Making The Sexiest Of Mexican Bowls


It’s come to my attention (whilst filming a what I eat in a week video – it’ll be up Sunday so y’know, you could subscribe over here if that’s your kinda thing, I’m litz subscribed to like two people so I totally get if you’re like nah ta, hun), that about 50% of my weekly dinners are based around Mexican food.

I’m not even slightly sorry because what in this sweet, sweet world is better than hot sauce or guacamole?

Aside from like a McDonald’s double cheeseburger, maybe.

Anyway, one meal we’re eating at least once a week at the moment is the classic Mexican bowl. The let’s just throw everything that needs eating in the fridge into a bowl and then add rice and hot sauce and call it a Mexican bowl.

It’s seriously bae. And can be pretty healthy if you want it to be (basically just don’t tip an entire wagon of sour cream on it – although if you’re on your period, you’re sad, stressed or it’s a Monday or a Tuesday or the weekend then you absolutely should because yolo).

I like to use a cereal bowl rather than a shallow pasta bowl because it means you can layer up and kind of forage around and you never know what you’re getting in your next mouthful. It makes dinner time extra fun, although not *quite* as fun as when you have wine.



Rice (we just use the microwave sachets)

Sweet potato chunks





Black beans

Refried beans




Grated cheddar

Hot sauce

Sour cream

Natural yogurt



Pulled pork

Tortilla chips



  1. I tend to cut up a medium-sized sweet potato per person, leave the skin on, cut into chunks and microwave for a few minutes before sticking under the grill and turning every few minutes.
  2. Whilst they’re cooking, I put whatever veg needs eating and olive oil in a pan and saute, and tip my beans into a saucepan to heat through.
  3. At the moment I tend to do veggie bowls, but here’s where I’d also saute or grill any meat or fish, obvs.
  4. Then I grate some cheese and get crushing some avocado with pepper and lime because that combo is <3
  5. I microwave my rice and then get layering it all in a bowl.
  6. And of course, I finish off with basically half a bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce because it is my soul mate.


Now I’m hungry and I’m going to have to go rummaging about in the fridge to find something, FFS.

Do you guys have any Mexican bowl secret ingredients I need to add to my Tesco order plz?



  • I did a budget sweet potato burrito bowl recipe over on my blog and it was lush, thanks for the great ideas on what to add to shake this up a bit! Yum!

    (post is here:

    Christie x

  • Kat

    Rice really isn’t my jam these days so I like to sub that out for quinoa. I also like to slap a fried egg on top instead of meat 😉

    • Ooh yes we sometimes use quinoa, although it takes longer and the microwave sachets are 743856874 times pricier than the rice ones so it all depends how lazy I’m feeling 😉

  • Katy

    It would be great if you could make a food section – I spent ages looking for the midweek meals by your girlfriends because I forgot the name of the post :/ the thai chicken soup one is so SO good!

  • I tried this recipe and love it , thank you it literally saved me from eating corn flakes for the 10000 time !
    zaynab |

  • Laura

    I love making burrito bowls! I crush up some nachos and sprinkle on top for added crunchy texture.
    @Girlavie_ xx

  • You just sent my pregnancy Mexican food cravings into overdrive haha I need this!!

  • Beth R

    You neeeed to try roasted chickpeas! Drain a can of chickpeas and dry off a bit in a tea towel. Spread out on a baking tray, coat in a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper and roast at 200 for 15 mins. When they come out the oven put on some cumin/paprika/Nandos peri peri salt and enjoy! They’re crispy and delicious! We have them at least once a week instead of rice or potatoes!

  • Madeleine

    This looks sooooo good! It’d be the perfect quick meal for me when I get home late from work, thank you for sharing! x

  • This bowl looks like delicious heaven

  • This sounds really yummy, I’ve pinned! Also, looking forward to seeing the video, you always make the best meals!! x

  • Amy

    I’ve never even made a Mexican bowl and I’m sat here wondering why the hell have I not?! Food shopping is on today’s to do list so I might have an experiment.
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  • Can’t wait to try this for tea tonight! Its making me hungry just thinking about it. x

  • I NEVER make Mexican food at home. I’m useless. This is my incentive to try harder and make it. You always make that fully loaded nachos thing too which just looks like I’d want to eat it straight from the dish (the whole dish no sharing involved…) xxx

  • Excuse me while I just run off and make this for my dinner 😉 xx

  • Mexican food is by far my favourite so this is right up my street!!

  • This sounds delightful and sour cream is life!!! xx

  • This has made me so hungry!

  • I’m not sure what I’m more in love with…

    This mexican bowl or your writing style!!! Can’t wait to read more of your posts 🙂

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