7 Things To Do When You Visit New York In The Summer


Oh hey huns. How’s ya Monday? Mildly better than normal because hey look summer? I hope so.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw together a post about some of the things we got up to in New York. The thing about summer in the city is that it gets SOMEONE THROW A BUCKET OF WATER ON ME hot. Temperatures can easily hit the mid thirties and without a sweet sea breeze swirling about the air, it can feel even hotter. It’s a dream for chaffing and back sweat patches.

Hashtag I’m bringing sexy back.

One of my favourite things to do in New York is just mosey about drinking coffee and taking it all in, because there’s a different vibe and something new to see (and HEY LOOK ANOTHER DRUGSTORE) on every block. But when it’s 32 degrees, sometimes that just ain’t an option. Unless you have a wagon of water and one of those caps kids wear with like a neck cape on the back.

So here’s some other options for ya. Trialed and tested by your number one internet home girl.



Imagine if New York and Magaluf had a love child. You now have the exact image of Coney Island in your head. Now, you could never really do more than half a day here because woah man, it’s pretty full on, but it’s well worth a visit, if not just to feel wind on your skin again.

It’s about an hour on the Subway from Manhattan, and has beautiful white sand as far as they eye can see, so if you can bring a towel or blanket you absolutely MUST. (Or y’know you can buy them from one of the shops on the boardwalk for about a tenner).

I recommend Place To Beach to eat – frozen margaritas in every colour of the rainbow and sexy, cheap, dirty af quesadillas that you absolutely need in your life.



I mean yeah obvs you can do this anytime of year, but seeing the Manhattan skyline against the crisp blue summer skies was summin’ else.

We did the Big Apple Tour with ATD Attractions and it was utterly breathtaking – we saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the Financial District and Midtown as well as Central Park. It’s 100% worth the price and is easily the best way to see the city.



Because what’s better than eating away your heat-induced headache? NOTHING.

We headed to Emack & Bolio’s  on the Upper West Side for our ice cream fix (more about that here), but other sexy ice cream joints to add to your itinerary include Big Gay Ice Cream in East Village and Il Laboratorio del Gelato on Ludlow Street.

OR y’know, you could just buy a giant tub from a drugstore to eat in your hotel room, because if there’s one thing those Americans do well, it’s oversized tubs of ice cream in the sexiest of flavours.



Everyone recommends the High Line, probably because it’s such a dainty little oasis against the hustle and bustle of the city. Do it in the evening, when the worst of the day’s heat has worn off, and watch the sun set whilst moseying down it.

If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a mile and a half long park built on an old railway line 30 feet in the air.

Start at 30th Street and finish off in the Meatpacking District for a slice of pie at Bubby’s. Seriously though, that pie <3



Now, you’ve got to be mentally and physically prepared before you just saunter into Central Park in the middle of the day in that intense heat – it’s waaaaaay bigger than you think and there’s actually not that many exits.

All I’m saying is, when you’re thirsty and you’re sweating out of 27 different places, you can get a *bit* cranky and y’know, start to feel unwell.

Pack a bag with suncream, all the water, a blanket (oooh maybe the beach blanket you defs bought from Coney Island, yes?) and then head via a deli or Wholefoods or even a drugstore (they sell big containers full of fruit which is a step up from my local Boots..) to grab lunch.

Find ya spot in the shade and then cram your face with sweet deliciousness. You can also hire a rowing boat on the lake or y’know, just lie still for a while.



Sounds stupid, but we kind of came to rely on dipping into shops and loitering under the air conditioning unit to restore our body temperatures to a semi-normal place.

At midday you kind of have two options – go and lie in your hotel room and watch the National Geographic channel until the heat y’know, dies down a bit, sit in a museum, or SHOP.

I’d recommend heading to Heron’s Square for all your high street stores – it’s home to Macy’s as well as Victoria’s Secret, and if you head east on 34th Street you’ll stumble on a Forever 21, ALDO, LUSH, GAP and Zara amongst other stuff.



Just like with the High Line, this little boo is worth doing once the sun has started to retreat.

It’s a great walk to see the Manhattan skyline, but also, once you’ve finished the mile long walk, you can reward yourself with either a cheeky Shake Shack or a lil ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory as both are located just on the edge of Brooklyn Bridge Park.



What other things, aside from obvs drinking iced coffee by the litre, have I missed out?




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