27 Sassy Fashion Buys Under £50


Whenever I create one of these jaunty little round-up posts it always makes me want to do an inward sob over how much I wish someone would just drop me an email and be like oh hi there, can we send you every item on your wish list this month?

Plz just let us send you everything and maybe some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and some McDonald’s Diet Coke and hey hun do you need a manicure too and maybe a massage? And can we send you to the Maldives so you have somewhere cute to wear all the new clothes we’re sending you?


‘Cos my bank balance does not want me to own any of these dreamy little delights. No really, it’s basically howling in pain, if a bank account could howl in pain.

I have a few things to remark – firstly that Warehouse are killing it. Like round of applause, you clever little pickles. Jolly good show. A little pricier than your usual H&M buy but corr, can we just appreciate that white midi bardot dress? Come. To. Mumma.

And also fucking stupid perfect Mango. That wrap dress at number one, that little palm tree tee that says hey pick me, I’d be a super cute and stylish companion on a long haul flight.

I’m tapping my fingers and waiting for some sort of extravagant summer sale to start.

As always, let me know if you huns snap up any of these little summer beaus.

wish list june


  1. Mango strappy frill dress, £35.99
  2. Topshop pink bardot top, £32
  3. New Look bomber jacket, £34.99
  4. H&M lace up flats, £29.99
  5. H&M orange midi skirt, £29.99
  6. New Look leopard bodysuit, £12.99
  7. Mango palm tree tee, £15.99
  8. Warehouse blue floral midi dress, £45
  9. H&M chain cross body bag, £14.99
  10. New Look tropical culotte jumpsuit, £29.99
  11. Office glitter gladiator sandals, £40
  12. New Look floral bardot top, £15.99
  13. Topshop floral midi dress, £46
  14. H&M printed scarf, £3.99
  15. New Look tropical bikini, from £12.99
  16. Topshop rainbow strappy sandals, £42
  17. River Island orange cold shoulder dress, £45
  18. Mango scallop cami top, £17.99
  19. River Island gold espadrille sandals, £24
  20. Warehouse white bardot dress, £49
  21. Warehouse floral midi dress, £45
  22. H&M one shoulder frill dress, £29.99
  23. Z for Accessorize gold-plated ring, £22
  24. New Look embroidered cross body bag, £19.99
  25. ASOS bardot dress, £35
  26. ASOS floaty wrap midi dress, £50
  27. ASOS polka dot dress, £35
  • Ahh all so gorgeous! My bank account wont allow any purchases at the moment either but number 25 and the bomber jacket, aaaaamazing xx


  • Oh my goodness that Warehouse midi dress is the actual dream. I will wear it everywhere. People will call me ‘the girl in the Warehouse midi dress.’
    When you start quoting the Shopaholic books in real life, have you gone too far??? xxx

    The perks of being a hipster – Mykonos – Paradise Beach

  • I love your picks they are all so pretty! Great post!

    Ella xx

  • Some amazing picks! Looove the orange River Island dress, so gorgeous and perfect for Summer. I wish I would get sent all the amazing things too and y’know send me on holiday too. Awesome post! Sophie x


  • Wharehouse always. Everytime I walk in their I hear my bank card, sob but ‘I know Stephie, it’s ok, we’ll make it through.’ Even my bank balance understands. That’s how good it is. Stephie xx

  • Gorrrrgeous picks!

    Sophie x

  • I think that palm tree top needs to be mine asap!! X

  • Tasha

    I thought you should know the vital information that is Warehouse have 25% off all their dresses at the moment .. x

  • LOVE numbers 5 and 27…..might need to make a cheeky H&M stop on my way home! On a side note, what software do you use to make these collages – I’m struggling to find a good one! x

  • I really cant believe that I don’t have a bikini at the moment! I had to throw mine away after it just being too old really. I can never find any really but the tropical one form new look is so gorgeous! Much different from the usual all black I go for haha!xo

  • I absolutely love that bomber jacket (and everything else on the list, BUT especially that jacket)!
    Maisie xx
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  • Umm how about the shoes in the main pic?! They are gorgeous. My bank account is telling me no but my heart tells me yet. And who ever cared what bank account had to say? NOT ME!

    • Haha they’re from Topshop and come in a few other colours too! SO comfy xx

  • Lucy

    You have just been on a holiday and are soon going on another and you’re moaning about not having anywhere to wear the clothes you want to buy? Get a grip, you’re getting more and more materialistic and only seem to care about wasting your money on as much shit as possible. You must have an empty life to feel the need to fill it with so much material stuff. I used to really like your blog but now it’s just full of you moaning about never having any money yet still buying things all the time because YOLO. Please.

  • I personally think you’d look absolutely Babin’ in 6 & 13…6 is blatantly an investment item as well, to be layered later if that encourages the purchase 😉

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