Here’s Why You Should Visit Thailand



I cried at the airport.

I’d had five hours sleep and my 6am alarm had me reminiscing of long commutes into London and I felt dread fire through my veins as I tried my hardest to fight off the overwhelming need to just go back to sleep for a teeniest tiniest bit longer.

And also, to be fair, Koh Samui is a beauty of an airport. A little tranquil slice of heaven complete with lily pads and streams and bamboo chairs and straw roofs and pink flowering trees, and that made me feel emotional.

Promise you, I’m not on my period.


Not even slightly.

I just, I dunno, there was this all-consuming reluctance to go back to reality. To escape paradise and go back into my real world.

Lol, who knows why I’m writing in the past tense. I’m currently sat on one of the said bamboo chairs, trying to push down the lump that’s growing in my throat by typing out all the thoughts whirling through my brain whilst listening to Justin Bieber. Because Justin knows. He gets it. He’s the boy.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. There’s parts of my real every day life that I’m absolutely buzzing to get back to.

Chris, for example. The cats. Avocado on toast. Temperatures less than 30 degrees. A life without mosquitos. Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Diet Coke.

But I like the mentality here, the attitude to life, the kindness, the beauty, the lack of giving two fucks about Instagram followers. It’s nice. It’s real. It’s happy.

And so that’s why I’m telling you to come to Thailand, to sack off whatever other travel dreams you’re conjuring up in your head for the next couple of years.

Come to South East Asia because to be blunt, it’s absolutely ballin’.

Don’t come for the food (although do come for the food because the food will make your mouth orgasm all day err’day), don’t come because the beaches look like real-life paradise and you know you’ll crash Instagram with your uploads (although do, because sweet diggity, that sort of beauty completely floors you), come because it puts everything into perspective.

I was haggling for a bag the other day. The lady in the shop told me £10, I was trying to get her to £8 and she was like nuh uh honey. Although no, OK, she didn’t actually say it like that. And then one of my younger siblings was like ‘why are you so desperate to give her less money than she wants? Her kids are sleeping on the back of the shop on a mattress, it’s not like she’s rich.’

I gave her the full asking price and left the shop.

That’s our problem. We’re always clinging to this idea of winning, whether it’s by getting a seat on the tube, a free coffee in Pret or going up another hundred in followers on whatever social platform, rather than just trying to well, be nice to each other. To help each other.

We only have one life, we might as well spend it spreading good vibes.

We might as well spend it making other people happy, as well as ourselves, helping each other, reaching out to each other, smiling at each other. Rather than doing crappy things like bitching behind each other’s backs and blaming each other for our own problems and negative emotions.

So yeah, I’m hoping this life epiphany clings to my brain all the way from Koh Samui airport, back to Bangkok and then comes all the way to London – heck, Ipswich – for the ride.

Because I could do with this feeling lurking in my brain for the foreseeable future – this little voice reminding me of what’s important, what’s worth prioritising and what life’s really about.

It’s nice, it’s really fucking nice. So nice it made me cry at an airport at 6am. Just sayin’.


P.S. ALSO Thailand is super duper cheap. Return flights will set you back about £500, but you can get decent 4 star accommodation for about £20 per person, per night, and food-wise, a delicious dinner and a couple of drinks shouldn’t cost more than £10 per couple. Buzzing.


But for real, where else in this part of the world is insanely amazing?

P.P.S. I wrote this before the EU referendum votes came through and oh fuck.


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