A Healthy Scrambled Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipe

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I won’t lie, the idea of adding sweet potato to my breakfast mildly freaked me out.

Sweet potato fries with a burger goooood, sweet potato and feta mash with piri piri chicken gooood, sweet potato with egg? I dunno, I mean it does work in a hash. But um hi I eat a hash for lunch or dinner, not at 9am.

And so this recipe came about as I was trying to find inventive ways to make an omelette more filling without adding a tower of buttery heavenly babin’ toast.

AND SWEET BEJESUS, not only does it taste seriously good, it actually fills you up *almost* as much as pancakes, has only 400 calories (or less depending on whether or not you like to accidentally throw a few chorizo chips in the pan) and has no hunky refined, processed carbs.

So essentially, if you’re on MyFitnessPal or trying to be healthy (which is me – weep face), AND you have an entire 1o minutes spare to make breakfast or brunch, rather than the usually 42 seconds, this one-pan dish is gonna be your absolute hero.

Here’s how to whip it up…



Two eggs

Half a medium sweet potato



Vegetables like peas, peppers, mushroom, spinach and broccoli

Optional: Chorizo or bacon

Optional: 15g parmesan


First up, peel your potato and slice into small cubes about 3cm across. Place in microwaveable bowl, cover with clingfilm and heat in microwave for two minutes. Or longer if you’re cooking more than one portion.

Put your pan on a medium heat – use olive oil or coconut oil or a low-cal oil spray and place in your chopped chilli and garlic (use as much as you fancy, obvs).

After a couple of minutes add the rest of your ingredients – chopped up veg and delicious pork (although obvs chorizo and bacon do amp up the cals and the fat, but <3<3<3), as well as the sweet potato.

Allow to cook until the ingredients are starting to brown and then crack in two eggs and keep mixing continuously for about a minute, or until the egg is cooked through.

Serve immediately – season with salt and pepper and a little baby sprinkling of parmesan (a teaspoon only has about 30 calories) and EAT.

Oh and also add a splash of Frank’s hot sauce is hot sauce is your bae for life.

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