Two Dreamy Summer Slushie Recipes


Y’know what adulthood doesn’t have enough of? Slushies.

Sweet, delicious cups of flavoured ice. Oh mumma.

Turns out, they’re super duper easy to make at home as long as you have a big ol’ bag of ice and some sort of whizzy electric device with a blade (this bargain smoothie maker was way more efficient than my food processor, just FYI).

And you have the choice of keeping them alcohol-free and healthy, or, well ramming them with alcohol and kidding yourself you’re sitting somewhere way fancier than your overgrown garden.

Slushies are a win – win situation.

So anyway, yeah, both of these recipes use Innocent Coconut Water as their base ingredient because it’s super hydrating and good for you as well as delicious, and hey, who doesn’t love a good coconut-flavoured beverage to make them feel like they’re lazing on a beach a million miles away, eh?

It’s also the only coconut water which is chilled at source which means it’s 100% pure coconut water and doesn’t include any preservatives or sugars or any of that rubbish. So, um, yey!



I made this slushie without alcohol but oh baby, I can imagine a splash of rum would absolutely take it to the next level. All you need to do is ram all the ingredients in the blender together and then serve with a big, juicy squeeze of lime.

Six ice cubes

50ml Innocent Coconut Water

100g watermelon (or y’know, the fruit from a few slices)



I had to stop myself drinking these when I photographed them at 11am yesterday because lol, can’t be drunk before midday, right? You can obviously exclude the tequila if you’d prefer it to be a mocktail. But again, just stick in your blender and serve straight away.

Six ice cubes

30ml Innocent Coconut Water

Glug of coconut milk

100g pineapple

25ml tequila

Desiccated coconut (to decorate the rim if you’re feeling fancy – just dab a little sugar syrup or honey and then dip in coconut)


Innocent Coconut Water is available now and can be found in the refrigerated aisle of your local supermarket. OH and if you’re heading to Wilderness Festival this weekend (you lucky little piglets, you) then Innocent Coconut Water will be hosting their Treehab with free coconut water to keep you hydrated all festival long.

Have you got any favourite slushie recipes? Have you tried Innocent’s Coconut Water? Lemme know in the comments section below!

This is a sponsored post but all delicious summer drink recipes my own


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