Three Fave Beach Beauty Babes




I planned to write this post whilst chowing down on some sort of midnight feast – ideally involving a Massaman curry and maybe a sneaky little fresh mango juice.

Alas, nope.

I just dragged my wide awake (thanks jet lag, you a real boo) sorry ass around the local streets with my laptop holed up in my beach bag, eager to find myself a cosy little spot for food and wifi, but everywhere – aside from a dodgy looking burger shop – is closed.


So I’m currently sitting on my bed in the dark with a can of Diet Coke from the minibar, trying to convince myself it was absolutely fill me up and work as a meal replacement, like I’m 15-years-old all over again.

But anyway, back to the case in hand – my current little fave beach beauty gems.

I shot these next to a beach swing just before it got dark this evening and some random girl got on said swing and then kept accidentally swinging into my shot and it was all a *bit* awkward.

So shout out to you, random girl.

Anyway, three faves <3

(Swirly monochrome beach sarong is from a little shop over here, sunglasses are Quay Australia and pom pom clutch bag is from the mega babe that is New Look).



I snapped this hun up from Duty Free a couple of months ago and it’s absolutely my fave throw in ya handbag shade right now.

Whilst I’m currently going through a bit of a fangirl moment with the NYX matte lip cremes, I DO feel like they’re worn best with a lip liner, whereas this super sweet summery coral shade kinda just y’know, holds it own.

Like, you can actually get away with using your iPhone camera to apply it.

A quick slick instantly makes you look sassy and fresh and HI, I’M AWAKE AND AM TAKING OVER THE WORLD, it also looks crackin’ with a tan. Need I say more?



I used this for the first ever time last night and I’m sold. Hook, line and sinker.

I added a good dollop of this silky bronze fluid to the back of my hand, alongside my Complexion Rescue (which is kinda like a really fucking good BB cream) and mixed them together with a brush before applying to my face.

And oh my. It transformed me into a glowy golden goddess and I *might* have just stared at my face in the mirror for about 30 seconds longer than was necessary.

I didn’t look orange but I looked healthy and my skin fresh, and it was so, so, so light on the skin. It’s one of those products I’m already gagging to use again.



I’m not one of those people who have a different perfume for every flippin’ occasion because y’know perfume equals money that could be spent on Camembert and wine. But this is the ultimate summer scent, annoyingly.

It’s so light and fresh and easy and sexy. That sort of scent that makes you feel like a little mermaid once you’ve jumped out of the shower, or acts as an instant pick me up in an airport toiler between flights (HI, that’s me over there, also brushed my teeth and it made me feel like a new woman).


Have you tried any of these huns? What are your fave summer holiday beauty boos?


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