The Comfiest Long Haul Airport Outfit




ALOHA. I’m writing this from my pyjamas with a baby lil prosecco, mojito and McDonald’s cheeseburger hangover. The best kind, obvs.

How you guys doing? Sunburnt and overdosed on Pimms yet?

Anyway, so, alright, my four-hour flight to Lanzarote wasn’t long haul. I had enough time to devour a beef ready meal and a chocolate mousse and discuss whether or not I’d get lip fillers and then hey whaddya know there’s a volcano and we’re here.

But still, I’d 103% wear this long haul. I feel like I’m in pyjamas. After 26 years of accidentally wearing denim shorts that cut off my circulation and pretty sundresses that leave me with blue legs, I have finally nailed how to achieve comfort on an airplane. I *think* this is what heaven feels like.

Also, a few of you asked for this post. So if anyone’s like FFS why is this girl producing airport outfit posts every other week, I’m a bit soz but not that soz because it was requested and also it’s a good way to kill time when you’re waiting for your gate to board and OMG IS THAT A NEW MAC LIPSTICK IN DUTY FREE *spends all the money*.

I’ll start with the main queen bae of this outfit – the humble maxi cardigan. Oh sweet hubba hubba, why did I not wear this out of the house sooner? I’ve been treating it a bit like a house coat – y’know, something slightly smarter than a dressing gown to open the door to the ASOS delivery man in.

It’s ancient and from Primark but so ridiculously cosy. It doubled up as a blanket during the flight and meant I didn’t have to bring a jacket to awkwardly drag around the airport with me.

There’s probably something similar in Primark this year, but I’ve also found this cute one from ASOS and this one from New Look.

I paired that boo with these striped culottes (read: full length trousers on my stumpy lil frame) from Warehouse. I’m all about that elasticated waist band life on a flight because I tend to bloat up like a bag of crisps.

Sadly, these are also old. Cry face. But these are similar and hello how dreamy is this pair?

And then I polished off my lil combo with a plain black cami, a pair of flat black sandals (although wah, I did have to take these off for security – damn you cute little metal details), a fedora to hide my greasy barnet and almost-make-up-free face and a tote bag for snacks and enough electrical to open a branch of Cash Converters.

I hope I didn’t look too bag lady-esque but then y’know what? I kinda don’t care because you hit your mid twenties and suddenly all you want is chicken broth and hugs and blankets and a mug of English tea and warmth and that is this outfit.

Peace out chickas.

That’s a hideous word, I’m sorry.




  • This looks super cosy and I absolutely love that cardigan. I always wear my hat in the airport because I’m scared of it being squashed in my suitcase or just forgetting about it.

  • Ah I love this outfit!! The pants and cardy – absolutely perfect for flights! Time to get shopping 🙂

  • You look awesome! I LOVE the hat! I still need to invest in one and dare to wear!

  • han

    You’ve got me wondering if I’d have lip fillers now aha. This does look like a comfy outfit, good work Gale.

    Hannah | Oh January

    • I *think* I would. Who the mother flip have I become 🙈

  • Uuhhh yes, WHY did I always wear denim shorts on flights?! Culottes take traveling to a whooole new level – so breezy, so soft. You are the queen of airport sass. I hope you are enjoying Lanza! I pretty much lived there as a nipper – try and go to the black beaches, they are so weird but would make a corker of an Instagram snap. Immy x

    • You’re right, those black beaches are amazing and so mesmerising. Must have been an insane place to grow up xx

  • The cardigan looks oh so comfy, I’m now questioning why I don’t own anything like it!

    Jodie //

    • It’s also the ultimate Saturday night thingy to throw on over your pyjamas whilst eating pizza 🙊

  • Looks nice and light weight which is perfect for hot weather, it’s so muggy in England right now no clothes would be perfect!

    Meme xx

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    Cat Hampurr Subscription Box April

  • This is one of my favourite looks you’ve put together! It’s so effortless & so comfy but still so fashionable!

    Nicky X |

  • Weirdest comment ever coming up – but it has to be said…. THAT HAT IS THE PERFECT SHAPE/SIZE FOR YOUR HEAD/FACE/HAIR. That is the holy grail. I have spent years trying to achieve such good hat ratio. Hope your trip was good hunz xxx

    • IT’S BECAUSE I ACCIDENTALLY BOUGHT IT IN SMALL WITHOUT REALISING. Turns out I have a tiny head or summin’ xxx

  • Great post! Your outfit looks super comfy, we are loving stripes for the season! Looks great against the red.
    Diamond Designs Uniform |

  • I love this maxi length cardigan, great for a flight but I’m also thinking doubling up as a blanket would be useful for the office. It may be hot outside but damn that air conditioning! You look lovely as always and so comfy too! X

    • That’s such a good idea! Offices can be frickin’ freezing and this is one step classier than wearing a blanket as a cape x

  • Hey, I’m new to your blog and I love it! Something more dressy than a dressing gown to open the door to the ASOS delivery guy resonates with me. Do you know yours by name? I’m afraid I do… Love your stripy trousers, but then I’m a huge fan of anything with a stripe! xxx

  • You look awesome, chic and oh so comfy.
    Seriously going to have to start upping my airport outfits! xo

  • I adore everything about this outfit! Scratch the airport, I’m going to emulate this look for every occasion.

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