The 5 Products That Keep My Hair Happy


Hey you crazy cats, ain’t this weather divine?

That’s such a British thing, awkwardly starting a post with a comment about the weather because oh crumbs, I’ve forgotten how to talk to you normally so I’ll just say something about how I have a sunburnt chest and am craving Pimms and how ABSURD it is to have to sleep half out the duvet because heat.

Anyway, this post isn’t about the weather, it’s about my hair. About my new hair care regime to be specific.

I get quite a few questions about my hair and a lil while back I did a hair tutorial (you can find that little boo over here), but today I wanted to go into more detail about what products I’m currently using to y’know, give it a bit more sass.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited down to London by System Professional to experience their new #myenergycode service. It basically means that when you head into one of their salons and get settled down with a cuppa, a stack of magazines and your stylist, you do a little questionnaire about your hair on an iPad.

I’m rubbish at explaining what I like about my hair and what I don’t in actual sentences to a hairdresser. It’s like I freak out and panic and get embarrassed somewhere around the time I’m lying about how long ago my last hair cut actually was.

But this little interactive tool makes it super, super easy and at the end, you receive your very own energy code, unique to your hair, and the products that best suit your hair type.

Aside from a Repair shampoo and a Hydrate conditioner, I was paired with Liquid Hair, which is basically a treatment that restructures and repairs hair your hair making it thicker and healthier and it is AMAZING.

I also had something to treat my scalp and a brill lil bottle of mousse that doesn’t make my hair crunchy the way it was circa 2005. It feels light and manageable and keeps my waves doing their thang longer than about 14 minutes.



I’ve been continuing this little regime whilst at home and my hair feels, and I’m cringing so hard into my train seat as I type this, like my hair, but better.

Going to log off the internet forever, bye.

No but really, by having an assortment of products that are specifically designed to tackle my exact hair has made a huge difference. it’s not just me picking up random products that smell nice and are half price during my weekly shop that don’t actually do anything.

Big shout out to all of you who are still doing that. I get ya.

Find out where you can get matched with your dreamy System Professional products and get your unique Energy Code over here.

Peace out, boos.

This is a sponsored post but all hair product love very much my own


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