6 Beach Holiday Beauty Faves


I pretty much pack the exact fave products every time I go away, whether that’s for an overnight trip for a sleepover with a gal pal or two weeks trekking round Utah eating salami and ranch dressing wraps. So I thought why not whack ’em in a post with a couple of faves from my Marbs trip, y’know?

I got some weird ol’ looks whilst shooting these snaps by the pool. Mostly because people were probably like who is this perve trying to snap photos of us hungover in our swimming cossies whilst eating a plate of chips and drinking a frozen Pina Colada.

Lol, soz.


1. JOHNSON’S MAKE-UP WIPES (shop here)

OK I USE MAKE-UP WIPES AND I’M NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY SORRY. I did go through a phase of using micellar water on cotton pads instead, and sometimes, if my eye make-up is like hey, gonna try and cling to your face forevermore, I still do, but these little wipes are bae.

I actually hate most other wipes because they’re either more dry than my mouth the morning after a hefty wine-drinking sesh or they basically smell like cheap Iceland vodka and make my face sting.

But not these Johnson’s hunnies, they bae af.



I’ve always used Piz Buin. I like the smell, it’s always easy to apply and doesn’t make me look like a greasy pre-teen and well, it rarely lets me burn.

I’m all about a high factor on my face, but usually tend to go down to a factor 15 on my body after it’s acclimatised to coming out of hibernation.

I used the mousse whilst in Marbs, which I *think* is new, but it makes application a dream and leaves more time to nap. So, yup.



I’ve mentioned these little huns before, but I’m still as addicted as ever. I think I’ve gone through about eight pairs now, hashtag trying to look like a cute Insta famous girl.

My only advice would be to put them on before you start downing prosecco. A couple of times I’ve got a bit over-excited and have clamped my fingers on the sticky bit of the lash and then pulled it off the lashes by accident. So yeah, handle them by the lashes and not by the glue bit.


4. BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO (shop here)

I use this every day. Every. Single. Damned. Day.

I use it on days where my hair is greasy and squealing for me to wash it, and I use it on days where I’ve just washed my hair but desperately want volume and something for my waves to cling to.

It is 102% my fave hair product of all time. Maybe joint with toner because I’m all about that cool-toned hair life.



Since about Christmas my skin has been in a really stinkin’ great way. I mean, I am planning on doing a post about all the things I’ve changed, because I tend to only have one spot at a time these days and it’s normally small and under the skin and nestled on my chin somewhere. And that is pretty much as peak Gigi Hadid as my life is ever going to get.

Anyway, point of my story is that I think this little champ has a lot to do with it. I was so, so, so scared of face oils because well, my face makes enough of its own oil, but this fella has helped balance everything out. My oil production levels have gone right down and so has my acne.


6. TANGLE TEEZER (shop here)

Being without this makes me feel about as panicked as I feel when it’s Friday night and I haven’t made a strong dinner plan. I tend to keep one in my gym bag and one just about the house.

I couldn’t explain to you why it’s such a hun, but it just is. I never have knots or matting or accidental dread locks, which is nice for everyone.

Plus, it’s a pretty snug size for travel.


Do you use any of these babealicious products?




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