The New Maybelline Matte Liquid Lipsticks


My plan for New York goes as follows: cocktails, burgers and matte liquid lipsticks. Cos pal, even if I have to order them to my hotel room, I’m getting these clammy hands on some of the sexy products I’ve seen all over mother-flippin-Instagram that you can’t get in the UK.

And then, as if the beauty gods could see straight into my soul, these little Maybelline huns arrived with the postman yesterday.


They are the first matte liquid lipsticks I’ve ever owned and as someone who a) likes matte lipsticks and b) likes a splash of colour, I was pretty blinkin’ excited about giving them a whirl. Especially as matte liquid lipsticks usually cost the same price as my weekly shop, and these gems are just £6.99 (and solely available at Superdrug).

I think the full range of Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid launched earlier this year, but I haven’t seen all that much about them on the blogger-net – and these four are new shades as part of the summer Go Rio range.

So, what are they like to apply and wear I hear you galdems ask? Well, a lot like a lips stain, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

They’re not as creamy as I was hoping, nor as matte. Which, on the plus side means they felt hydrating on the lips rather than drying. The colours were pretty strong too, but, despite pairing them each with a lip liner from my stash, they were quick to bleed out onto my skin, meaning it was hard to get a strong defined line around my lips. Sob.

And I had a pink lil spot trying to creep in my pictures, which didn’t help the issue either. Not babin’.

But still, I’d be eager to give some of the more Kylie Jenner-esque shades I’ve spied online a whirl and I’m intrigued to see how the colour lasts throughout the day. I’ll keep you posted.




I thought this would be my fave, cos like the name makes it sound all sexy and like I could be a Kardashian, but it’s actually more of a mid-pink shade.



I’d love this shade even more with a tan. As it is my skin is basically see-through. But patchy see-through, cos y’know, there’s old fake tan lingering about just doing its thang.



I reckon this lil boo is my fave out of the four because I’m an absolute sucker for orange-red shades ever since a make-up artist in 2013 told me it suits my green eyes. IT DOES ALRIGHT.



If Orange Shot is MAC’s Lady Danger, then this is Russian Red. It’s a true night-time red that’s like BUY ME PEARLS and give me fake lashes. You know the kind.

Have you tried any of these huns? OH and which matte liquid lipsticks are your faves? Hook a girl up, won’t you.


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