My Favourite Avocado On Toast Recipe




I wanted to start this post with a teeny tiny explanation about my obsession with avocado on toast.

It started in 2014 and I’l be honest, to begin with I was like pass your girl some crunchy peanut butter and a bagel because WHAT IS THIS SLIME.

But at some point I became an Instagram cliché and started eating it whenever I went out for breakfast and then I became so entwined in my avocado love affair that I started eating it at home and well, now I eat it pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Is this healthy? I dunno.

But I hate cereal, so it works for me. I mean I don’t hate cereal. I hate milk. Have done for as long as I can remember (at what point was I like put your tits away mum and gimme some solids?). But I’m telling you now, there’s only so many times you can team your cereal with yogurt without wanting to weep tears of low-fat vanilla creaminess.


Can you call it a recipe when it’s just a few things mashed on top? Probs nah, but I’m going to anyway.

Basically, this combo is the little gem you need to eat in bed with a cup of coffee and your YouTube subscription box this Saturday morning. You know you want to, right? Right?

You are literally going to roll your eyes when you read what I type next and be like mate, take a good, hard look at your life, but whatevs.

Despite doing our weekly food shop at Tesco, we actually get our bread from Waitrose. Separately. It’s just their sliced sourdough loaf is the best thing to ever happen to avocado on toast and I’m not even slightly sorry for introducing you to it. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

So um yeah, here’s whatcha need for this sexy little brunch recipe.



Slice of sourdough bread
One small avocado
2-3 sundries tomatoes
30g feta
1 tablespoon balsamic glaze


I cut the bread in two before sticking in the toaster because it’s such a hefty Harry.

Whilst that’s busy toasting I slice my avocado in half, peel off the skin, remove the stone and mash it all down with the back of my fork, before adding salt and pepper into the mix.

I top my toasted bread with my heavenly green slime before topping with the tomatoes, feta and a good hefty drizzle of balsamic glaze (if you don’t have this in your store cupboard, you need it – you will NOT regret it. So effing bae).


I like to eat it with a knife and fork so that I feel civilised and like I’m eating in a posh hotel. I’m a pretty fancy fly bitch tbh.

So yeah, hope you liked, and hope your tummy does as many excitement YOU DO BEST squeals as mine does.

Peace out.

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