Dear Diary: Little Life Catch-Up


I feel like I owe you one of those posts where we sit down on the sofa, undo the top button of our jeans because lol denim why you so snug, and crack open a tub of Haagen Dazs whilst an old episode of Catfish clunks away in the background.

SO, hi!

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog this week. Have you noticed?

I aim to do about eight new posts a week – which I know is a lot – and this post will only be my fifth. Which makes me feel in that kind of mood where I want to mentally beat myself up for being lazy/slow/not hard-working enough/unmotivated or whatever.

I choose to do so many new posts a week because I love the idea of fast blogging – lots of smaller, quicker posts on all kinds of subjects – a new fave lipstick, a weird thought running through my head, an outfit I’ve been wearing obsessively, a sexy dinner recipe.

I don’t tend to overly plan my content, I kind of go with the flow. I make it reactive to my own life and my own shopping and my own emotions.

I make it ‘glossy’ enough so that it doesn’t put off advertisers, but relatable enough that I feel like I’m staying true to who I am, and the type of content I enjoy the most.

I don’t ever want to move into the slower magazine-style blog content that’s in fashion right now because it doesn’t match my personality. The reason I write this blog is because I don’t actually like magazines – I like messy brain dumps and cheap clothes and junk food and I make mistakes and I am impatient and I get bored super easy. I like content that feels like I’m talking to a pal about what we ordered from ASOS and what toppings we should order from Domino’s y’know?

But basically, what I’m actually trying to say here is that do YOU enjoy that? Or is eight posts a week like a crazy amount for you to ever wade through? Would YOU prefer less? Am I caught in my own Hannah Gale brain too much and neglecting what you, the reader, wants?

Hook a girl up in the comments, wontcha?

The reason content has been a bit slow off the ground this week is because my focus has been on the other areas of blogging for business – the building working relationships and going to press days and blogger events. The side that I normally neglect in favour of just y’know, staying at home and writing all the words.

I’ve also been to Sussex twice, once for work and once for play. The latter resulting in a two-day hangover which I’m only just starting to feel human again from. Big shout out to McDonald’s Diet Coke for forever helping a sister out in her time of need.

(Maybe their double cheeseburgers too, but that’s neither here nor there).

The plus side of having so much time out of the ‘office’ this week (the office being my sofa) is that I feel like I’ve had a working brain refresh. I feel a *bit* like when your iPhone is being a complete brat and then you turn it off and on and HEY WHIZZ IT’S WORKING AGAIN.

That’s how I feel.

I feel INSPIRED. I feel like I could do a lot of nail flick emojis. Like, come at me world.

I’ve been busy mocking up a blog re-design in my head – nothing too snazzy and complicated, just something that looks a bit visually sexy and yet has a big ol’ pop of personality going on.

I’m also thinking about adding a couple of extra projects on the side, to keep the Hannah Gale digital party feeling fresh and fun.

I don’t even know what that last sentence means, soz.

OH and also, I’m putting a little bit more energy into the fashion side of things, because well, it’s one of my favourite post topics and I still feel like us thigh and belly heavy girls are a bit underrepresented, y’know?

I think that’s everything I wanted to tell you.

Oh, except Chris got so drunk on Friday night that he vommed down himself. He probably doesn’t want that on the internet, but what’s a secret between friends, eh?

But basically, yeah, don’t beat yourself up for feeling like you’re falling behind and failing at all your own personal goals – YOU are your own worst critic. And actually, sometimes time away from the thing you want to succeed at most is exactly what you need to feel so motivated, so inspired, so ready for it, that you nail it better than you ever could before.

So all I’m saying is, come at me Monday. Do your worst, because pal, I am more than ready for you.

(Bardot dress in the snap above is from New Look – it’s sold out but I’ve heard on the grapevine it will be back in stock very soon…)




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