Here’s Why You Should Visit Thailand



I cried at the airport.

I’d had five hours sleep and my 6am alarm had me reminiscing of long commutes into London and I felt dread fire through my veins as I tried my hardest to fight off the overwhelming need to just go back to sleep for a teeniest tiniest bit longer.

And also, to be fair, Koh Samui is a beauty of an airport. A little tranquil slice of heaven complete with lily pads and streams and bamboo chairs and straw roofs and pink flowering trees, and that made me feel emotional.

Promise you, I’m not on my period.


Not even slightly.

I just, I dunno, there was this all-consuming reluctance to go back to reality. To escape paradise and go back into my real world.

Lol, who knows why I’m writing in the past tense. I’m currently sat on one of the said bamboo chairs, trying to push down the lump that’s growing in my throat by typing out all the thoughts whirling through my brain whilst listening to Justin Bieber. Because Justin knows. He gets it. He’s the boy.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. There’s parts of my real every day life that I’m absolutely buzzing to get back to.

Chris, for example. The cats. Avocado on toast. Temperatures less than 30 degrees. A life without mosquitos. Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Diet Coke.

But I like the mentality here, the attitude to life, the kindness, the beauty, the lack of giving two fucks about Instagram followers. It’s nice. It’s real. It’s happy.

And so that’s why I’m telling you to come to Thailand, to sack off whatever other travel dreams you’re conjuring up in your head for the next couple of years.

Come to South East Asia because to be blunt, it’s absolutely ballin’.

Don’t come for the food (although do come for the food because the food will make your mouth orgasm all day err’day), don’t come because the beaches look like real-life paradise and you know you’ll crash Instagram with your uploads (although do, because sweet diggity, that sort of beauty completely floors you), come because it puts everything into perspective.

I was haggling for a bag the other day. The lady in the shop told me £10, I was trying to get her to £8 and she was like nuh uh honey. Although no, OK, she didn’t actually say it like that. And then one of my younger siblings was like ‘why are you so desperate to give her less money than she wants? Her kids are sleeping on the back of the shop on a mattress, it’s not like she’s rich.’

I gave her the full asking price and left the shop.

That’s our problem. We’re always clinging to this idea of winning, whether it’s by getting a seat on the tube, a free coffee in Pret or going up another hundred in followers on whatever social platform, rather than just trying to well, be nice to each other. To help each other.

We only have one life, we might as well spend it spreading good vibes.

We might as well spend it making other people happy, as well as ourselves, helping each other, reaching out to each other, smiling at each other. Rather than doing crappy things like bitching behind each other’s backs and blaming each other for our own problems and negative emotions.

So yeah, I’m hoping this life epiphany clings to my brain all the way from Koh Samui airport, back to Bangkok and then comes all the way to London – heck, Ipswich – for the ride.

Because I could do with this feeling lurking in my brain for the foreseeable future – this little voice reminding me of what’s important, what’s worth prioritising and what life’s really about.

It’s nice, it’s really fucking nice. So nice it made me cry at an airport at 6am. Just sayin’.


P.S. ALSO Thailand is super duper cheap. Return flights will set you back about £500, but you can get decent 4 star accommodation for about £20 per person, per night, and food-wise, a delicious dinner and a couple of drinks shouldn’t cost more than £10 per couple. Buzzing.


But for real, where else in this part of the world is insanely amazing?

P.P.S. I wrote this before the EU referendum votes came through and oh fuck.


  • Oh fuck indeed!! Still, let’s talk about lovelier things than our doomed state of the EU! Thailand looks insane, so beautiful, you look so beautiful, the food looks so beautiful…!! Can’t wait to see more of it, we’re planning a trip to Vietnam next year and I think it will be similar 😀 you did it Hannah, on your own you got there, had an amazing time and came back! Hope spending time with your brothers was everything you wanted it to be! Alice xxx

  • I needed this this morning. Heartbroken isn’t the word. But Thailand is. *Books flight, never comes home*

  • I’m soooo jealous! Thailand has been on my bucket list for ages. I watched your vlog the other night and it looks amazing! x

  • Your photos are amazing! Looks like you had a fabulous trip!

    Kate |

  • I didn’t haggle in shops for the same reason your sibling said, I am lucky enough that I earn a decent wage so why try save a quid or two when this person probs needs it more than me?

    And I also kinda cried when I left Thailand too, it is without a doubt one of the most perfect destinations in the world. Thailand is my retirement plan.

  • I had a similar experience in Vietnam – bargaining hard over a scarf until my dad told me “Lily, it’s £3, just give her the money”. It really puts life into perspective – Thailand ha been on my travel list for a long time and I need to actually visit! x

  • Reading this was the one nice happy moment of this morning. Thinking about Thailand is even more appealing now than it was yesterday. Maybe we should all just move there now! xx

  • Rebecca

    SO upset about the results of the EU vote this morning and reading this has put a little smile back on my face, i’m so pleased you had a fab time! My brother and his girlfriend went to Thailand a couple of years ago and absolutely adored it, so much so that they’re heading back there in August for another couple of weeks in paradise!

    My brother also went to Vietnam and Laos last year and absolutely loved it, even though they had about 7 flights throughout the holiday as they travelled from place to place. He asked his girlfriend to marry him at the top of a mountain in Laos , so I think it’d probably be up there as the best holiday he’s ever had <3

    Thailand isn't somewhere I've ever thought of going before, but then again, I haven't travelled outside of Europe, but I think it's now on my list of places i'd like to go in future, best get saving eh!

  • Woww! You have confirmed ever more how much I would love to visit Thailand.
    Gutted regarding the result, would rather be sipping cocktails somewhere anywhere rather than here. Anyone joining?
    a life of a charlotte

  • B

    I fell in love with Thailand after a holiday there last summer and we have booked to spend Christmas and new year there this year, reading this has made me so excited. After waking up to the news this morn one of the first things I said was “fuck this, we’re moving to Thailand”.

  • nueyork

    It sounds like such a dream! It’s so good to see and hear that you had an amazing time!

  • I am so sorry about the referendum, but on to happier things, THAILAND!
    I was supposed to go two years ago, but ended up going to New Zealand instead. I’m pretty sure I’ll find a way to have another Thailand trip though, because, THAILAND!

  • This looks like such a gorgeous place! I’ve only ever visited LA, USA (I know- I’m missing out) and am in total need of a vacation. That crepe looks sooo delicious with that chocolate sauce drizzled on *opens jar of nutella shamelessly*. Lovely post xx

  • Sophie

    All these travel posts just make me want to up sticks and leave the country haha! As someone whose career has just taken a pretty bad turn I am so contemplating just leaving and trying my hand at travelling for a while, seeing if I can start a new life somewhere else. It’s a huge decision but watching your vlogs and reading your posts on travelling alone to Thailand has given me that little bit more hope that its something I could actually do – even if it is horribly nerve-wracking!

    Sophie –

  • Waow! Honestly you blog is the best place to travel and escape my boring days at th hospital! Really cool. I never visited Thailand but i looks like my contry’s beach and eco-system… Realy nice place too. I sould probably make a post on why you should visit Ivory-Coast. hihi

  • I feel like everyone needs an experience like this at least once in their life, sounds great 🙂

    Sophie x

  • Let’s all escape to Asia before anything else happens, but seriously though, Thailand is really beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit that part of the world because of Liz Gilbert and completely agree how going somewhere new, refreshing and even thought provoking really makes you feel different and freer as a person. Be free of the Insta-chains!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • My boyfriend and I have been wanting to go to Thailand for ages now and I think that where next years holiday will be! It looks gorgeous and I just want to be there, expericene other cultures and just relax, remember why life is good and not worry about the 9-5 life. Sophie x

  • This isn’t a place that I’d previously thought about visiting but my oh my, it looks incredible!!

  • han

    Aw I liked this a lot. Sometimes adjusting your mindset is just what you need!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • I cannot wait to hopefully go next March for my honeymoon!!! I’ve wanted to visit Thailand for years and this is only fuelling my fire!!! x

  • I love thailand too but might just love indonesia a little more are you heading back for work?

  • You’ve just spoken every thought I had after leaving Thailand – twice! Even though it was my first travelling experience I decided to go back the following year and each trip since has not even come close to surmounting the experience that I had in Thailand. The happiness is contagious and I’m glad you too got to experience “The Land of the Smiles”

  • I’ve always wanted to go for the beaches and food!
    Jabeen x

  • Wow! Thailand sounds amazing. I have been wanting to go away for a while but I never even thought about Thailand. I am going to have to think about planning a trip there soon. 🙂

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