Friday Favourites: June 2016



Um OK, so technically this post is supposed to go live on the last Friday of every month but like a complete and utter goose, I forgot June only had 30 days and so lol, good one, this post has entered into July.

My bad and that.

I feel in a really good place at the moment. I mean, I say that a lot these days don’t I? But I was walking to the shop earlier to snap up some eggs (because some absolute cretin that I share a house with happened to use the last two, and then leave his dirty scrambled egg pan chilling next to the sink to rub it in) and I was thinking about the way I felt when I first started full-time blogging.

I really struggled with motivation, I really struggled with the lack of social contact and I really struggled with ignoring any negativity and criticism. And I still get the same comments, I still spend most of my week by myself and if anything my work load has increased by 5748548, but I feel happier and lighter and more in my happy place than ever before.

I guess I’ve just got used to this way of life and finally learnt to embrace it and realise how frickin’ lucky I am to be in this position.

So there’s a bit of a Friday jolly for you.

The lesson is, life gets better with age, and the more you settle into yourself.

Oh right yeah, let’s get cracking with those cheeky Friday Faves.

I was majorly digging the cute little plain black choker with blue stone and teeny leaf from New Look that I wore religiously whilst in NYC until I accidentally wore it in the shower and then, whilst it was damp, did a big ol’ sneeze and woah ok, it snapped and flew across the room.

I replaced it with this diamante hun from River Island and have worn it through approximately 65% of June.

It’s sold out online (but available in dark red), but am pretty sure it’s still available online. FLY my pretties, fly.

Now, hold onto your seats, I got some biggie news. You ready? But like, really ready?

OK, I’ve decided to stop weekly vlogging. Dun dun dun.

I will still be uploading vlogs every week, but they’ll be more focused on a single day rather than the entire week. Which frees me up to give Snapchat my full attention.

Follow me over at ‘hannahfgale’ for mostly me in my pyjamas eating breakfast and playing with the cats.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a voyage abroad that’s left such a mark on my soul. Aside from maybe that time I was 12 and went to New York and it left a flame burning in my heart ‘cos NYC just does that doesn’t it?

Thailand has made me think more about what matters in life. I like to think it’s helped me stop stressing about the little details, made me kinder, and put things into perspective.

It was unbelievable to spend that kinda quality time with the younger Gales (even if I did make them want to die inside when I was like HEY TAKE PHOTOS OF ME IN MY SWIMMING COSTUME PLZ).

Although I have holiday blues and miss them and the way of life alotta lot, I’m glad I came home when I did, because it’s left the memory of that week so unspoiled and perfect in my head.

I will 102% be going back. I have plans to explore Koh Lanta and Krabi with Chris. And when I say plans, I mean imaginary ones in my head.


June marked me hitting the big ol’ twenty thousand on Instagram, which is pretty bladdy insane.

I mean, I’m not going to give you some big spiel about how I never could have imagined this is my dizziest daydreams and how lucky and thankful I am, because let’s face it, you’ve heard it all before.

But I am super chuffed and to say thanks, I’m giving one of you sweet followers a little summer beauty bundle which you have until 6pm today to enter. Simply follow me on Insta at @hannahfgale and comment on this picture to enter. GOOD LUCK.

I got a bit of a tan on my shoulders whilst in Thailand and now I’m using this darned bardot trend to show ‘em off every single bladdy day.

I think I now own five bardot dresses and three bardot tops and what in the lord’s name am I going to do when summer is over?

I’ve found that the styles with a frill layer over the boob area are the most flattering on ahem, us boobalicious gals, so I’ve been sticking to them the way middle class couples stick to Lurpak.

My faves are this white cut-out dress from Topshop, this tropical print hun from New Look and this £14.99 sasspot from Mango.

Feeling quietly smug that I’ve only managed to get through five episodes of the new series which means I still have enough for a Sunday afternoon binge complete with biscuits and 563756 cups of tea.


No but seriously, the newest season of OITNB to hit Netflix is already better than the last one and it makes for perfect I just want to lie on the sofa and hibernate watching.

If you’ve not seen it before – it’s based on a real-story of life set in a women’s prison in the U.S. It’s funny, it’s sexy and of course it’s a little grim and dark in places too.

There’s four seasons just chilling, waiting for you over on Netflix.

Yeah, yeah, I’m a broken record, I’ve mentioned these SO many times, but they’re easily my fave make-up product of the last couple of months.

I love that they’re dirt cheap (can you complain about £5.50 reaaaaally?), matte, long-lasting, not drying and come in all the shades a Kardashian sister would lose her shit over. And you can buy them on ASOS, hello next day delivery.

I’ve been wearing Morocco the most lately – the perfect orange hued red that adds a sassy sister to pop to all my boring clothes. Although I’m *kinda* excited to get rocking some of the darker hues come autumn. Huzzah.

My footwear of choice for most of June has been these little leopard hunks that HELLO, have gone down to £7.50 in the sale. (They also come in snake print, gold and some other colours too just FYI).

They’re from La Redoute (who I’m a brand ambassador for), but there’s SO many hidden gems on their website, both fashion and homeware. But no seriously, check out their homeware sale, it’s pretty much definitely better than H&M home. Just sayin’.

A couple of months ago I did a lil interview about full-time blogging, balancing my online life with my offline life and being a happy little bee with the wonderful people at Blogosphere magazine – and now the issue’s out!

I even got a double page spread for my Q&A which I’m pretty damn chuffed about.

You can order a copy of the latest issue here, or it is stocked in some branches of WHSmith, so keep ya eyes peeled.



I’ve joined the basic bitch club and snapped up a lil bomber jacket for all my is it too risky to leave the house without a jacket British summer woes.

My one is this cute little embroidered number from New Look (and has just gone down to £19 in the sale…), which I teamed with a culotte jumpsuit and trainers as an easy weekend outfit last week (post here).

My tip? Go up a size. I wish mine was a bit looser and had a bit more swag to it. Sad face. Except not that sad because n’awww look how pretty it is.



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