My Mini Pre-New York Haul

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I popped into town last week to change-up my last few hundred dollars and ffs, more things than I needed came home with me.

Why do bad things happen to good people, eh?

Before I talk you through what did make it into my tote bag home, let me just spill on the things that didn’t: a small clear bag for toiletries. To be fair, I only checked Primark, Boots and Tiger but none of them were catering for my in-flight hand cream and lip balm. There were sets of three but I was busy being a cheap skate because WHY DO I NEED THREE. I just want something small but looks like I’ll be using a sandwich bag again. My bad.

Oh and also, a cute beach bag from H&M for £14.99. I remain firm that it would have looked cute with summer dresses whilst I drunk iced coffee but I didn’t need it and it was probably a pickpocketers dream anyway. Sob.

So yeah, here’s what I did snap up…



Whilst on my hunt for a clear bag, I ended up staring at a wall of paisley neckerchiefs in every colour of the rainbow. Ooh. Ahh. So I snapped up a black one because it’ll go with everything and neckerchief neckerchief neckerchief <3

The quality is a bit meh, but we all know this trend is going to be over before it really gets started so yeah, if you want to indulge yourself and feel like a cowgirl, hit up Tiger. Just try not to accidentally snap up all their pastel homeware whilst you’re there…



I mosied into Debenhams because I have a teeny tiny version of this mask and omg all the happiness. I actually used it the first night we were in Lanzarote and the next morning there was a unanimous agreement that my skin looked glowing. So THERE YOU GO.

I’m packing the small one in my hand luggage as it seems like it’s probably the answer to any long haul flight skin woes, but fancied getting my hands on the bigger version to last me the rest of my life.

Basically it makes my skin feel really soft and hydrated and makes my make-up go on really well and it’s not oily in the slightest.



I’ve been on the hunt for a product that’s not quite a bronzer, not quite a blusher, not quite a highlighter. Something I can use on minimal make-up days to still look fresh and glowy and cute, and then I stumbled across this pretty little hun.

I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know whether it’s going to make me look like Gigi Hadid just yet but it probs will tbh.



If you’ve already watched my Holiday Haul video (here) you might have already rolled your eyes at me as I realised that WHAT THE FLIP I had one size 5 and one size 6. Sob. Anyway, it’s now sorted and both shoes are in fact a 5. Hurrah.

I openly told people I hated espadrilles for years and then I bought these. So yup.

They mega comfy, come in the cutest baby pink shade as well as black and I’m currently praying airport security will let me go through the scanner without untying them. Plz plz.


ASOS EARRINGS, £5 (shop here)

Obvs I didn’t actually snap these up on Ipswich high street, but I hadn’t shown you them yet and I wanted to, so HI!

I want to get into the habit of wearing sassy earrings rather than having empty piercings – like, um, what a waste of an accessory opportunity. So these were my first purchase because they pack a punch but they’re small and not intimidating.

I’ve seen some super size pink tassel hoop earrings in H&M that I’m also eyeing up but I am the WORST for buying statement jewellery and then never wearing it. Wah.



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