The Best £5.50 Lip Product Of All Time

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I’m about as late to the NYX cosmetics party as people used to be to my house parties. Like oh OK, don’t mind me sat here drinking a Smirnoff Ice on my own in a denim mini skirt praying to the high school gods that people turn up so I have people to sit in the shed and smoke Marlborough lights with.

Hashtag goals.

The brand originated in LA (or so the internet tells me) and is currently available in the UK via Boots, Selfridges and ASOS. I legit think the NYX store finder on the Boots website must be their most popular page of all time.

So I was like, as it’s an American brand, there’ll be a shit tonnes of it just chilling in every American drugstore for like half the UK price, right, right, right?


Over in the States it’s stocked in Target, Ulta (which is some beauty product shop I’ve never heard of) and some CVS stores.

And just to clarify, I checked, there are no Targets or Ultas in bloody effing Manhattan, so it was a good job the CVS opposite my hotel stocked a small NYX counter otherwise I’d have had to spend my dollars on more burgers and I’m not sure my digestive system could have handled that tbh.

Anyway, these matte lip creme boos cost £5.50 and are the finest, sexiest, sassiest, most dreamy lip product I’ve tried in forever.

I bought one, in shade ‘Stockholm’ and was so SWEET DIGGITY over it, that I returned on two separate occasions to buy two more. I think Chris probably knows the layout of that CVS store better than he does our house.

The colours are dreamy, the pigment is stellar, the application is easy peasy and they’re actually matte. Matte without making your lips feel like you haven’t worn lip balm or been hydrated since 2002.


I had a right hoot kissing Chris all over his face and generally being a pest because I was so excited that my lipstick wasn’t coming off. It was – and this is groundbreaking – staying on my lips.

The three shades currently in my beauty arsenal are Copenhagen, Stockholm and Milan. I might go into every Boots I walk past forevermore and buy one at a time, like I’m collection football stickers or something.




Stockholm is the perfect natural pale brown shade and I wore it almost every day in New York, so if you were like woah that lip shade is cute, in any snaps or vlog footage, Stockholm is your book.

Milan is a sassy pink shade. I wanted something that was a pale pink-brown shade but alas nope, this isn’t it. But I like that it’s a vibrant summer shade whilst still feeling safe and not too scary at the same time.

And Copenhagen is autumn’s bae. It’s a rich, deep purple-y red that might just replace my Rimmel Kate Moss 107 shade. Woah.


Have you tried any of these huns? Which shades do I need to invest in next?


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