Dear Diary: Life Lately


The joy of working for yourself means that on some days you get to like lunchtime and realise all you’ve achieved is a banging contour, an average Instagram selfie and two email replies and you’re like NOT THIS AGAIN, FFS.

That’s me right now, btw. I’m currently waiting in on an ASOS delivery and planned to whisk my laptop away for a romantic date day to Starbucks but then I realised that as fun as sitting around waiting for a nice man in a polo t-shirt to deliver a bag of spring dresses is, it kinda sucks all your motivation out of you.

Like, I’m sitting around waiting for him to arrive so that I can crack on with my plans for world domination.

And with every minute I waste refreshing Twitter notifications and my bank balance, a little part of my go-get-em attitude slips away.

And then you start to feel anxious like why I so unproductive, why I so stupid and slow, why I only get six blog posts up this week instead of like eight, why I such a bad blogger.

The downward spiral of being left with your own undistracted head, eh?

So, instead, I am doing what I do best – I am sitting in an oversized jumper on my bed with KISS playing and the cats napping and I’m typing to you.

I am cracking on with my plans for world domination regardless of the ASOS delivery man. And it feels good to be back in control again.

My plan for today is to write whatever this ramble of a post is, to make some coffee and to plan a couple of other posts – maybe for today, maybe for the weekend and maybe for Monday.

I need to send back some clothes that make me look like I’m going to a fancy dress party as a festival tent, and I need to unpack the various bags dotted around the house that I’ve dumped wherever I please throughout the week.

I’d like to get a couple of clothes washes out the way before the weekend sets in and I need to see if we need any ingredients for tonight’s Jamie Oliver skinny carbonara recipe.

And maybe, just maybe, I’d like to pop out the house for some storage boxes, if only to show off said bangin’ contour to whichever lovely Ipswich lady serves me in The Range.

So that’s me, wbu boo?

Also, I woke up today hurting in muscles that definitely don’t even exist. I had a yoga class at the Sky Garden yesterday for a couple of new bareMinerals launches (more on those in some sort of sassy beauty post next week), and so naturally did that thing where I tried on a swimming costume and convinced myself I was DEFS more toned. (Also, I only just discovered the ASOS fuller bust swimwear range and I need it ALL).

That happens right? One hardcore class can turn you into the body double of Gigi Hadid, yes yes?

Just a-chekin’.

I’ve spent a lot of the last week traveling about. I’ve been to London and back three times and I drove a six hour round-trip to eat fajitas and compare ASOS saved items with one of my best friends who was off work sick.

I tell you now, that moment in the drive where I lose signal for Heart and KISS and I have to listen to Radio 1 kills me every time. There I said it, I admit it, I hate Radio 1 and I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT.

I’ve also spent a lot of time just staring at my bedroom like whadooi do next?

The bed side table we ordered for Chris’s side looks so ridiculous that we both basically lay down on the floor and squealed whilst laugh crying when we put it up last weekend.

OK, I lie, I didn’t lie down on the floor, I actually climbed inside my wardrobe and refused to come out.

We need to buy some more fake plants because y’know, I have that awful track record of killing anything green. In fact, from where I’m sitting I can actually see a pot that’s supposed to have a 10cm cactus in it, there is no sign of said cactus, it has shriveled back into the soil.

I also want to get my mits on a couple of new mint and pale pink cushions, and also put up a photo rail above the bed, rather than having the three framed prints we currently have.

OH and also I want an ottoman. Ideally a second hand one I can sass up, but sadly nothing will fit in our car, so there’s that.

TALKING about cars, we’re looking to upgrade ours this summer. And as much as I want to start begging for a mint green 500, I think we might be thinking about test driving the giant warrior of a car that is the Fiat 500 x.

Go on, Google it. Why is it so big. Why do we need a car fit for a family of five. I dunno.

Does anyone have one? Can anyone gimme a heads up? Will I basically cry with fear every time I need to bay park at Tesco or am I OK?

And on that note, I will leave you to go and eat something sexy from Pret because YES FRIDAY, YOU BEAUTIFUL LIL POPPET and read some lists on Buzzfeed that make you snort tea out of your nose.

Love you bye.




  • Caragh

    I have a 500X. I upgraded from a 500 and it feels like a tank!!! Still – even after 4 months!!
    I love it though – all the funky gadgets!!
    The size does take a wee bit getting used to (depending on what you drive at the moment) but you get used to it – just find those drive through spaces at the supermarket lol, though 3 point turns have now become 6/7 point turns (I miss the 500 in those times).
    I thought the 500 had enough space (me, hubby and 2 kids) and I loved it as it was cute and ickle like me – the 500X is awesome though.

    • This is so interesting – thank you! Currently in a 500 (just not a mint green one) and love how small and easy it is, especially at parking etc. I reckon the only way to tell if it’s TOO big for me is a test drive, terrifying 🙈

  • Caragh

    PS – the ASOS fuller bust range looks soooo pretty – but my J cup beauties are crying as it stops at a G :'(

  • I need to come back and have a better look at the ASOS swimwear, maybe whilst my boss isn’t loitering over my shoulder as I’m madly clicking away from anything that isn’t really useful work-related information. I’m really tired this week from a stressful work conference in York (which, being a south-westerner is a LONG adventure into the North!) but hey, three day weekend AND it’s my birthday on Monday! Alice xx

    • Ah man you must have that Friday feeling times 647564756. You deserve all the pizza and prosecco tonight xx

    • It so is a long way Alice! I live in Yorkshire and my family are in Somerset…on a good day it’s a 5 hour drive, on a bad day it has taken us 9.5!!!! I wish we were closer 🙁 x

  • Oh. my. god. That ASOS fuller bust range is AMAZING. How did I not know this existed?? I mean, I don’t actually have anywhere to wear a bikini yet (like, I can’t even afford a holiday somewhere sunny right now let alone swimwear) but that’s besides the point.

    • THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FELT. Why has it been hiding for so long? I bought a plain black swimming cossie from it last week to test the water and love the fit so am currently toying with which high waisted bikini to get.

      • LOVE a high waisted bikini! So much more comfortable and, I dunno, it just feels (at the grand age of 30 LOLZ) more sophisticated (for me, personally) than wearing a pair of tiny pants. No-one needs to see me in a pair of tiny bikini pants. Nooooo sireeeee.

      • YES to this. I feel the same way, and there’s something nice about being able to tuck my back fat into my pants rather than have them dangling over the edge of some teeny bikini bottoms 😂

  • Miranda

    I nearly snorted tea through my nose at the cactus sentence 🙂

  • I’m with you on Radio 1! It makes me feel like an old person but Radio 2 is <3 Magic is a good'un as well!


  • This was the best diary entry yet. SO SO SO SO SO nice hearing all the thoughts inside of your head. Also glad someone else hates on themselves for productivity levels. Like seriously – where hte blog posts at Sophie? xxx

  • The shapes of the fuller bust range are so much nicer than the regular, damn you average sized breasts!

  • Love this post, some days there are just times when there isn’t necessarily a story to tell but general daily musings!
    Am I the only one that srsly wants to see that bedside table of Chris’s tho?! *laugh cry emoji*
    Charlotte xo

  • Friday is treat day, do what you want. ALSO YES ABOUT WHEN KISS DIES AND YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO RADIO ONE

    Sophie x

  • Megan0716

    Lovely post been a fan for ages but maybe you’re starting to sound a bit materialistic? It’s not all about what you want to buy or “need”. The best things in life are free!

    • Haha re-reading this I can totally see how it comes across like that, my bad! I just want my bedroom to be such a respite with lots of greenery and no clutter y’know? Definitely agree the best things are free, all about those priceless moments with people you love 🙌🏼

  • Harriet

    I hate Radio 1 too! The worst moment of any drive when you lose the good channels and have to listen to it.

    I’m loving your diary posts, they give a nice insight into your mind and life,and it satisfies my general nosiness into other people’s lives ha 🙂

  • You can do it!! Bigger cars are oddly enough the same to drive as little ones. At least I find! I have a little Citroen C4 and the first time I drove the OHs Landrover Freelander I was freaking out, but actually, after a couple of goes, totally used to it and love it! I actually feel so much safer on the roads because I am not tinier than practically everything else anymore! 🙂
    Also, I know the freelance feeling…have got three chapters of a book to edit by Monday, and this morning I have been to bootcamp, walked the dogs, eaten museli (important), and then decided to tidy and sweep and clear away the building junk from our little terrace off the upstairs landing, and finally put out the lovely wrought iron table and chairs a friend gave me, and hung our garden clock and basically admired my amazing handiwork for about 15 minutes in the sun, sitting on said chairs. Then I realised it was lunchtime, so made myself a broccoli, pesto and mashed potato hash, and sat down to work. But then I realised hadn’t checked Bloglovin today, so…. 😀 xx

    • Agree on this, it feels really weird driving a bigger car but you’ll soon get used to it, and feel really low down if you go back to a smaller one! I often have to drive minibuses and a 4×4 for work and my own car (Fiat Punto) feels like a go-kart afterwards. That 500x is weirdly chunky looking though, not what I expected! But there’s a couple of photos on Google that helpfully have a woman and a Mini for scale and it’s still quite dinky really.

      Also agree on the productivity, I’m supposed to be job hunting so therefore am catching up on household chores, blogging, work, friends & family time, *cough* Netflix… all good stuff but basically everything except my supposed #1 priority :/

  • You are such a good writer, that was a really nice read whilst I’m also lying I. Bed feeling very unproductive!


  • Kat

    Hannah! You will be fine with the bigger Fiat! I have a full-size SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee) and can park it literally anywhere that a tiny baby car can park. It’ll just take a little practice :))

  • I love these Diary style posts. They are just so real life feels compared to other more staged ‘perfect life’ kind of posts that have been rocking about. You should never feel like a bad blogger, your blog is my No 1 🙂 Plus your cat / coffee / laptop / bed set up is basically my life.

  • Lucy

    I love this sort of post. Your writing style is so perfect and relaxed that it really suits ‘life update’ type posts 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    Lucy xoxo

  • Love your honesty! I wish I worked from home

  • ASOS actually do the best swimwear I agree and yes one class can really turn you into Gigi Hadid’s bosy double! X

  • Ami

    The fiat 500x looks a lot bigger but could be good being higher up! I remember doing my first 3 point turn and I somehow ended up facing the same way as I started, creased. Thankfully I’m a master at them now but you can guarantee I’ll be the one parked furthest away from the shop!

    Love your writing style, so funny 🙂

    Ami x

  • We had a fiat 500x through my husband’s work for a few weeks. Pros are its similar to the 500 in design and I think you have quite a lot of customisation options in terms of designing the interior. Cons are that the boot space isn’t that massive, the sat nav that is built in is AWFUL and on the model we had there was no proper handbrake only brake assist which failed a couple of times in awkward places- the only way to reset it seemed to be getting out of the car, locking/unlocking and starting again. If we had paid £20k for it we would have been annoyed! But I did really like the higher driving position and it shares lots of similarities with the 500 so it might work well for you. Phew what a rant about cars! Xx

  • asos always cheers me up!!! i think working from home would drive me mad inthe same way… although Id enjoy it at first im sure!
    yoga at skygarden sounds amazing and very #lifestyleblogger!!

  • The fuller bust range is AMAZING, so many good tops finally! And I had a new exercise routine yesterday which has killed my inner thighs, so sore, need more sleep.

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Amy

    Wait a minute Hannah Gale, you can’t say you hate radio one but then STEAL ONE OF SCOTT MILLS CATCH PHRASES! (love you bye)

  • Your bed looks so sodding cosy. I’m now going to bob of and make a cuppa coffee!

  • I love your posts so much IT HURTS MY SOUL.

    *embraces the computer screen, strangely*

  • You should try a 500L! I just bought one and it’s a beautiful car! Not too small and not too big. I think you could propably fit your second hand ottoman in it 😉

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