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Oh lookie, another post purely about my bedroom, taken from my bedroom, and written, well, from the sofa cos gurl gotta mix things up y’know?

As part of a bruiser of an IKEA order I put in a few weeks ago (I mean, it wasn’t that hefty, I just needed a new desk chair because my old one literally snapped in half – no YOU need to lay off the pizza, and a full-length mirror), I got a couple of these picture rail thingies (they’re £6 each and you can shop it here).

We used to have three prints all in the same size hanging above the bed, and as cute and Carrie Bradshaw as that was, I was bored and wanted to mix things up and woah where’s my marble H&M home frame gonna go?

So we did this.

Chris and I are planning on maybe hanging a couple of plants from the ceiling on one side, and filling a cagey shelving unit from Urban Outfitters on the other side with 6754675 plants (all fake of course because let’s just take a moment to appreciate the plant killing bitch we’re dealing with here).

The orig plan had been to not leave a gap in the middle and create one long shelf but turns out drilling holes *that* precisely is not a thing and well, let’s just say there’s an accidental cave going on behind that shelf. Soz house.

So yeah, we have a gap in the middle, and the frames and prints have been strategically placed to hide the hooks from our original photo hanging plan. And yes, that wordy one in the middle WILL go in a frame rather than just hang awkwardly but ahem, Granger has eaten an entire corner of it because of course he has ffs.

I’ve had a few people ask where specific prints are from since uploading a lil snap of this bad boy shelf to Insta this week, so I thought I’d list them all below for ya.

Now to just hope and pray to the interior gods that none of it falls on me whilst I sleep.

Vogue print – present circa 2010

Cat skull print – Etsy

‘There’s no one I’d rather’ print – custom design from Etsy

Blog marble print – Lily Rose Co

Place names print – Etsy

Fox post card – Paperchase

Fox print –  Ohh Deer

Vintage Manhattan map – Etsy


  • gem

    Ha your cat ate a picture frame ? Thats hilarious. Mine sh*ts in the bath sometimes – not so hilarious x

  • This looks so nice, definitely feeling inspired to start a wee wall of frames myself x

  • This is so super cute. It’s so different as well! I’m having such a sort of my flat tomorrow. Spring cleaning is here and I couldn’t be more excited. Time to get it looking ship shape!!

    Sophie xx

  • Absolutely love that grey! Exact colour I have in mind for when we move. Love the cat print too 🙂

  • Fab post, love your blog!

    Check out my fashion, beauty & travel blog over @ http://www.nataschacox.com

  • Love that – all the prints fit so well and it looks really lovely!

  • Leah

    Need need need to know where those bed covers are from 😻😻😻😻

  • aha accidental gap! Happens to us all. I wonder if it would look less accidental and more purposeful if you didn’t try and bridge it with a picture but left it as two seperate rails? Just a thought 🙂


  • Amy

    We have a really thick headboard that’s like a shelf and I really want to do this to it, just need to persuade my boyfriend somehow! He thinks they’ll all fall on our head in our sleep…
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  • Your bedroom is #goals .. !! Love this so much.

  • love the skull print!

  • I want to do this myself for my room! It’s so cute! thanks for sharing! kisses:D


  • I love it! What a cute way to spruce up your bedroom decor!

  • I love this idea Hannah! I’m having a real homestyle Pinterest type phase at the minute and I think I might just have to use this idea in the study – along with lots of white, copper and marble of course!

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

  • This looks really cute – great idea! Although I would be scared of them falling on me in the middle of the night too!

  • Love this idea, looks really good. I’ll have to remember this if we ever get round to decorating our house. Loving the cat skull print too 🙂 x

  • han

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