A Mini ASOS Haul




I’m writing this with my laptop balanced on top of my overnight bag which itself is balanced on top of a train seat. The thug life chose me alright?

(I’m on my way to Rye for a little sleepover – but more on that over on Snapchat ‘hannahfgale’.)

My tummy is getting aggy at me because it’s lunchtime and I haven’t had breakfast and I’m compiling the ultimate Stratford station Pret wish list in my head. It involves bread and chocolate and other equally glorious food groups that my thighs don’t agree with. The weasels.

So yeah back to the point of this post. Yesterday I got home from Pilates to my favourite kinda parcel in all its monochrome jazzy print glory, just poking out from under my doormat.

Don’t ya just love ASOS Premier Delivery?

I ordered three little accessories during the particularly long journey home from Leeds on Sunday afternoon and within 24 hours they were in my hands, being caressed and hugged and photographed and loved.

So let me introduce you to my new sweethearts.



If you checked out my ASOS wish list post last week (over here) then you’d have seen this glittering beauty giving you the eye. Wahey, I am funny.

I don’t know why I was so drawn to it because truth be told it kinda scares me a bit. Like why is it ALWAYS staring?

But I like the colours and I love how sparkly it is and I love how it’ll have the ability to transform every outfit into a theatre performance without even trying.

It HAS sold out between Sunday and me writing this post – but keep ya eyes peeled in case it comes back here. Or, there’s this equally sassy sequin clutch to keep you feeling pretty special.



Sequin bag, glitter sunglasses, you know me, always trying to be the centre of attention.

I got these for about £4 in the ASOS sale (seriously guys, there are so. many. bargain. sunglasses) because they were a bit different to the 57436734 other pairs of sunglasses I currently have chilling on every surface around the house.


I like the cat-eye shape and the vintage feel, but mostly the glitter. Shop them here.



This was another little boo I had on my wish list last week and have been thinking about every damn day since because omg your eyes will probably break if you see me wear that ruddy circle diamante choker again.

I wasn’t expecting this to be so sturdy and like a bangle for my neck, but I like it, it makes it a bit roomier. Like I could sneeze and not get strangled to death by it.

Also, I recks that this is the perfect foray into the world of chokers because it’s a lot daintier and prettier than your average piece of black cord – and a lot more comfy too. Shop here.
Have you bought any of these pieces? What’s currently on your ASOS wish list?


Oh and spoiler alert: peonies not from ASOS. Lolz.


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