You Need: Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look In A Palette


This chap is nearly £50.

Have you clicked off yet?

I reckon I would have.

I’m not a newbie to make-up, and yet, I still never really feel fully confident that I’m using products the right way, or that I’m putting bronzer and blusher and dark eye shadow in the right places.

Which is the main reason I’m a big ADD THIS TO YOUR BIRTHDAY LIST advocate of Charlotte Tilbury’s face palette.

It’s designed to be the ultimate carry-in-your-bag and do yo make-up in five minutes product, and Charlotte’s also produced a video to go with it that quickly teaches you where to put each powder (which is here).

I wish she’d send a DVD to every 18-year-old girl and explain how to use every make-up product ever, it’d have saved me a lot of embarrassing photos and life anxieties.

Anyway, I followed the tutorial to a tee, replacing the products I didn’t own with the closest thing I owned (an Oskia moisturiser, bareMinerals Complexion Rescue and a Seventeen concealer) and these snaps are the results.


I mean, OK these photos have been brightened to within an inch of their life but my cheeks look, so, well, lovely.

There’s no complex contouring or omg want some face with your blusher? it’s just nice and fresh and easy and glowy and healthy. And alright, I have a crush on my own cheeks and what of it?

I like the eyes too. My main difficulty was that not one of my 4745 eye pencils wanted to be drawn on over the shadow – including the higher end ones. So if anyone can recommend a good smudgy pencil for a natural smokey eye plz plz hook a sister up. All the ones I tried felt like I was running a bread knife over my life. Yay.

I don’t want to like this product. I really, really, really don’t. It’s so expensive. But fuck it, I am obsessed and I feel a bit excited as i’m typing this and I want to look at my face in the mirror again and maybe I’ll discuss it with Chris when he gets in from work and see if he listens to more than the first two words.

Shop it here.



  • You just know that anything Charlotte Tilbury does is going to be amazing. Gorgeous glow to your cheeks! X

  • Kate

    So I was stressing about what I can wear on my face when I go to Seville (hottest metropolitan area in Europe omg) in a fortnight’s time that will make me look not-troll-like and also not melt and it looks like this might be the one?! That price tag though… payday’s tomorrow, I can justify it right?!

  • Your cheeks do look lovely and glowy. I think I’d either go for this one or the Hollywood one. Seriously, Charlotte Tilbury just gets it x

  • Obsessing over this palette. Currently imagining it coming on a million potential trips around the world with me, as you do.

    Rachel |

  • Hmmm this looks nice but if I splurge on Charlotte Tillbury it’ll be to get the Filmstar Bronze & Glow, it looks AMAZING. I’ve currently got the W7 dupe which is about 5% of the price..

  • Oh my god this is just divine, I mean, your cheeks!! Plus I am hard core digging that lip color as well. Just very worried what my back statement would say if I went for it! But like I said, damn, those cheeks!!


  • I keep seeing this everywhere and it looks so dreamy!! It looks great on you! xx

  • Yep, defo fancy your cheeks. I’m not averse to paying a fair whack for something that makes my face look INCREDIBLE (like, I’ll drop £50 on a haircut or a dress that will grow out or I won’t wear everyday, so why not on something I use every day for months, is my logic there). Still don’t own any CT but I do rather want this a lot.

    Milly | Mini Adventures

  • Girrrrrl that contour looks so good! I love Charlotte T’s products, they are really good – not as affordable as I would like though haha!


  • That palette looks amazing I’ve been considering Charlotte Tilbury for a while now! Your cheeks look so good, I think I need to invest!

  • em
  • You look gorgeous – I really want to get my hands on this palette, I know its expensive but you’ve made it seem so worth it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • I feel that if I travelled a lot, this would be an amazing palette for my collection. However, I’ve not taken the plunge with this simply because I have all the shades in the palette in my collection as singles already. I definitely think it would be a beautiful gift for somebody just dipping their toes in high end makeup though, and I will be keeping my eye on this for if I ever do get to travel a lot.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  • Kerry

    I’m so glad you liked it! I was admiring it in the shop recently and saw on Instagram that you had bought it on the same day, So I thought I’d wait for your review to see if it was worth the splurge. It is def a sign that I need this in my life 😍

  • KCL

    That face palette is absolutely gorg. I need one in medium/dark!

  • You look absolutely smokin’ hot!! This palette is a definite must!!

  • You look gorgeous,great product!

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