The New Look Bomber Jacket Of Dreams



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Honey, I’m home!

And surviving on coffee, cat cuddles and fresh pyjamas to see me through my holiday blues, and well, hideous travel exhaustion.

Thank fuck I was sensible enough to book a Friday flight home, giving me the weekend to slob about and become part human again.

Anyway, no rest for the wicked and all that – I hadn’t even been home 24 hours before I was dragging Chris out onto the streets of ol’ Ipperz for some outfit photos (and cappuccinos and bagels because I’m not a total witch of a girlfriend).

When bomber jackets first hit the Instagram fashion scene earlier this year I was like oh cute, but not me because I’m not cool and hip and young and I don’t listen to rap (unless it’s Eminem circa 2005 because I’ve always got time for Toy Soldiers).

And then well I copied everyone else and jumped right on that trend like it was Jon Snow.

Not soz.

This handsome floral embroidered fella is from New Look, and there’s also a sweet pale pink version too.

I’ve teamed it with a culotte jumpsuit and my comfy Stan Smiths for easy Saturday vibes. So, um, yeah.

Also, do I look like I’ve caught the sun at all or nah?


Jacket – New Look / Culotte jumpsuit – Debenhams / Trainers – Adidas / Bag – Karl Lagerfeld / Sunglasses – LA MODA



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