My Ivy Park Haul


This morning is sponsored by coffee. A lot of coffee. All the coffee. And a bit more coffee. And the idea that after two weeks ‘recovery’ from a pretty blasted cold, today is the day I’ll step foot back inside the gym.

I mean, I’m not going to go to a HIIT class because lol that is my idea of all the hells combined, but I am going to go for a pretty chipper little swim this afternoon and I’m surprisingly excited.

Because actually, before some selfish ill people infected me on the train (thanks a bunch you prunes) I’d got myself into a nice little habit of heading out to the gym two or three times a week. Just for a swim or Pilates class, but still, it was the gym and it was exercise.

And it made me feel good, not just about my body, but mentally. It made me feel like I was capable of handling whatever was thrown my way, it made me feel a *bit* like Olivia Pope tbh.

And so today, your girl is back.

Back feeling motivated and ready to whip some blog post ass, and back getting this butt moving in the gym.

I’ve had a few people ask for a full review of the bits I picked up from Beyonce’s Ivy Park range from Topshop last week, so naturally, I made Ellie shoot some snaps before breakfast whilst in Marbs over the weekend.

And then, because DUH, it’s me, I got chorizo sausage juice all down my top approximately 102 seconds after the last photo was taken. Classic HG.

So um, some stain removal tips would be nice.

I am a BIG fan of the leggings – they feel better quality than the Nike ones I’ve owned since 2010 and really pull you in and create a nice ol’ silhouette. I mean, not that you wanna look like a hottie in the gym, but like, it’s a nice added bonus.

I’m slightly not regretting buying the high waisted ones as these ones aren’t roomy enough for girls with ahem, bubble butts like mine.

I also snapped up a branded t-shirt and sweatshirt. I sized up for the sweatshirt because I wanted something oversized to slouch around the house in and nip to Tesco for nacho ingredients in, as well as something I could wear to my freezing af Pilates classes.

I feel a bit like I’m cheating on myself because lol don’t you have a sweatshirt range Hannah? (hoping to bring that champ back into the world of the internet this summer, so keep ya eyes peeled).

And finally I got a cap. Not sure why. I thought maybe it would be a good long haul flight companion, and if at any point this summer I forget who I am and decide I want to go for a run in the sunshine, it *might* make me look like one of the Kardashians on a hike somewhere in LA.

On a side note, I also think the bodies and t-shirts would look absolutely crackin’ tucked into a pair of mom jeans. So yeah even if the gym makes you want to pour nail varnish remover into your eyes, you can still get involved with the Ivy Park partay.

Peace out, sistas.

Pink sweatshirt, £28

White t-shirt, £16

Leggings, £40

Cap, £15



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