Four Of My Fave Beauty Products Right Now




I’m mildly aware that all my posts this week are focused on my bedroom and my crumpled white bed sheets and I’m a bit sorry. ‘Cept not all that sorry because y’know my chest hurts and I can’t remember what it’s like to not be sweaty all. the. damn. time.

Yeah, I’m sexy and I know it.

What’s it like being able to breathe out of both your nostrils?

Anyway, I’m going to stop making this blog post sound like the NHS information page for the common cold and instead focus on the beauty subject that the title suggests.

So yeah, I thought I’d just give you gal pals a little heads up on a few of my current favourites. Some are new and some are, well, just new in my life.



Admittedly this little hunk of shimmer went straight into the virtual shopping list that takes up 52% of my brain after seeing it in one of Sarah Ashcroft’s YT videos last week. Alright, you caught me, I was trying to learn how to contour properly and what.

I have 47356 highlighters, some are powder and some are liquid, but none come in a little pot of fun, so that’s what makes this one different, obvs.

But for real, I like that this one is so easy to layer up and make a little bit more dramatic so that it actually shows up in a selfie. Come on, we both know that’s what you’ve been looking for since about November 2015.



Admittedly I haven’t used a fake tan that isn’t St Tropez since I was moaning about turning 23 and drinking fizzy rose wine every Friday, but this, well this bad boy is summin’ else.

I decided to give it a whirl a couple of weeks ago spurred on by the image of the nut and the oil on the packaging (IS IT A NUT I HAVE NO IDEA?), maybe it reminded me of peanut butter or something. I dunno. But it made me feel like it might make my skin feel really damn good.

Anyway, IT IS SO GOOD. It didn’t stain my bed sheets, it wasn’t streaky and the colour legit looked like I’d been sunning myself on the Algarve for a week. 100% my new fave fake tan, and I am absolutely going to smother myself in it post-bath tonight.

I also like the fact it’s stocked at Holland & Barrett, that means it’s basically good for me, yeah?



I’ve tried a few of these home ‘gel’ varnishes and NONE of them have even come close to these Barry M hunnies.

I applied this blue shade on Sunday afternoon – two quick coats finished off with a sunset gel top coat – and as of today it was still entirely chip free. Maybe three days isn’t a big deal to you but omg I am obsessed with peeling my nail varnish off and picking the teeniest chip on one nail until oh whaddya know there’s only nail varnish left on on two fingers.

I also find a lot of these kind of nail varnishes start to get really faint cracks on them like old grandma china, but this one hasn’t which is a pleasant turn of events.

Also, today I did something mental and went and snapped up two new shades – one in pale pink and one in nude – rather than pay for an actual gel mani at my local salon. So yeah, I think I like this formula more than Essie (don’t tell Essie, plz plz plz).



I’m pretty sure this fella doesn’t hit stores til next month, but y’know, it’s nice to have things lined up ready for next pay day. Am I right, eh eh?

There are several things that make this eye liner pretty bladdy boom ting. Firstly, it has great pigment, as in IT’S ACTUALLY BLACK, it’s not like dark watery grey, hurrah. Secondly, it’s not scratchy which is so, so rare for a pen eye liner as most of them feel like sandpaper on your eyelid, which y’know, is always a joy.

And thirdly it’s so easy to use – I’ve used it about 5 times now and haven’t needed to use 584657 emergency cotton buds to straighten out my sad looking mismatched flicks.

I think you’re going to like it a lot.


Have you sassy little boos tried any of these products and do you love them or nah?


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