A Super Easy Peasy Meatball Recipe


I’m not sure how you start a post about meatballs aside from saying meatballs goooooooood.

No but seriously, so good. As in hey you over there, I made meatballs twice in the past week.

TWICE. That’s normally only reserved for avocado on toast and well, uh, that’s about it.

I have a meatball recipe saved on Bloglovin, it’s all delicious looking and covered in a thick, gooey, I die, layer of mozzarella. And well, y’know, it’s actually been saved there for a good solid year and at no point did I want to whip it up enough to actually get my butt off the sofa and shuffle off to Tesco to buy all the ingredients plus a bottle of wine because what’s cooking without wine, really?

I’ve been putting off adding meatballs to my list of things I can cook, because they just seem like the faff-y meh sister of Spag Bol.

I blame it on a hideous meatball and spaghetti combo I ordered from Frankie & Benny’s once. Sob, what a waste of a meal out.

Anyway, point is, I was wrong and meatballs are bae af and we should all make them forevermore because they’re SO easy.

I made one batch with beef (so yum, but y’know, a little bit less yum on your bowel which is like saaaaaaave me from cancer) and another with turkey which were a little less flavoursome but my scales basically did a happy dance the next day, so you get my gist.

I served mine with spaghetti and garlic bread, but the leftovers are also cracking in a cheese toastie with jalapenos (you might actually break into a couple of pieces because of the pure joy sliding through your veins) or with quinoa, hot sauce and natural yoghurt if you’re on a health kick.

ENJOY sistas.



(makes enough for two with hefty leftovers)

500g mince (whichever meat your heart desires)

2 x 500g carton passata

1 onion

4 garlic cloves

Fresh basil

Breadcrumbs (or 6 cream crackers whacked in a blender – best food hack EVER)

1 egg

ALL the parmesan

100g spaghetti per person


Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees.

Whack your mince, breadcrumbs, egg, some chopped basil and salt and pepper into a bowl of mix it all together.

Use your hands to mold the mixture into small balls and place on a greaseproof paper-lined baking tray.

You should make 10-12, now whack these in the oven for 20 minutes.

In a large deep frying pan add your onions and garlic and a little slither of olive oil, and then after five minutes add your passata.

Here’s where I just add crazy shit from the cupboard like I’m making Spag Bol – some random green dried herbs, bit of red wine, bit of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and lots and lots of basil.

Simmer this on a low heat and then once your meatballs are cooked, add them to the pan for a further 20 minutes.

Cook up your spaghetti in a pan with salt.


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  • Adam makes the best meatballs EVER, and he’s recently started mixing it up and trying new things. Honey mustard meatballs were tasty, cheese stuffed meatballs were the absolute bomb, and surprisingly, raspberry jam in a meatball is also pretty damn good too. I like a 50:50 mix of pork and beef but exchanging one for turkey does make it better for you (so you can obvs eat more…right?!) Alice xx


    • Omg the cheese stuffed ones sound AMAZING. These are next on my list. And yes, I’ve heard good things about 50% beef and 50% pork, I think next time I have people over and want to look like a magnificent cook I’ll give this a try x

  • Wow, this looks absolutely scrumptious!


  • Claire

    I love a good meatball too – I found to make turkey ones a bit tastier I added red pesto (plus extra parma, obvz) along with the salt, pepper, garlic, onions, etc when mixing up all the mince into balls. I was blown away by just how tasty they were!

    C xxx

    • omg that pesto idea is INSANE. Will definitely give it a go. Thank you 😘

  • Oh my gosh, these look good!! X

  • Amanda

    This looks amazing!

  • Bryony Soord

    Meatballs goooooood.

    When you try stuffing the meatballs with mozza, whack a chunk of chorizo in there as well. OR add finely chopped chroizo to the mince.

    Chorizo and mozzerella meatballs, soz kale + waistline.

    B xx

  • Harriet

    Meatballs are amazing, deffo my topping of choice on a Dominos. And these look sooo good! x

  • I made meatballs for the first time last week too and you’re right SO easy to make!!

    I used turkey cause it was in the reduced section lol they look like little brains when you put them together x

  • ‘Serve with your weight in parmesan’ is probably the most spot on way to describe how much cheese I put on my pasta. Not the biggest cook but I definitely want to try this out, I love any kind of pasta and damn those meatballs do look good!


  • Okay so its 11:40pm and I’m now craving meatballs…these look delicious!


  • That looks so good, and now I am seriously craving meatballs.
    Love Alicia x

  • I honestly never usually eat meat balls! But after seeing this I have an unusual craving for them haha So I guess I should say thanks 😀
    I’ll definitely give them a go!

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