5 Accessories You Need In Your Wardrobe This Summer


You’ll be pleased to hear that not one of my current summer accessory loves is crazy expensive.

Although no wait, I lied, the trainers made me laugh hysterically until I probably cried a bit, but y’know, everything else is super duper affordable.

Because let’s face it, right now you’re way too busy flittering your wages on frozen cocktails (YOU WANT HOW MUCH FOR A MANGO DAQUIRI) and EasyJet flights. Oh and sexy cut-out swimsuits from ASOS because tan lines what?

These are the accessories I’m wearing the most at the moment, so hopefully it’ll you give you a little bit of inspo on how to snazz up even your most hello I’m a black dress with black shoes outfit.

Because let’s face it, they’re not the ones that make your Instagram grid look hella babin’, are they?

So without further ado, my five summer accessories you need in your wardrobe otherwise it might just crumble to the floor and become absorbed by a sink hole.



I thought I wasn’t hip and happening and Instagram enough for a choker. I don’t have giant pale brown lips or wear caps (aside from that *one* time in New York where I got carried away with life..), and so I didn’t think the choker life was for me.


If I can wear a choker, you can wear a choker and we can all wear chokers and live happy. The make you look edgy with a hint of basic, in a good way, even when you feel like lord of the Harry Potter nerds.

I like to layer mine up with a gold chain or two (this snake pendant is from Astrid & Miyu) and the choker in these snaps has JUST come back online at River Island, plus I’ve linked a few other faves below.



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My black fedora has been well and truly ditched in favour of this sweetheart from Topshop (now sold out online, sad face). I don’t know why trying to find a straw hat with a hard brim has been such a life struggle for me this summer, but it has. I ordered like three online because in the pics they looked hard and then were floppy. Thanks for catfishing me, hats.

Also, that sounded super sexual. My bad.

Basically my Instagram should basically just be called the life and times of Hannah Gale’s hat because it’s basically in every photo, I’ve worn it that much.



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Guys, listen up, I’ve started tying my neckerchief differently and now I’m re-obsessed with them all over again. I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s basically just tied once more around my neck and voila, cute little look.

This red one is from Topshop – I think a neckerchief looks smokin’ af with a bardot neckline just FYI – but they sell them EVERYWHERE. I saw every colour you could ever wish for in Tiger for £2, so keep yo eyes peeled.


P7120924 (1)

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The easiest way to say I HAD TIME TO GET READY FOR DINNER, I DID, I DID, is to scoop your hair into a low bun or ponytail, slick on some red lipstick and had some sassy tassel earrings into the mix.

These ones are sadly not available at H&M anymore, but I’ve seen so many babin’ ones in store.

I picked white for my first pair because they’ll go with a lot more than a dreamy bright pink pair, right? (But also, I really want a bright pink pair, sooooo).



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There are a lot of pretty damn cool trainers doing the rounds on the fashion circuit (and by fashion circuit I mean Instagram, obvs), but my faves are still the Stan Smiths.

These are probably the most expensive fashion buy I’ve ever indulged in. (They were £100. A HUNDRED POUND ON TRAINERS. I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE WORLD). But I have worn them non-stop since I snapped them up in March, probs because of the pony hair print that makes them just look like pretty princesses.

I love the fact they go with skinny jeans, girlfriend jeans, culottes (more on this in a post next week), summer dresses, and midi skirts.

Oh and also, maximum comfort. What’s not to love?


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Photos by Bang On Style


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