The Present From My Boyfriend




If ya follow me over on ol’ Instagram (and if you don’t then maybe you are broken and we need to fix this and HI I’m over at @hannahfgale) you might remember me posting a snap of a Macy’s bag on my account whilst we were away in New York.

Y’see Chris isn’t much into random present-buying (although once when I came home from a red eye flight he’d bought me two bags of chocolate and a bunch of flowers and I nearly cried into my train-sweat coated clothes), but something magical came over him whilst we were holidaying in the city of 24 hour happiness and well, he bought me a bag.


He’s a lad who’s all about the experiences over possessions. And I mean, I like to think I kind of am too. He’s often made comments about ewwww imagine spending that much on a bag and I always kind of nod and smile and go omg yeah whilst in my heart picturing myself skipping through a walk-in wardrobe lined with bags. Y’know the drill.

So yeah, there I was, lovingly taking the time to stroke every single product in the Kate Spade area of the department store, y’know, to make sure they all knew how special and unique and wonderful they were and out of boo’s mouth tumbled the words ‘pick one’.

And so I did. And then I walked the entire way back to the hotel clutching his arm like a small child and stroking him.

The bag I chose, is a cute little lady. She’s small and compact, but sleek and cheeky, and in pink, because always pink.

She’s a Kate Spade Cedar Street Cami, and I took her out yesterday for her first voyage into London.

She can hold my phone, my lip balm, my cards, my keys and my train pass thingy ma bob.

But the reason I really love her so much, is because every time I look at her I not only remember the dreamiest holiday we might ever have together, but I remember that my boyfriend went against everything he believes in to make this gal happy.

Oh god, I’m due on my period and now I feel emotional and I might go and lock myself in the shower for 45 minutes or something.

I’m getting too soppy, I’m signing out. The end. Bye.


Shirt – H&M / Jeans – Topshop / Bag – Kate Spade / Hat – H&M / Sunglasses – Ray-Ban


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