Dear Diary: The Start Of Summer


I spent most of yesterday praying for the grey clouds hovering over Ipswich to pee the eff off. Partly because who has the motivation for life when it’s dark and gloomy, party because I had two duvets drying on the line (thanks Rudey wee pants), and partly because I’d planned a little picnic date for Chris and I.

Y’see yesterday was a pretty special Friday for us, because yesterday was the first Friday of our summer.

The first Friday since Chris’s last uni exams and assignments were handed in. The first weekend where we could make plans that revolved around more than just revision and not being hungover.

The first Friday we could be a cool, hip and happening, fun couple again. Where we could stay up late and giggle and I could force my little boo to take cute selfies with me because HEY ACT LIKE YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH ME PLZ.

And so yesterday at about 6pm, as Chris jostled his way out the house for a run, I packed a hamper full of all the sexiest things in the world: Brie, a cinnamon bun, and a few ice cold cans of the new Rekorderlig cider cocktails. Which are, just FYI, pretty damn magical in the mouth. Just sayin’.

And then, as if the gods were working in my favour, a slither of sunshine escaped out of the clouds and lit up Ipswich in a sweet, lazy evening glow. And then I tried to high five the cats and they were like nope.

We headed to our local park and eyed up all the handsome houses we will 102% one day be able to afford, complete with driveways full of colourful flowers and shiny cars and black and white tiled footpaths.

(If anyone wants to help me buy one of these I promise to host a banquet once a month complete with macaroni cheese and board games. What more could you want from life?)

And then we spread out our blanket and got to work eating, which is definitely in my top life skills. Aside from sleeping and maybe writing. I’m really good at eating. I once beat all four of my brothers in a Christmas buffet eating contest. That’s something I should be proud of, right?

And then a dog came and licked our cinnamon bun and tried to steal our bread and I smiled politely like I wasn’t sobbing inside.

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We cracked open our drinks to take the edge off of dog-gate, and discussed which one out of the three flavours was our fave (I’m all about the Swedish Punch one – a mix of the classic strawberry and lime cider with mint, elderflower and vodka. Yummerz. You need it in your life and STAT. It was so light and fruity and well, yeah, basically summer in a can).

And then got giddy planning what to do in New York next week and what else we needed to buy this weekend before our flight (a clear toiletry bag for me, a new shirt for Chris – all the glamour, eh?).

My summer has started and I couldn’t be feeling happier. I couldn’t be feeling more content and excited and ready to create memories and have adventures.

I feel on the cusp of really bladdy great things. I don’t know if those things are work things or just life things. I feel lucky and I feel inspired and motivated and empowered.

Summer and sunshine and feeling warmth on your skin when you’re just nipping about at home, does a funny thing to your mind and your mood doesn’t it?

You suddenly start feeling like this version of you that’s surrounded by a golden light, as though you are capable of anything. A bit like in Mario Kart when you use the golden mushroom. Yup, I just threw a lil Nintendo reference in there which seems like the right thing to do considering I’m typing this post up in my Mario and Princess Peach pyjamas.

So here’s to a summer crammed with the best things. Crammed with adventures, happy moods and drinks shared with your favourite people in the sunshine over gossips, giggles and deep chats about life.

P.S. The new Rekorderlig cocktail cans are available at supermarkets now and come in three flavours; Passionfruit Gimlet (the word gimlet needs to be used more, SUCH a good word) which is passionfruit cider and gin, Wild Berries Bramble which is wild berries cider and rum and Swedish Punch.

They are all delicious and ridiculously light and refreshing. I think you’ll end up drinking 3823 of them this summer.

Anyway, HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND. (Where has the sun swanned off to?)


This is a sponsored post, but I’ve been obsessed with Rekorderlig since my final year of uni when we used to drink it by the River Thames with fresh strawberries and pretend we were fancy, so obvs all views my own.


  • Cat

    I seriously need the Wild Berries Bramble in my life ASAP.

  • You guys, this is cute, but also funny after Chris’ insta last night! You’re going to New York so sooooooooon! Alice xxx

  • Oh my gosh I cringed at the thought of a dog licking your cinnamon bun. That’s so upsetting! Sounds like your day was perfect apart from that, hoping that you have a lovely summer!

    Sally – DiagonSally

  • I love Rekorderlig, these sound like gorgeous cocktails! I think I’d cry if the dog had stolen my food… I’m quite protective of food haha!

  • Amy

    Swedish Punch sounds so yummy and different from anything else i’ve seen. I like that these are in cans because i’ve tried Rekorderlig in the bottles but I find they are too big and make me feel all bloaty! Happy summer Hannah! x
    Amy at Amy & More

    • YES! These are lighter and less bloaty because they’re only part cider. So good x

  • Oh my goodness that Swedish Punch cocktail sounds incredible! Definitely going to need to get some for a sunny day if the sun ever does come to Scotland! Xo

    • Perfect little babe to drink at a barbecue 🙊 x

  • I had NO idea Rekorderlig had started to do cocktails! A cold fruity cider on a sunny day is basically my idea of the epitome of summer and these sound amazing. I’m definitely going to give Swedish punch a go first, it sounds tasty AF

    Steph –

    • They are SO good. Really refreshing and lighter than your standard cider!x

  • Someone really needs to take that dog aside and have a word.

  • Mmm these Rekorderlig cocktails look amazing – definitely fancy the passionfruit one!

    I’m also pretty envious of your picnic in the park. I’ve been pestering my boyfriend to do this ever since I got a picnic hamper complete with little plates, cutlery and wine glasses for Christmas, but nope.. he can’t bring himself to sit in our local park and picnic with me!!

    Might have to just use it on my own.. in the garden..

    Great post as always 🙂

    Kirsty xo.

  • Oh liking the passion fruit cider idea.

  • han

    What a lovely post – I’m really looking forward for summer to get started!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • I love Rekordalig cider but can only drink one because they are SO sweet. How do the cocktails compare? Same level or more or less so? PS) HAPPY SUMMER! xo

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