How To Sass Up The End Of Your Bed




Oh man, I feel like this post instantly takes me into a whole new level of adulting.

It’s not just HEY LOOK BABES, LOOK AT THIS BLANKET FROM H&M HOME, it’s actually like, attempting to style my house. Like a middle-aged lady who doesn’t work and just potters about garden centres during the week.

Man, I can’t wait to be her. And maybe go on a cruise every year and go to a Mary Berry book signing in my local shopping centre.

Anyway, back to my bed.

Wahey, things are getting a little sexy.

Basically, I’ve been looking for a second-hand ottoman to put at the end of the bed for about a year. Turns out it’s not all that easy when you have a Fiat 500 and can basically only just about fit in a weekly shop without the boot squealing that it doesn’t want to close.

So yeah, bit of a transport issue there.

I really, REALLY wanted to re-upholster it with like a tropical leaf print and omg I die and go to interiors heaven.

Anyway, in the mean time, I was happily scrolling through the La Redoute homeware sale and was like hello sexy things, and then I saw this set of three boxes, strategically placed at the end of a bed.


And then it occurred to me that I already had 423756 different boxes loitering around the house, and with a bit of sassy furniture re-planning, I could get the same look, without spending a damn penny.

(You can also snap up wicker baskets at car boots for not *that* much).

So yeah, I topped a large box with a smaller one, and then a tray of cute things on top of that. And then placed a crate next to them to complete the look.

I’ve already filled the bottom basket with my handbag collection, whilst the smaller one on top is currently empty – although now I’m typing this I’m thinking it could be a great place to hold my ever growing cosmetic bag collection?

Whilst the crate (which was a birthday present for Chris a few years back, I think *maybe* from Etsy), is a great little spot to hold my excessive blanket and cushion collection, whilst still keeping them on show so they don’t get all sad in a cupboard.

I finished off my cute lil end of bed look with a white tray (this was a present from Chris a few years back, soz!), a jar of peonies and my current fave fresh and fruit candle of choice – Molton Brown’s Rhubarb and Rose. Come. To. Mumma.

Although I used all baskets with a similar, ahem, boring old-lady brown colour scheme, you could totally try this layering boxes thing with whatever you’ve already got lying around the house and maybe clash up some colours and styles – maybe some IKEA cardboard boxes, or even a stool or I dunno, use your imagination, go on a hunt around your house – or maybe your grandparents house, they always have stuff they’re willing to give away, right? OMG OR GO IN THEIR LOFT. THERE’S ALWAYS GEMS IN THERE.

OK, I’m getting carried away. Hope ya like this post and it’s given you a bit of bedroom inspo.

See ya.


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