Dear Diary: A Pretty Sweet Afternoon In Notting Hill





Now, I’ve got something pretty wild and out there to share.

You might want to sit down and put your cup of tea down before it smashes to smithereens.

I, Hannah Gale, cliche blogger to the max, have not been to Notting Hill to pose outside all the dreamy sweet coloured houses before.

I know, in-flippin-sane. Like, how has my Instagram grid not broken out of pure sadness, eh?

(I jest, I jest).

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I *did* change tube lines at Notting Hill Gate station when I worked in Kensington at the ol’ Metro offices, but I am completely 102% unfamiliar with the Notting Hill area and Portobello Road.

I do feel mildly embarrassed, if it’s any consolation.

So last Friday, I decided it was time to explore.

I’d been invited to the Biscuiteers cafe, perched on Kensington Park Road, by Kuoni (who specialise in luxury travel, including safaris) to celebrate International Tiger Day. (Uh huh, totally a real thing).

Naturally, anything to do with the cat family and I’m there, armed with a camera and 4756357 stories about Rudey and Granger. Lols.

So I dug about in my wardrobe for anything pastel coloured that I hadn’t already gone completely overkill with over on Insta (because I wanted to blend in with the cute zillion dollar town houses, you see), and met up with Ellie to get stuck into icing wild cat-shaped biscuits.

I obviously then checked out of My Fitness Pal because lol what sugary, carb-y delicious biscuits? I don’t see any around here, nope. Nuh uh.

IMG_1147 (1)


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(But seriously, if you haven’t already tried Biscuiteers biscuits, put down the Tesco digestives and get your butt down to one of their London cafes – or order some online – because they are, hands down, my fave biscuits. I can’t even explain why they’re so good, they just are.)

We put on aprons, name stickers and got down to some serious artistic business.

From the photos in this post, you can see that my icing skills, ahem, leave a lot to be desired. It was my first time, I’m not just secretly blind.

But I have to hook a girl up and tell you that there’s something about icing that is surprisingly soothing on the soul – a bit like painting or flower arranging (that’s right, I like flower arranging – is there a problem here?) or baking.

We had to practice creating straight lines using a piping bag before drawing an outline on the biscuits of the shapes we wanted to create, then filling in said shapes, and then adding detail.

As you can see I had a real skill at adding faces to my wild cat family of biscuits – they all look like they’ve jumped face first off a mountain, which is cute.

(They tasted like angels dancing to Beyonce in my mouth though, and that’s all that matters, eh?).

And then, whilst our biccies were being baked, we ate smoked salmon sandwiches and macarons whilst diving face first into pots of breakfast tea (tea out of a tea pot tastes 574678 times better, right, right, right?), all whilst learning about tigers.

Which, just FYI, are on average THREE metres long and live for twenty years and are mostly found in India. OH and have increased in population over the last decade, so that’s aces. More cats in the world = <3<3<3

Once our bellies were close to doing that cute thing where they break your zip, we said goodbye to our aprons and piping bags, and headed out (along with doggy bags with our leftover afternoon tea AND our badly, ahem, wonderfully, iced cat biscuits) to shoot our outfits.

Although LOL, obvs it rained. And obvs someone asked if we wanted a photo together. And OBVS someone jumped in the shot and was like hey, get me in too, yeah?

Because what’s bloggers taking photos without all of the above, huh?

And then, I headed home to cook boo a Friday night date night dinner, watch Stranger Things (I’m on episode four so DO NOT throw any spoilers into the comment section) and lavish him with cat biscuits.

I maan, tiger-shaped biscuits, not like cat biscuits that we feed our cats. Ha.

So yeah, pretty babin’ Friday afternoon tbh.

Have you ever been to Biscuiteers? Or iced your own biscuits? OR been on a safari?



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This is a sponsored post, but all views, experiences, and cat-biscuit lovin’ my own. For more info on Kuoni and their amazing safari holidays, check out their website.



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