The Sexy Leftover Pizza Hack You Need To Know About


Admittedly, I always have leftover pizza following a hefty Domino’s takeout order.

Pipe down and stop judging me, alright? It’s because I always go so damn heavy on those side orders. Like come at me chicken strippers and chicken kickers and hey wedges, how YOU doing?

Although, this weekend’s pizza order actually came from Pizza Hut because Domino’s sort your life out and start offering decent deals on the flyers you force through my door plz.

(One upside of Pizza Hut is dem bad boy cheese triangles, they give me life).

Anyway, this leftover pizza hack was something I actually wrote a story about back in 2014 on the Metro website, and it took until yesterday for me to actually try it out and sweet mother have mercy, it has changed my life.

Mostly because I don’t love cold pizza, and re-heating it in the microwave never has the same pizzaz, and well, now I get more sexy pizza in my life.

So here’s what you do…

You take two slices (yeah, you gotta have a two whole slices leftover, so pace yourself), and you grate a handful of cheddar (or you could use mozarella) and stick that in-between the two slices.

Make sure your pizza slices both have the topping-side facing inwards.

Then you can use a toastie maker or George Foreman grill if you have one, because that’s right girls, YOU’RE MAKING A PIZZA TOASTIE.

And it is amazing.

Or, if you don’t own either of those things, you can do a Hannah Gale and just put your cold pizza sandwich in a non-stick frying pan on a medium heat (hold the oil, the pizza produces enough of its own).

I placed a plate on top of the pizza to help press it down and get the cheese to melt and glue the two slices together. Oh and also, flip it a couple of times to make sure nothing burns.

Once you start seeing that cheese oozing out of the sides, you my friend, are done, and about to enter a new sort of food heaven.

And that’s it, TADA!

Let me know how you get on. I accept thanks in the way of ASOS vouchers. OK bye.




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