems:

    1. Brockwell Park – views from the south across all of the city’s landmarks in a wonderful green space
    2. Canal from Angel along to Victoria Park – a space to walk, run, sit & drink coffee away from the bustling roads
    3. Franks Cafe – discover a disused car park, with cocktails & the most amazing view to boot. Who even needs any of the big skyscrapers?!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Amy

    Yesssss The Breakfast Club would 100% be my first choice for breakfast too, nothing beats it 🙂 I think I’d add in a picnic in the evening in a park with lots of fruity cider!
    Amy xx

  • This sounds like a wonderful day! I’ve always wanted to visit London and plan to in the next few years, but I also love eating breakfast, so i’ll have to keep the Breakfast Club in mind! Thanks for all the suggestions!

  • That really does sound like the perfect day! 🙂 I’m in love with those rosemary fries from Honest Burger – I just had them again last Friday and can’t stop thinking about them! <3

    I've never yet been to Radio Rooftop bar but keep hearing good things – must go soon!

    Thanks for the great tips! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Well now I’d like to go to London please. Oooooh I miss London trips so much! I may have to dream up my perfect day in Barcelona instead to make me feel a little better… either that or get on Sky Scanner…hmmm….

    (P.S I don’t know if I dare write this, I’ve never been to The Breakfast Club, I probably actually NEED those flights right? This is like an absolute must now…)

  • This is my version!! i could def find you a better breakfast than breakfast club – have you been to Ethos, Riding House Cafe or Berners Tavern?? x

  • Oh girl now you’re on to something – definitely need to try the Oskia facial, heard so many good things. I think I’d try to get across the whole city, start in Notting Hill for Farm Girl Cafe breakfast, then head to central for Selfridges Beauty Hall and maybe Dry By, and then Mildreds for lunch in Soho. Covent Garden for some fellow Chanel shopping and exploring, go to Fortnum and Mason as I’ve never been before and end the night in Chelsea for a stroll! I definitely need to explore East more so would try to squeeze in 😉

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • han

    Shake Shack, always.

    And the line about the cat farting LOL.

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Sounds pretty dreamy! I would have to add some touristy things though (because I’m Canadian and never been to London) I would add in Tower Bridge, and anything HP related!

  • I went to London last Monday and did one of those speed boat rides on the thames. Pretty much the scariest experience of my life!

  • Ada

    London is the absolute dream! My favourite city in the world. How I wish I’d live there..

  • Aaah we can dream can’t we :’D can I join you on this imaginary day!? Considering how close I live to London, I don’t know it nearly well enough! I always seem to end up at the same places so I’m always trying to think of new places to go! The rooftop bar sounds like my kinda place (except the snooty part) but alcohol and rooves? Yes please hehe!

  • I think *possibly* my ultimate London weekend might happen this weekend. Saturday = Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with my family and Adam. Sunday = Warner Bros Studios. BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. Alice xxx

  • Oh man, this sounds like the dream day! I’d probably swap the breakfast to watch the sunrise at Duck and Waffle at the Shard, seek out a box of insanely expensive Maitre Choux eclairs and find a great burger at Lucky Chip or steak place like Hawksmoor or even a sexy slice at Pizza Pilgrims!

    I had to laugh when you mentioned STK though, as it always makes me immediately think of this insanely funny review from Jay Rayner – even if it’s one of your favourite places hopefully the writing will make you smile 🙂

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