Two Primark Dresses To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

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If you watched my recent Primark haul over on Youtube you might have already spied my two new floral dresses from the boo that is P to the Rimark.

I picked them both up from the Tottenham Court Road branch earlier this month for £13 each, which means they should be hitting the rest of the country any day now (although, it’ll probs be November 2017 before they finally make it over to Ipswich – why is our stock so heinous, WHY?).

One is bardot and one is strappy. Both are midi and both are crying out for you to wine and dine them on a sandy beach somewhere complete with an Instagram-worthy cocktail and some sexy carbs.

Or, ya know, at least pair them with a heeled sandal and totter about your garden in them with a glass of Tesco’s finest prosecco whilst you dive head first into a bowl of fancy crisps, y’know?

Hope ya like!



I wore this sassy little off-the-shoulder number when I gave my blogger talk in Leeds the other week. The dark colour made it feel safe, and I wanted to feel safe so I could fake confidence and pretend that nope, there’s no nerves hiding in my belly. Nuh uh.

It was also super comfy, and I loooooove that it has a waist tie to counteract the heavy top half and help balance out your sassy curves.

Here I’ve teamed it with some ancient New Look leopard sandals and my ridiculously over the top sequin clutch from ASOS because what’s life without an omg-my-eyes-hurt print clash?





This dress scared the absolute bejesus out of me when I first put it on because ZOMG PEOPLE CAN SEE MY ACTUAL ARMS. It’s also wildly booby, so needed a strong safety-pin to stop my nipples from spilling out in the street.

But I think I really like it? It’s not my usual shape and I’m not all about that drop-hem life, but it is the sweetest darn summer dress for those lazy holiday evenings that I’ve seen in ages. Now, can someone whisk me away to Mykonos plz?







Oh, and also, don’t forget to let a sister know which one of these dresses is your fave and if you manage to hunt out either in your local branch!

All these photos were shot on the Olympus Pen with the 45 mm lens by Debs from Bang On Style.

  • Tony

    You look lovely Hannah, both dresses are cool and summery.

  • You look amazing in both of these dresses Hannah. My favorite one is the bardot one but you do look like a babe in both of these! Sophie x

  • Sophie

    Primark are killing it right now with all their gorgeous summer dresses and with price tags like that it would be rude not to. You look beautiful in both, that second dress is incredibly flattering on you, absolutely no reason to worry about your arms what so ever! Also wish I had a summer wedding to go to, that black off shoulder number would be so perfect x

  • Becca

    You should let those arms be free more often, babin!!

  • Oh wow, I love both of these dresses! I’ve got my bf’s graduation and a wedding this month so I think a trip to Primarni is on the cards! Gorge!

    Ruth Writes /

  • Girl- meant in the nicest way possible, you you look like you’ve lost weight (looked fabulous before- and fabulous now)

    *inserts fire emojis*

  • Cat

    You look amazing! Love them both on you, but the blue is my favourite.
    I picked up the ‘wildly booby’ dress after watching your Primark haul and sewed a hook and eye in so that I wouldn’t have to keep faffing about with safety pins and stabbing myself in the boob (true story). x

  • I have been absolutely loving Primark summer dresses this year! They both look lovely but I really love the second, you look bladdy amazing! I also very much appreciate the orange clutch! Immy x

  • I bloody love both of these dresses! Can’t wait to hit Primark when I get paid next week… Also, I NEEEEEEEED the 45mm lens for my Olympus Pen!!! x

    Sophie Cliff

  • Megan0716

    Where is the orange clutch from?! It’s.amazing!
    You look gorgeous hannah never doubt yourself


  • G

    I love these, although I wish Primark did online shopping as I cannot for the life of me go there on a weekend …. makes me want to throw myself down the stairs ! May have to scope it out one evening!

  • Both these dresses look beaut, you always manage to find the best stuff in Primark!

  • Sam

    I am all over the second outfit with the orange clutch bag! It’s SO cute xx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  • Love these floral prints! They suit you so well!!

  • Love those dresses, so colourful and pretty, perfect for summer!

  • nueyork

    These are both such stunning, summery pieces and you look amazing in them!

  • Both dresses look so comfy! I can’t decide which one I want more!

  • Courtney Williamson

    I bought the second dress because omg it was £13 and beautiful but damn I am going to have to do something about it to stop the boob slips! It is so booby and I didn’t even think of a safety pin.

    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

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