The Sweetest Under £25 Summer Dress





If there was an award for most extensive budget summer dress collection of 2016, I would win.

Like, hands down, it would be mine. And there’d be a gold glittering statue on my mantelpiece next to my Christmas scent candle that I refuse to stop burning even though it’s July because it. Is. So. Damn. Delicious and a hand-sketched portrait of my cat because I’m secretly about as uncool as cauliflower.

My current boo of choice is this simple but sassy striped number from La Redoute.

And drum roll please, because this hun is now just £21 in the sale.

Also, maybe we should just call me Hannah Enabler Gale from now on?

Although let’s not shorten that to HEG, because HEG doesn’t sound young and fun and hip and happening. And you know I oh so desperately want to be all of those things.

Much of my summer wardrobe this year has revolved around the humble bardot neckline, but admittedly wearing strapless bras day in and day out can be a bit painful on the ol’ chest and leave you with red-raw engraved bra marks and y’know what? I’m not about that life.

So this dress is the perfect alternative. I love the pastel stripes that are not only mega flattering and slimming, but great at complimenting a tan (even when said tan came from sitting on your bathroom floor naked with nothing but a tanning mitt on).




I’ve worn it quite a lot over the past month and can confirm that it is  grade-A comfy AND roomy enough for any accidental ice creams and slices of pizza that fall into your mouth.

For these shots (taken by the lovely Bang On Style), I teamed it with my beloved leopard print sliders, and a plain black cross body bag.

Oh and some roses because I wanted to look like a fancy fashion blogger.

I also think it would look babin’ with some black espadrille sandals and a biker jacket for cocktails and gossips with your boo thangs.

Hope ya like!

(On a side note, you must put aside at least 20 minutes to flick through the La Redoute sale because man, it is one hell of a dark horse. And you need it in your life, stat.


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This is a sponsored post, but all La Redoute love my own


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