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Whaddup my babes?

I’m currently on the train, jostling through Essex countryside in my H&M smart lady jogging bottoms (although in my head I’m calling them flight pants because they sounds like something Rachel Green would own), on my way to Heathrow Airport.


I’m doing that thing where I’m avoiding coffee and sugar for fear I might spontaneously combust and coat the airport in glitter and little flecks of rainbow.

I am excited, on the cusp of the greatest adventure of my life, and yet absolutely shitting my pants. And yeah, yeah, I know I’ll be fine. I know. Still have butterflies though, alright?

Anyway, I thought I’d share a handful of buys that I’ve snapped up over the past few days. They are technically for holiday but y’know, you don’t actually have to be going on holiday to buy them.

See ya.
H&M SUNGLASSES (not available online)

I waltzed into Colchester’s branch of H&M yesterday with two intentions: one, to find a pair of high-waisted denim shorts with a frayed hem that didn’t cut off my thigh circulaiton and two, to find a pair of sensible sunglasses. Y’know, a pair that didn’t have a bloomin’ stupid reflective lens. Maybe a cute, sensible, classic tortoiseshell pair.

So naturally, I came out with these loud lads.

Not soz.

(Spoiler: I found a pair of shorts, they only went up to a size 14. I tried said 14 on, couldn’t get them past my knees. Lol’d because hey look the dress I’m wearing is a size 12 so um, what’s up H&M boo?)

I have something naughty to admit. I haven’t read an actual book this year. I mean, that could be a lie because my head’s been all in a fluster recently and I keep losing things and forgetting things and so maybe I have read a book in 2016, but I dunno, I couldn’t tell you what it was.

But anyway, I’M READING THIS.

Released earlier this month, Laura’s book is a memoir about life and finding herself after a split with her long-term boyfriend who then went on to marry one of her best friends. Not the one.

Admittedly I *might* have already read nearly half of this after snapping it up in Waterstone’s on Tuesday because it is as addictive as fuck. It’s also given me a kick in the bum to start plotting and planning and writing more of my own book. It’s in me somewhere, I just need to coax it out with wine.

Who knows, maybe Thailand will be the beginning of sassy, creative things for me.

Sadly the Ipswich branch of Boots isn’t down with the kids and doesn’t stock NYX Cosmetics – but Colchester does. Huh to the rah.

If you read my post on the NYX lip cremes I brought home from New York (here) you’ll know how much I love them because they don’t dry your lips, they stay on for EVER (ok, maybe not forever but y’know, a long time) and the colours are dreamy.

I was hoping to also snap up Cannes (the perfect pink-tinged nude) but it was alas sold out, so it was just Morocco, this orange-red shade that came home with me yesterday.

I was looking for a new brow pencil to take away with me seeing as my bareMinerals one finally took it’s last breath the other week, and I didn’t fancy the pain-staking concentration and precision required to apply the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade whilst I’m away.

I do already have a NYX brow pencil in medium brown but it’s kinda a bit orange and well, my natural brows aren’t orange. And so I happened upon this.

I opted for the ‘brown/rose’ shade (there’s 7 to choose from) as the brown seemed less warm-toned and y’know, not so dark it’ll make me look like the monobrow baby in the Simpsons.

I will, as always, let ya know how I get on. But it seems like a dreamy little multi-purpose beauty product if ever I saw one.




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