22 Pinterest-Worthy Home Buys Under £100


Oh hey you fun huns.


So I went a-hunting for the dreamiest little home buys on the high street this summer and this is what I came up with. Things to note: TK Maxx has some insanely cheap gold end tables – I only included one in this round-up but I implore you to go hunting on your lunch break because they’re a snippet of the cost of everywhere else and HI instant spot to Instagram your life away.

Also, Oliver Bonas has some seriously sexy things in at the minute too (I spied next season’s stuff at a press day this week and you are going to DIE), and although it is a little pricier, there’s some gems worth adding to your Christmas list now. SO many cute trinket trays and novelty salt and pepper shakers and omg ALL the marble.

I’m going to be throwing out a few more interior posts over the coming weeks and months because I’m at that stage where everything in the house is agitating me so I’m moving everything around and throwing in some extra candles and fresh flowers and hoping for a miracle. Hope that’s alright!

Which of these sweethearts if your favourite?

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  1. Debenhams gold pineapple photo frame, £12
  2. H&M cat tea cup, £6.99
  3. Sainsbury’s flamingo tropical cushion (in-store only)
  4. TK Maxx gold end table, £29.99
  5. TK Maxx pineapple print foot stall, £64
  6. Oliver Bonas crystal bookends, £60
  7. Sainsbury’s copper cocktail shaker (in-store only)
  8. H&M matching coffee cups, £12.99
  9. TK Maxx tassel throw, £16.99
  10. Sainsbury’s flamingo food cover (in-store only)
  11. Tiger fruit print boxes (in store only)
  12. New Look mermaid mug, £4.99
  13. Oliver Bonas cactus jewellery stand, £26
  14. Oliver Bonas cactus trinket tray, £9.50
  15. New Look cat cushion, £7.99
  16. H&M pineapple serving plate, £4.99
  17. Oliver Bonas heart spoon set, £19
  18. La Redoute cactus vases, £29
  19. H&M circular mirror, £24.99
  20. Debenhams tropical table lamp, £80
  21. Marks & Spencer bird jug, £39.50
  22. La Redoute marble clock, £35
  • Chloe marie

    Your thing are lovely

  • Mel

    It is such a shame that you don’t tend to do Friday favorites any more! 🙁

    • I do them once a month on the last Friday of the month. I stopped enjoying creating them weekly and I was often struggling to think of enough things – it got to the point where I was dreading it (I know that sounds RIDIUCLOUS) so yeah, that’s the Friday Favourite low down! x

      • Mel

        Ah that makes total sense! I completely understand. I’ll look forward to a monthly Friday Favourites then 🙂

  • Oh ma lord. I think I need about 95% of this post in my house. That cactus trinket tray is being purchased immediately! xx


  • Loooooove all these things! I’m such a sucker for interior stuff. Now you made me want to buy new stuff. UGH

    Love, Kerstin

  • Loving that mirror! Gorgeous! Total bargain too.

    Ally xx


  • My favourites follow a pattern – I love 8 and 9, and 18 and 19! Those mugs are the best, good old H&M home! Alice xx


  • Some great picks! I love the heart shaped spoons they are also on my OB wish list! And the pineapple foot stool is pretty babin’ too! Sophie x


  • All of these are so beaut. I think everyone and anyone needs a pineapple shaped ornament in their house. I also just my balance text from the bank, so I’m just going to go to a quiet room and cry for a few hours. DAMMIT! Immy x


  • Oh my gosh that cactus trinket tray! I need it. I love TK Maxx for homeware and that tassle throw might just have to land in my basket some time soon! x

  • Amy

    I never learn not to click on a Hannah Gale wishlist….bye money xx

  • Oh love these, added number 9 & 17 to my wish list! x

  • This’s a cool inspiration, thanks for sharing

  • oh my gosh, I can’t even pick a favourite they’re all amazing! xo


  • The crazy cat lady in me needs that cat cushion. Regardless of my boyfriend’s feelings towards it! X

  • Oh my goodness! These all make me dream (and my bank account scream in fear). I love TK Maxx blanket best 🙂 xx Olivia

  • Oh yes! 5, 9 and 17!!!


  • Beth

    oh my god that pineapple footstool tho! love tk maxx/homesense for home stuff

    Beth x

  • Oh my god!! That marble clock!!!! NEED, NEED, NEEEEEDDD!!!!!


  • Those crystal bookends are divine!

  • Hannah your posts always want me to fork out a whole lotta cash and go on massive shopping sprees. I honestly love everything on this list. I must say the Oliver Bonas stuff always catches my eye. I think if I lived in the UK I would spend far too much money in O.B so I guess it’s quite lucky I live in Australia where I can’t be tempted? Another great post Hannah.
    Holly x

  • I’ve only just found your blog through bloglovin’ and I absolutely love it!:)
    Cloe X http://clxelouise.blogspot.com

  • love all the cactus things !!! so cute

  • I love the cat cushion 🙂 x

  • Ok, so the crystal book ends and bird vase from M&S are amazing. Like, take my payment details, NOW. Also, what the hell Sainsbury’s heaven do you live by because my local Sainsbury’s is HUGE but has NONE of these amazing homeware bits and pieces you have and I just want to cry, ha!
    I’m blessed with having an Anthropologie about a 5-10 minute walk from my home and I get drawn in there like a magnet and become so jittery as I want to buy all the homeware (thank GOD my bank balance doesn’t let me). Anyway, gorgeous picks, I seriously need some new exciting homeware in my life on the cheap cheap, big kiss.

    She’s So Lucy // Health, Wellness & Beauty

  • Fay

    Oh my gosh! Yasssss! This list is amazing! I am loving everything on it. I want 7-10, 14, 18 and 22 of course! I saw a few awesome bits at the NOTHS press day and cannot wait to get my hands on some of them! Lol! Great post hun x

  • Literally obsessed with everything you have picked out! I saw that super cute cat cushion yesterday whilst I was shopping as well and I’m super tempted to buy it – it’s just sooo sweet 🙂 xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.blogspot.co.uk

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