Two New Spring Outfits


I’m going to start this post by declaring my love for London during spring. Except y’know, the real spring we’d been having, not this cold snap of snow, hail and bitter winds that’s jumped out of nowhere.

Like, can we have a standing ovation because London, you jolly old chap, you have nailed it.

I wrote a post last year (here) about how Instagram had made me appreciate the beautiful little details in every day, about how it had made me seek out beauty, to notice it in otherwise mundane places, all so that I could snap away for the sake of nailing that Insta grid.

And I stand by what I said then, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. We live such busy lives that ordinarily we wouldn’t make time to look at the way a beautiful building juts out against a brilliant blue sky or the way a tree has sprouted the most enchanting pale pink blossom, y’know?

And now we do, now we’re like cor spring, when did you get so buff looking? Lemme take 472385678 photos of you, to remember you just like this.

So yeah, first up I just wanted to declare my love for spring in London because it feels like there’s so much optimism in the air, this excitement at the promise of warmer months and lazy, light evenings and cocktails and bare legs and ice cream.

And I like that feeling, that mutual feeling in the air that we’re on the cusp of something really blinkin’ good.

And secondly, well secondly I wanted to share two of my favourite spring outfits with you. Shot the other week on a happy little mild spring day in the capital.

And yes there’s a neckerchief involved, I’m not really that sorry.


hannah gale creases 11210hannah gale creases 2


I’m all about teaming trainers with dresses with trainers right now, because who needs blisters and achey feet? Not me, nope.

I’ve teamed this denim smock dress with classic pastel accessories – a pink cross body bag and an effortless grey-strap Armani Exchange watch because hey it’s spring.

I like the soft colour of this watch and the minimal design that means it goes with everything in my wardrobe without being fussy or boring.

It makes me feel like the queen of chic and polished even when the reality is ahem, a little different.





I feel a *bit* like I should be in Paris eating croissants and posing in front of the Eiffel tower in this combo and I like it a lot.

I’m not one for an all monochrome outfit, so I’ve jazzed this print dress up with a neckerchief and the most practical handbag I own – a reversible tote bag that has a pouch inside attached to the strap. An absolute dream if you’re forever rummaging around at the bottom of your bag for your damn debit card.

I’m wearing a different watch from the Armani Exchange spring 2016 collection for this look – something much more feminine and dainty, something that’ll still look bang on point in a decade to come.

I love the clash of rose gold and silver because I tend to mix jewellery metals so it slots in perfectly with my every day jewellery collection.

Plus, have you met a blogger yet who doesn’t have a magpie eye for rose gold? Thought not. Nope.

SHOP THE OUTFIT (bag from Armani Exchange here)

Which of these outfits were your favourite? And which watch style are you adding to you hurry-up-please-pay-day wish list?
The Armani Exchange Spring 2016 watch collection is now available at selected retailers including H Samuel and online at

This is a sponsored post but all views, outfit styling and spring-time love my own.

  • I really love that second dress – it’s so flattering on you! x
    Sophie Cliff

    • Hannah….Lovin’ those toned Pins gurl! Pilates and swimming are doing you good! ..Hair is always on Point too! Do you have a PO BOX lovely? xxx

  • I looooove the printed dress!!! So gorg! London is 100% one of my favourite places xx

  • Love both these outfits, and those watches are gorgeous!

    Sophie x

  • That second outfit is stunning, you look like a model! x

  • Both of these outfit’s look so great on you!! I especially love that denim dress – so cute!xo

    Char |

  • Absolutely love the denim dress , I’ve ordered it myself & can’t wait for it to arrive!

    L x

  • Amy

    Hannah you look so pretty in the first outfit and so sassy in the second one, I love them both! Your fashion posts are my ultimate fave.
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  • Love these outfits the denim dress is lush xoxo

  • Hannah you look gorgeous! Both outfits are on point, but I would say that I adore the 2nd one cause it looks so french-chic. It’s supposed to be Autumn here in Australia but unfortunately Summer is like “hey, I might not bother leaving” so I think I may try and find outfits similar cause i’m running outta inventive summer outfits.
    Holly x |

  • You are looking soooo good gal! Your posts always make me feel so happy & uplifted – you’re always smiling in the photos and saying something positive. Your blog is actually just such a joy to read!

    Also – totally agree that instagram makes you appreciate the small things. Nowadays I fully get involved with seasonal activities (y’know like pumpkin spice lattes & buying bunches of tulips) and it just makes me feel so happy! The basic bitch life is the good life.

  • LOVING that you’re bringing back neckerchiefs! <3

  • You’re smashing sponsored content at the moment! Nice job *just imagine a thumbs up emoji here because soz, I’m on a Macbook* Also love the shoes on the second outfit!

    Loves xXx

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