How We’re Planning For Our Trip To NYC



I don’t even know how to start this post.

I’m on a train back from London with a Starbucks spring cup and omg New York.

I mean, it’s not for about 7 weeks, but still, New York.

New York makes me feel like the princess from Enchanted. It makes me want to sing and skip and talk to animals and whirl around in circles whilst my dress basically exposes my pants.

It makes me feel excited in a way, which and please don’t go all YOU BE LIVING YOUR LIFE WRONG, GIRL on me when I say this, that I don’t often feel that much as an adult.

Things make me feel happy and I look forward to them, but things don’t make me feel like there’s something buzzing in my stomach and omg I might explode into a million pieces they way they did as a kid.

But New York does that, it gets me smirking to myself in bed whilst I’m scheduling tweets and thinking about what sexy toppings to have on my avocado on toast. Y’know?

But anyway, this isn’t a post about how much of a twenty-something cliché I am because zomg New York is the best and Sephora and cupcakes and Shake Shack <3<3<3

This is actually a post about how Chris and I are planning to tackle our week-long trip next month. Because we, internet gal pals, have gone hideously old school.

We’ve printed off an A3 map of Manhattan in black and white (I do want to see more of Brooklyn this time around – but maybe I’ll handle exploring that district a little differently…).

And then we’ve got those cute little coloured dot stickers and assigned each colour a category – one is brunch, one is dinner, one is bars and one is for sweet treats like cupcakes and ice cream and chocolate yumminess.

Lunch goes under brunch or dinner depending on whether it’s somewhere to grab a sandwich (brunch) or somewhere sexy af to go for a burger (dinner).

And then, every time somewhere is heavily recommended to us or we basically die and go to food porn heaven over on Instagram, we add a sticker to the map.

Then we number the sticker and create a key next to the map with the names of all the places.



This way, whenever we get lost from pounding the streets of New York and we’re like COR, could go for a bite to eat, we can whip out the map and see what’s close by – regardless of phone battery or 3G or WIFI.

I’m sure there are easier ways of handling all your recommendations, heck – I’m sure you can do this some smarty pants way on your iPhone, but actually, I like going old school with it. It’s one of those activities, like packing your suitcase, that prolongs the holiday excitement.

Admittedly, I have 7638468473 recommendations to still whack on my handsome map – although when it comes to places like diners, my new rule is that at least two people have to have recommended it because darn it, there’s just so many.

And the thing with somewhere like New York, is that there’s so many places that will give your belly a food orgasm, you don’t wanna waste a meal, so I’m hoping my map means I am constantly trying not to weep with happiness over I LOVE YOU MACARONI CHEESE (as well as y’know, trying not to com because so full, all the full).

So please, recommend away my little cherubs.

I’m looking for rooftop bars and sexy Mexican, Thai and Vietnamese food. Oh and bottomless brunches. And places you can actually get into at the weekend without booking or queuing for two hours.

Not asking for much, y’know?

Luv ya.


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