Feeling Body Confident On Holiday

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When I was in year 10 I wore a checked red shirt, teeny tiny denim mini skirt and Mickey Mouse cross body bag from H&M kids for non-school uniform day.

After school that day I hung out with a friend and some boys from another school at the local park.

One of those boys looked me up and down and said ‘Cor, YOU have the best legs in the whole of Littlehampton’.

What a fella, eh?

Anyway, that little boost of confidence stuck with me for a long time (even though LOL), it made me feel like there was something, anything, decent about my body. Like I wasn’t some hideous beast of the swamp, the way most teenage girls assume they are.

Over time my legs, ahem, fell curse to the same hereditary gene that cursed my mum and my nan and they became a part of my body that I no longer wanted to flaunt to the masses (there’s a reason I have such a penchant for midi skirts y’know).

And every summer I have the same battle with myself – I battle about whether I can wear cute little denim hot pants to festivals the way other girls can, whether I can look cute in just a cossie and oversized shirt by the pool the way other girls can and whether I can show off my holiday tan in a teeny tiny playsuit the way other girls can.

The answer is that OBVIOUSLY I can wear whatever the flippedy flip I like, because NO-ONE is judging my body as much as I think they are. Because heck, they’re too busy trying to nail an I’M ON THE BEACH selfie and order the most Instagrammable ice cream they can find on the menu.

But to keep myself feeling like a confident sass queen whilst sunning myself on holiday, I try and keep my legs feeling as hydrated, smooth and fuzz-free as possible, so that they’re the best possible versions of their curvy selves.


Aside from slathering them in body oil post-shower, I’ve been using the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Bikini – a 2-1 girly gadget that shaves, trims, shapes and hydrates.

At one end, features five curve-sensing blades to adapt naturally to women’s curves, whilst the other has a trimming tool which is absolutely the one for keeping your bikini line in check.

Ain’t nobody got time to worry about a stray hair making a bid for escape, am I right?

It’s the perfect multi-purpose beauty tool to throw in your luggage ready for touch-ups, especially if you’re lucky enough to be heading into the sunshine for longer than a week.

I found that it gave an incredibly close shave for even those hard to reach areas, even when you’re in the shower – without y’know, having to resort to yoga for experts just to get close to your inner thigh.

AND it didn’t irritate my legs in the slightest (same couldn’t be said for the mosquitos…), thanks to the built-in moisturising serum next to the blades.

It’s made sure I feel confident enough to ditch the black tights now the sun’s kinda trying to do its thing, and taking a lelfie – aka a selfie of my legs.

Aside from fuzz-free, silky pins, I’ve also found a hearty splash (or three) of fake tan makes me feel a little more comfortable in my own skin.

OH and also – getting used to seeing myself in a swimming costume. If (like me) you tend to avoid full length mirrors when you’re pottering about in your pants trying to find wherever the heck you left your jeans, take your toosh down to your local pool.

Not only will it help you work out whether your new swimwear gives you accidental nip slips every 22 seconds, but it’ll reassure you that HEY LOOK, people have better things to do with their eye sight than critiquing your body.

That way when you do finally get on holiday, it won’t feel like such a huge, dramatic coming-out party for your body that you’ve built up in your head to be far worse than it is.

SO yeah, gow do you help yourself feel confident on holiday? Got any tips for your gal? And have any of you given the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Bikini a whirl?

You can shop it here.

This is a sponsored post, but all body confidence vibes and product reviews are my own


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