Friday Favourites: April 2016


Hey gal pals, I’m baaaaack.

I was hoping to get this post up at the crack of dawn like some mega organised Olivia but then lol totally forgot Chris had a suit fitting in Colchester for his brother’s wedding last night and so I had to pick him up from work and that was my evening done.

Although, it was a hoot tbh, I did feel a bit like I was on an episode of Don’t Tell The Bride. It was my first time in a bridal shop I *think* despite currently having racked up five bridesmaid positions over my past 26-years.

I wish all shops made you a cup of tea whilst you slobbed across a sofa.

Maybe that’s what I’ll do when blogging dies. Open a friendly shop.

(*Prays blogging never dies* Please let me be relevant on the internet until I’m 92 and drinking sherry in a rocking chair in Florida).

Without further ado, my favourites this month. Enjoy!

Shit the mother fucking bed. Sweet lord baby Jesus. There are no words.

Earlier this week I had an impromptu dinner date with Ellie after a long day of meetings and we discussed how much we could inhale a big ol’ meaty burger. Then she was like BUT IT’S SO HARD BECAUSE NO-ONE DOES GLUTEN FREE BURGER BUNS EXCEPT HONEST BURGER, so we went to Honest Burger and <3<3<3<3

Like, it might be my fave burger of all time. It might top Shake Shack and Five Guys and a sneaky McDonald’s double cheeseburger (my bae for life).

The chips are seasoned with rosemary and hubba hubba and the burgers are juicy and have so much flavour and can I get another one today maybe?

There’s a few restaurants dotted around London and all I can think about is watching Chris’s face when he eats his first one. Oh my.


I’ve wanted these rose-colored 3447 Ray Ban sunglasses since day. And when I say day I mean like last September when I first spied a few fashion bloggers rocking them over on Insta.

They’re about as pretty as a rainbow cake from Hummingbird Bakery and I will undoubtedly lose them or like crush them by accident whilst taking a nap on a sun bed, but ooh ahh so cute.

Plus, they look kinda cute on a table flat lay, know what I’m saying?


I now own three of these little huns and fully expect to keep buying them until I have one that goes with every single outfit combination in my wardrobe.

I bet all of you think I’m hiding like a giant hickey or a secret Adam’s apple or something. But nope, just about that cowboy life.

They’re a super cheap (you can get ‘em for a quid in Primark) way to sass up a boring I’ve-worn-this-573674564-times-before outfit and I pray they remain cool and hip and happening for the rest of the year.

My latest boo is this sweet mint green one from New Look.


After flying back from Marbs late last Saturday night, I made a detour to my Dad’s house before heading back up to Ipperz as he’s only about 45 minutes from Gatwick airport.

I don’t see my family enough, having a three-hour drive separating us, so it was nice to just chill out and discuss everything from garden furniture sets to babies to maybe going on a family holiday later on in the year.

We’d geared ourselves up for a big ol’ pub lunch on the Sunday but alas no lol everywhere was fully booked up, so my younger siblings and I did a supermarket sweep of Tesco and dropped £30 on olives, roast chicken, mashed potato, baby corn and ciabatta (nope, I got no idea why such a random combo either).

I’ve found that the older I get, the more I click with my dad and step mum, and I never thought that I’d really miss them that much after moving away from Sussex but I kinda do. I think taking the time to appreciate the good eggs in your life is really bloody important, so maybe that’s a goal for the year – to put aside more time for good people regardless of the distance I have to travel.


I’ve never felt as sassy in swimwear as I did in this little ASOS hun. I mentioned it in an ASOS swimwear haul post last week, but seriously, it made me feel body confident and cool and I’m completely heartbroken that it doesn’t come in more prints.

So I just wanted to send lots of kisses and fist pumps to you absolute babes for all your love and support on my Instagram upload. It meant the world <3


Earlier this month I went for a breakfast at Liberty London for the UK launch of Paperless Post.

It’s basically an American company run by a super cool brother and sister duo who do snazzy e-invites and cards but also have an INSANE actual paper invite range and *drum roll please* it’s just launched in the UK with a collaboration with Liberty.

Like, if you are getting married you 102% need to take a sneak peek because they’re ridiculously pretty and incorporate all of those signature Liberty floral prints that make you die of OMFG SO DREAMY.

There’s also invites for parties and thank you cards and y’know, they cover pretty much everything. You will adore. Find them here.


Tomorrow my two best gal pals are coming to stay with their other halves (bleurgh, hate that word) and we are going to drink fizzy wine and gossip about people we haven’t seen in a decade and play games and head out for Thai food and OMG I AM SO EXCITED.

We’ve started arranging to see each other every six weeks and alternate between our houses because we all live in different corners of the country. It is my favourite. My absolute favourite.

So it has happened yet, but I already know it will be one of my favourite moments this month because friends you trust, friends that have known you since melting pens in bunsen burners and getting sent out of lessons for talking, are the best <3



I want to build my every day jewellery collection – the sort of things that don’t turn green after three wears but also go with everything. I want to build up my bracelets and invest in a cute pair of gold heart stud earrings and feel like a classic kinda lass.

The newest addition to my collection is this chic little bangle hun from Storm. It’s gold plated and a little different from your usual dainty bracelet which means it won’t break when I accidentally catch it on like my jumper or a door or something. HURRAH.


So, the other reason for visiting my Dad’s and seeing my two younger siblings is that next Tuesday they are off to Vietnam. I mean, alright for some.

They’ve quit their jobs and are embarking on a couple of months of travel around south east Asia whilst they try and find themselves and work out what they want to do with life and bond and y’know, the usual.

And so, I have decided to join them – just for a week. I’ve booked flights to Bangkok for June that I can’t really afford, but I just know that we need that time together more than anything.

We have been due a deep, meaningful chat about life for about 15 years and now we have our moment. I think mentally it will help me feel more at peace with myself and FFS soz about talking in riddles. Maybe I’ll delve more into the past one day on here and maybe I won’t, you’ll just have to hold tight on that one.




Whilst laid out on the sofa trying to write up some posts the other week on the ol’ laptop with 8 Simple Rules whirring in the background, I noticed an advert for My Wife And Kids and omg I basically did a loud CAN I GET A WHOOP WHOOP? To the cats. No shame.

I used to love it back in the early noughties when I’d split my time between Two Of A Kind, Sabrina and Saved By The Bell. So, just a heads up, it’s available on 5STAR – alongside 8 Simple Rules, whilst I think Sabrina is on The Vault.

Megz excited to investigate which other old school programmes I can lose my life to. Sky, you a real boo <3


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