11 Things To Buy From Primark Next Season

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I know legit none of us want to think about autumn because woo barbecues and frozen cocktails and coral pedicures and sunburnt noses so I just wanna give a girl a head’s up and say none of the stuff I’m about to show you is particularly y’know, scary.

There’s no faux fur coats or snow boots or chunky knit dresses, it all looks like it *could* be available in Primark now, except nah, you’ve got to wait a few months for these gems.

Things to report: ALL of the embroidery. Embroidery on denim jackets, leather jackets, shirts, jeans, skirt and bodies.

As in those things with poppers underneath that are a pain in the sweet behind when you’ve had one too many glasses of house wine, not as in, y’know, bodies.

Anyway, here’s my fave pieces from the new Primark collection. I don’t have prices or exact dates for it hitting stores, but I’d guess between August and October. Keep yo’ eyes peeled.




Sweet mumma have mercy. Unless you deleted Instagram in a rage of internet comparison, you’ll have seen that the humble bomber jacket is very much the cover-up of choice right now. I *might* even have one sat in a bag on my floor just waiting for me to have a surge of wardrobe confidence. But this pink one? It’s the dream. Mostly because it’s still so feminine you won’t accidentally get confused for one of Billy Mitchell’s mates.



Picture this with skinny jeans, a dark red lip, your hair in a messy updo and a pair of leopard print boots. I’m just going to walk away and leave you with that vision. See ya, bye.

Every weekend outfit in September = done.



I’ve been teetering on the edge of buying into this trend for a while but I just wasn’t sure if I’d look like a right daft dingbat. I love the idea of a glove shoe, they’re supposed to be mega comfy and look at that seriously wearable heel saying hey hun, I’m going to make your legs look cute and toned and not give you blisters.

Those silver ones with rolled up boyfriend jeans though <3



Um if you have an autumn or winter wedding to go to then sweet diggity you need this dress. More money to spend on accessories and overpriced make-up. Am I right, am I right?

I adore this dress and will absolutely be hunting it out – along with a super pair of spanx because lol gotta look like I’ve got curves in all the right places.



I love me a denim shirt because they’re megz easy to throw on with a pair of black skinny jeans, or tuck into a leather skirt or y’know, do anything with. And this one wins because not only does it have a cute frayed hem but it has little heartbreaker embroidery all over it. Not that y’know, I’ve ever actually broken anyone’s heart but sure thang whatever.



Some people like little black dresses, other people are obsessed with buying jeans, and my one joy in love is bloody cross body bags. HELP ME.

But this one. It has leopard, it has chain detail, it’s a decent size and hey look you can use it in two different ways – across the body using the strap, or held by the chain. Babin’.



How stupidly cute is this?

Imagine it with a little choker, your biker jacket and jeans. Boom. Best pretending you’re not hungover outfit ever.



This might be my fave out of the lot. I just need it now. Mostly to wear with tanned legs and little white dresses. I love the combo of embroidery, studs, glowers, tigers and slogans. Such a hun.



I’m not sure you can really see from the picture, but this boo actually has little off the shoulder sleeves. It’s also a little bit cropped, so it’ll look slammin’ with high-waisted jeans. Also, how dreamy is the dusky pink shade?



An update on the classic button up skirt that’s been doing the rounds for the past season or two, is this pretty little thing with floral embroidery on the sides. And y’know what’s nice? This will genuinely look just as lovely with black tights as it will bare legs. Hurrah for warmth.



Given this is a bit of a shit photo, but bear with me because I think this simple black body will actually be super flattering and create a really nice silhouette. Wear underneath jeans and then boom, who’s this hot mumma? (Although not sure how my boobs would cope in it – would they fall down to my knees?)

What’s your fave piece?

  • OMG I need that white high neck blouse right now! It looks so beautiful, will keep my eye out for it over the next few months.

    Rebecca Claire – RebeccaClaireBlog

  • Love the embroidered shirt and stripes tee!


  • I love that dress!! Now you’ve given me the idea of wearing it to my friend’s wedding in mid-September. I MUST hunt it down. Pity my local Primark is rubbish…

  • Can’t even deal!! Primark seem to get better every season, far too excited for these items to drop! Loving the denim jacket so much 💕 Xx

  • Ah so many beautiful pieces! I’m loving the denim jacket though – definitely need to lay my hands on one of those!

    Jenny xx


  • I want every single one of these! That blouse is so pretty! Cannot wait till they are in the stores.. Deffo will be buying!



  • Oh my goodness, I am in love with the Embroidered Bomber and Midi Dress! I am actually really impressed with the Clothes that Primark are creating recently! They are stepping up in the world! xx

  • Oh wow – why is that embroidered body not available now!

    As much as I am looking forward to seeing all of these in store I have got some serious Summer hauling to do first!

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

  • That body and I need to get acquainted like stat.

  • That dress is so beautiful!

  • I am definitely in love with the high neck blouse… is it wrong to want to skip through to Autumn? (Summer’s being a petulant little biatch anyway…!)

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    • I am so on board with this comment!

  • I LOVE all of the outfit ideas that you put together in this post – they’ve given me tonnes of inspiration. I love the look of the silver glove shoes too, and they would look divine with some rolled up dark blue jeans.

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  • Lynn

    Need them all right now!

  • Amazingggggg. I hope my local Primark get these in, they’re becoming very Topshop-esque lately. Love it!

  • OMG That white blouse!! And the leopard bag, so so dreamy!

    Shiana xx

  • The dress is to die for! I hope it gets stocked in the U.S. stores!
    x Emily || http://www.lifestyleofemily.com

  • Desperately wishing we had a Primark in HK now, this stuff looks amazing!

  • Aimee

    You can never have too many white blouses or striped tees and these ones are gorgeous! And if it’s primark, it’s cheap so I can convince myself I’m allowed all of it right?!

  • The high neck blouse is beautiful and the embroider bomber jacket! The new range looking gorge! Xx



    Claire x grab-your-camera

  • Wow these pieces look amazing, none of them looks like Primark at all! Embroidery and high neck blouses are the best things in the world. I can’t wait to see the little white blouse in the shops, I need it!

    Julia x
    Check Out My Last Outfit Post Here: http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2016/06/ootd-modern-edwardian-kind-of.html

  • Caroline

    Love these pieces and cannot wait for them to come into store!
    That white blouse especially is top of my seen it, need it, want it list now!!!
    Having a store close is a blessing but curse.lol


  • Those shoes are so cute! I’m not particularly good at walking in heels but am also super short so need the extra height. These might be just perfect for me 😀

  • OMG!!!! The shoes!
    I’m tall and I can never find any nice shoes with low heels. I’ll keep my eye out for them.

  • That embroidered dress is gorgeous! I so need it! Sophie x


  • Jess

    There are actually some really lovely pieces, I love all the embroiled items!


  • Loving all the floral, especially the dress – very Needle & Thread! I haven’t been to Primark in such a long time as it’s always such a state and you really have to trawl through everything until you find something semi decent, so I may need to pay a visit to the one the next town over when this all comes out!

    She’s So Lucy // Health, Wellness & Beauty

  • That Embroidered Midi – WOW! I need that in my life!

  • That high necked blouse <3 Can't wait to get that in my wardrobe!

  • han

    Love embroidery!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Oh goodness! I need the embroidered midi dress and body!! Thank you for sharing, they are high on my list of Autumn buys now!!

    Kirsti x


  • As if all of this is Primark?! They just keep getting better and better, I literally love every single piece you’ve featured here – the bomber and the denim jacket are especially dreamy xx

  • Love the high neck blouse with the leopard print bag! xx


  • OMG the denim jacket! The midi dress! The black skirt! Holy shit Primark.


  • I love love love the pink bomber & the embroidered body… Pros of working in Primark? I’ll be the first to spot when these all come in 😛
    Nicky | teaandtakeaways.wordpress.com

  • ok, i literally need every piece in my life right now!

    x Lilli
    please check out my fashionblog if you want: http://www.LilliFerreira.com

  • That bomber jacket though oh my god seriously – Primark are upping their game and now I can’t wait for next season!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Ommmg I want all of this!!! I 100% bet my local Primark won’t stock any of these babies when the time comes. That dress is beaut though xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  • HANNAH – that embroidered body I’m dying! that better make the cut! x

  • I love the bomber jacket the most! Ahh! It would look so good in a black tank top and a black high waisted distressed jeans!

  • I really like the Embroidered Bomber, the Striped Tee and the Cold Shoulder Top!! Need to go to Primark soon!


  • Jodi

    Any idea on when these will be out, I NEED the embroidered midi dress, had it screen shot from the date I saw this x

  • Wow, some of this stuff is stunning! Well done Primark!! I really cannot wait to get my hands on some of these pieces, how very exciting.

  • I’ve only managed to find the denim shirt and striped tee in primark so far! I need that dress and cold shoulder top, keeping my eyes peeled!

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