My ASOS Swimwear Haul



I mean, I’m not sure you can get away with using the word ‘haul’ on two swimming cossies, but whatevs, I’m going to try.

I wanted to write this post because, well, since getting ahem, a little older and a little less perky, I’ve seriously struggled with finding swimwear that I feel confident in, fits my boobs and well, looks cool and young and hip and happening, y’know?

I made the transition from bikini over to cossie last year during a particularly teary trying on session in an M&S changing room and came away with a tummy control black one-piece, which although nice enough, is kinda boring and well, the cut is probably more aimed at sassy sixty year olds sipping G&Ts on the French Riviera than a 26-year-old trying desperately to old onto her youth.

The last photo I have of me in swimwear where I think yeah boo, you working that, you look <insert all the flame emojis> is from a holiday to Portugal in 2004 and I’m wearing a pink cord Billabong sun visor.

So there’s that.

I also met a boy on that holiday who I spent AN HOUR WITH who then proceeded to ring me every night at 2am all summer. I didn’t answer once. Lol.

Anyway point is, I have a track record for choosing bikinis that don’t fit me properly. I’m all about the bandeau top because HELLO optimum tanning but they make my boobs, ahem sag.

And then, as part of my daily ASOS browsing game I like to play, I stumbled upon the ASOS Fuller Bust range and well, the rest is history.

This sounds like a sponsored post, but it’s not. It’s just a cheap swimming costume and bikini range that looks good but actually caters for girls with sizeable chests and it has solved all my OMFG I HAVE TO BE ON A BEACH TOMORROW woes.


I actually ordered a high-waisted bikini from the range as well but omg lol that bad boy is getting sent back because it makes me look like I have an inflatable tyre shoved down my pants.

I find that the cup sizes come up quite small – I’m usually about a 36DD/36E but found that the 34F was the best fit, so definitely go up a cup size when ordering. Whereas the bottoms were quite generous – my lardy toosh fit easily into the size 12 high-waisted bottoms, whereas it normally weeps whenever it goes near a pair of size 14 Topshop jeans.

The black swimming costume is simple and easy and I ordered it as a bit of a cop out, whilst the low cut floral suit is the sassiest thing I’ve ever seen myself wear.

I mean when I put it on, I’m ALL boobs. I am just the girl with the ginormous knockers, but they’re held in place well and the shape doesn’t stick to my belly and make me feel self-conscious, it makes me feel confident and fun and curvy and happy.

I *might* even try and get a little snap of me WEARING IT IN PUBLIC whilst in Marbella this weekend, but we’ll see how much I want to peel off my kimono for Instagram when I actually get this butt on the beach.

But yeah, if you’re booby and freaking out about a beach holiday, you absolutely have to check it out, it’s the bloomin’ bees knees.



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