35 Insanely Beaut Summer Buys To Shop Now


I’m currently sat on the sofa in my Harry Potter pyjamas, waiting for the oven buzzer to go off so I can add some more cheese to my sexy Bank Holiday lasagne.

Don’t hate the player.

I’m also loling to myself about Chris going ‘ahhh Hunger Games will be on tonight won’t it?’ Um, pal, it’s called Game Of Thrones, but no biggie.

I’ve had a bit of an ahem, pricey weekend because I’ve been eating my way around Ipswich, so I definitely 102 per cent can’t afford to buy this lovely lot, but since compiling it over the past couple of hours I’ve managed to put in a sneaky order to Mango and am planning on attacking New Look, H&M and Accessorize tomorrow as a post-dentist appointment treat.

Trying to pay off those Bangkok flights is going well then.

Things I want most: the cute little straw hat, the floral cross-body bag, the dark red lace dress and that little hunk of a lace-up swimming cossie, available up to a size F. I’m all about that big boob swimwear life, me.

Which pieces are you eyeing up, sweet baby boos?

35 summer wish list


  1. River Island pink lace dress, £75
  2. River Island denim embroidered blouse, £35
  3. H&M tassel bag, £24.99
  4. Accessorize tortoise earrings, £8
  5. Office leather pointed loafers, £65
  6. Topshop tropical cami top, £20
  7. Warehouse striped midi dress, £45
  8. H&M floral swimming costume, £19.99
  9. H&M shell bracelets, £5.99
  10. Topshop yellow sleeveless jacket, £49
  11. Accessorize beaded purse, £10
  12. H&M floral playsuit, £29.99
  13. Dorothy Perkins lace up denim dress, £21.60
  14. H&M floral jumpsuit, £39.99
  15. H&M tassel earrings, £6.99
  16. H&M tassel t-shirt, £12.99
  17. New Look striped cami dress, £19.99
  18. H&M yellow lace top, £29.99
  19. Topshop leopard print shoes, £59
  20. Accessorize two-tone hat, £17
  21. Warehouse red lace dress, £99
  22. Accessorize floral bag, £21.60
  23. River Island embroidered jacket, £45
  24. H&M pink culottes, £29.99
  25. River Island glitter heel shoes, £48
  26. New Look denim dress, £22.99
  27. Mango floral dress, £25.99
  28. Topshop striped jeans, £46
  29. Office pale pink shoes, £65
  30. Mango floral dress, £29.99
  31. Accesorize gold-plated ring, £17
  32. Accessorize pom pom bag, £23.20
  33. Wolf & Whistle lace up swimming costume, £30
  34. ASOS floral dress, £35
  35. ASOS tropical bikini, £38

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