Friday Favourites: May 2016


Hey boos.

Just a heads up that this is the last of my scheduled blog posts whilst I’m away so savour it because you’ve got at least five days until the next one. Soz and that.


I’m not sure if you’re going to hate me a bit for it or nah, but I’ve mixed up the style of this a teeny tiny bit, and there isn’t an image for each fave, just a few cute classic blogger flat lay kinda snaps dotted about.

I’m really enjoying creating my content at the moment, so I hope you’ll embrace me mixing it up here and there and keeping things fresh.

P.S. Writing this post is really hard because MTV have put on the first season of Teen Mom on back to back and oh man it’s so good. ALTHOUGH WHY IS RYAN SUCH A DOUCHE TO MACI ALL. THE. TIME.

Anyway, let’s get back on track…



My brother introduced me to this hunk of a dessert/brunch/breakfast/snack a few weeks back and I decided that I absolutely needed Chris to witness it. Even though he once told me he didn’t really like cinnamon. Sure, sure, boo.

Anyway, he helped me devour the entire thing within an hour. Is that a skill or is that hideously embarrassing?

It’s like the best thing that’s ever entered my mouth. I don’t even care if that sounds dirty. It is soooo good. And now we have the one I bought to photograph just sitting on the table and it’s taking all my self-control not to have it for lunch.



Because let’s face it, can a girl really have enough nude lip liners? Nuh uh.

I really like the formula of the Barry M ones, they’re mega affordable and last ages, which is why it’s pretty dandy that they’ve released three new shades – 15, 16 and 17 – all in varying shades of pinky nude. THE DREAM.

Keep yo eyes peeled.



If you watched my Lanzarote vlog you might have seen my get a lil bit homesick and download an audio book to soothe my soul. And now, well now I’m a bit obsessed.

I used a 30-day free trial of Audible to download Goblet Of Fire and now my favourite part of every evening is lying on top of my bed with my lamp on, listening to Stephen Fry’s soothing voice and doing some colouring it.

It’s my idea of a little slice of heaven, and it’s nice to have just half an hour of me-time without work or chores or the internet.



Admittedly I haven’t really used these enough to count them as a fave but I thought it was worth letting a girl know that BAREMINERALS HAVE A SKINCARE RANGE.

It launches in June and contains a mixture of cleansers and moisturisers.

I’ve been sent a couple of bits to review including an oil cleanser and an oil-free hydrating gel. I’ve packed them both for NYC because I’m assuming I’ll love them as much as every other bareMinerals face product I’ve ever tried.

So far I’ve found the gel to be the perfect morning base for make-up <3

P5200109P5200118 (1)



Let’s all give Sainsbury’s a little round of applause for their stationery collections over the past few months. Oh mumma. So, SO good.

I’ve been avoiding buying any, despite there being SO much I want, mostly because how many notebooks is too many? But I caved in and bought this little palm print hun because I was feeling fancy.

Plus, it makes a pretty dandy photograph prop.

(The photos on the Sainsbury’s website don’t do it any justice, so get your little butt over to your nearest store…).



After watching one of Sarah Ashcroft’s videos on contouring (you can’t blame a girl for wanting to look like ultimate Instagram porn, can you?) I decided I needed one of those beauty blending sponges in my life.


For day to day I don’t use it because I just blend in my Complexion Rescue with a brush, but for when I’m trying to have a slightlier sassier face on – for filming or for date nights, I use it to blend in my contour and it is amazing. So good.

Although all that blending *does* make your arm hurt a bit. Just sayin’.



You might have noticed that my blog photographs are a little bit different recently, and I hope you like them.

I woke up one morning and was like how can I up my blogging game right now in this moment? And decided to go on a Pinterest spree, pinning beautiful flat lays for composition inspiration.

I’m not the world’s best photographer, but I’m really enjoying learning more and improving AND it means I have more Insta content too.

Growth only happens when you push yourself to learn new things. Just going to leave that thought there and walk away…



You don’t know how much I wish I hated peonies. How much I was like meh another overrated blogger cliche but THEY SO PRETTY.

I’m actually feeling pretty smug because I bought a bunch last week and they were hot pink and now they’re pale yellow and dead on my dining room table. And I was like uhhh can I really justify £6 on another bunch JUST for this post, when they won’t even be in full bloom until I’m away?

And then bam, found this corking bunch in the reduced flower bucket. Cheers Tesco, you massive hun.

Oh right yeah, I meant to say: it’s finally peony season, get them whilst they last.



I was having a product clear out the other day and came across this little charmer which had arrived courtesy of Birchbox at some point this year.

I whacked it in my hair last night after I’d been for a swim and let it do it’s sexy stuff whilst I’ll chilled in the steam room (something a hair stylist had recommended) and then washed my hair as normal afterwards.

AND BAM, MY HAIR SMELLS AMAZING. It’s feeling super light and soft too, so I’ll fo’ sho’ be keeping it in my swimming bag until the little fella runs out. Anyway, you can buy it for £12 here.


10.  TEEN MOM 2

Oh HEY, there’s a new season of teen mom 2 on and I can’t wait to watch it whilst I crack on with some ironing this afternoon. IT IS THE BEST.

Chelsea is my fave out of all the teen moms of every spin-off, closely followed by Maci. Just in case you were wondering.

So yeah, just a head’s up that the new season is on MTV on Wednesday nights and yeah, it’s of vital importance that you watch it.


  • I think I need to go to Tesco because I definitely need that cinnamon bun thing in my mouth. Like, now!
    Also yay for reduced flowers – always a winner! 😀

    Jess xo

  • I REALLY need to check out Sainsburys’ stationery range – it looks right up my street! Also, bought my first bunch of peonies this year yesterday and practically skipped home with glee. SO pretty <3

    Sophie Cliff

  • Sophie

    Hi Hannah,

    I love your blog and all your content but I was so, so, disappointed to see that your post was sponsored by Sea World.

    This has really changed my whole perception of your blog – i’m not sure if either you aren’t aware of the controversy around Sea World – in which case I really urge you to do your research before agreeing to collaborate/take sponsorship from companies or whether you are and just don’t care in which case that is even worse.

    I love reading your blog as I always felt it had so much integrity and you were so true to who you are. Now I just hope this sponsorship isn’t representative of who you are..

    • Alice

      I agree with you Sophie, I’ve been a fan of Hannah’s blog for a while now, and always enjoyed how relatable it is. But this has been a huge disappointment. A quick google of Seaworld throws up hundreds of infuriating stories of mistreatment of whales in captivity. As someone who has so much love for your cats, it’s a shame the same respect doesn’t extend to the animals at Seaworld.

      • Jenna

        This is really unfortunate. Hannah, watch Blackfish on Netflix and then please reconsider whether you’d be willing to collaborate and do sponsored content with Seaworld.

        It seems to me like this is just a shameless opportunity to be paid by a really questionable organisation willing to throw money at PR to cover up so much controversy. What a shame. Since you’re an animal lover, I’m rather surprised and disappointed you have accepted sponsorship from Seaworld. New York must have been an expensive trip.

      • Ladies,

        I am SO, SO SO sorry that you’ve had to see that advert. This isn’t a sponsored post but I work with an advertising agency who place ads on my site for me. I had no idea they were going to be placing this ad and obviously am HUGELY against it. I have now removed all my ads from my site and have emailed the company in question to tell them I will no longer be working with them. I would never advertise Seaworld or take on paid opportunities from brands I don’t agree with. I hope you understand this honest mistake and continue to read my blog! x

    • Just out of interest (and because I too am a really big fan of Hannah and her blog) what post are you referring to? Think you may all be commenting on the wrong post? I can’t find anything on this one which says its as sponsored post. Can someone link it to me would be interested to see what you mean.


      • Sophie

        Hi Shanglam,

        If you scroll down to the bottom of the post at the bottom there is an advertisement for Sea World

      • Rach Moore

        Im in the same boat Shanglam I cannot see where it says Seaworld either? Are we on a different post from everyone else? Do different adverts come up for different people?

        if anyone can shed some light here? where are you seeing Seaworld?

  • I lovveeee Teen Mom, Ryan is forever an arsehole to Maci though, sigh. That hair mask sounds lovely! x

  • OMG Teen Mom. Chelsea is my favourite too, and why is Adam literally the worst person in all existence and why is she clearly still a bit in love with him??
    Also your photos are looking amazing, defo keep up the flat lays – love them xxx

    The perks of being a hipster – Santorini – Exploring Fira

  • That cinnamon bun looks like everything that is missing in my life! Cinnamon is not just for Christmas! Sophie x

  • Thanks for the tip on the lipliners! I need new ones and haven’t been that impressed with the ones I’ve been using so far so will definitely give the Barry M ones a try!

    Hope you’re enjoying NYC! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Right I’m off to buy some Barry M lip liners! Not worn a lip liner before but hey, why not? It’s pay day after all! Thanks for the inspo.

  • Amy

    Hannah I feel like your posts usually either make me hungry or want to buy things and this one has achieved both of those! I love Sainsbury’s stationery they have the cutest patterns!
    Amy xx

  • I’ve been hearing amazing things about those Barry M lip liners!

    Sophie xx

  • Soaps and shampoos strip away the body’s natural oils.

  • Sam

    That cinnamon bun looks AMAZING. Need that in my life! Also, hope you’re having a fabulous holiday xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  • Omg I kept scrolling down to read the post and then scrolling up again to inspect the cinnamon buns more haha. I did it about 5 times!

  • I’m literally writing this on the way home from Tesco and I’m kicking myself for not buying that tear and share, FML. Also Harry Potter is always a fave <3

  • I hate cinnamon but LOVE cinnamon buns. I need that in my life! Can you send one to Dubai?

  • Sophie

    In relation to this Seaworld advertising stuff, Hannah, I just saw your tweet about it. Apology looks quite sarcastic (I really hope it’s not!), and your Disney Princess bezzie is quick to make it look like your readers have intentionally framed you into accepting sponsorship. If there is an advert on your page from Seaworld, and it says sponsored by Seaworld, is it not a reasonable assumption that you *might* have accepted sponsorship from Seaworld? No?

    If you’re looking to keep readers, perhaps dial down the sarcasm and passive aggressiveness. Your comment on the blog doesn’t really ring in the same tone as your tweet… anyway, perhaps you could let your Disney Princess mate that slamming your fans on your behalf isn’t doing great things for her readership.

    • Hannah Gale

      I’m sorry you feel that way about the tweets. I was in a moment of shock and couldn’t believe that my agency would do that. I think the person you’re referring to wasn’t aiming those tweets at readers, more the shock of my agency putting up ads that look like sponsored content. She wasn’t slamming fans, she was slamming the agency. And rightly so. I can 100% see why people might have thought I’d accepted it myself, although I haven’t actually been able to see the ad myself as I’ve now removed all ad tags from my HTML.

      If my tweets read sarcastic then I’m very sorry. I guess that’s proof that what you read online doesn’t always convey the actual tone of voice of the person writing it. I’m deeply sorry and shocked and upset that this has even happened. The last thing I’d want is to be connected to Seworld or offend anyone. Hope you have a lovely weekend. X

  • I’m on a diet but omg that cinnamon bun looks incredible!! Ps. love the new blog photography!

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