8 Of My Favourite Fashion And Beauty Buys Right Now




I guess this is a bit like a Friday Favourites but because I’ve given it a different name I’ve somehow managed to trick myself into thinking it’s totally 102% different and so yey motivation to put it together. So that’s nice.

It’s also all material objects rather than moments that’ll be lodged in my soul and heart forevermore or cute brunch spots (which, let’s just all be honest with ourselves, is 92% what my Friday Faves are made of anyway, so…).


How nice is it that we’ve blinked and oh hello weekend, you’re here again. Nice to see ya. Shall we go get a wine and have a lie-in and eat pizza? You betcha.

So here’s a handful of my current new fave fashion and beauty baes. Oh, and most of them are like pocket-money cheap. OK, maybe not most of them, but some of them are and what’s more fun than things that don’t leave you with spending anxiety for 48 hours?



It’s about 10 degrees to cold for these hubba hubba hunnies and mate, you do NOT wanna see the state of my toes right now. The crispiest, patchiest pedicure of all time. Probs tbh because I did it around Christmas. *insert 675467534 dark moon emojis*

I had a pair super similar to this last summer without a heel and wore them with EVERYTHING until they quite literally fell into pieces. I though this cute heeled pair (A GOLD BLOCK HEEL OMFG THE DREAM) would be perfect for summer holiday evenings. Sassy but y’know, doesn’t threaten you with weeping blisters or a broken ankle.

(You can currently get 20% off on LAMODA with code BALLIN20.



I’ve raised my scarf name (who knew that was even a thing?) with this *could be* Burberry scarf.

I mentioned it in a post last week, but I’ve been wearing it almost daily since so I thought it was worth another lil shout out. My current scarf collection comprises of about 5 scarves that *could* be blankets, so it’s nice to have something a bit sleeker. I feel like people will probs confuse me with Alexa Chung in the street now tbf.



I picked this up on a whim last week because turns out my brows ain’t so happy with staying where I put them throughout the day – the utter weasels. This megz affordable brow gel does come in several shades, but I like to use a pencil and then blend it with a slanted brush and finish off with a slick of this clear gel to hold them in place.

It’s a babe for doing that thing at the start of the brows where you make them look fluffed up and natural, y’know?





Not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here for an age or two, but when I go abroad I like to keep my dollar (or my euro) in a separate coin purse to my every day normal life one. That way you’re not dragging your Nando’s card and Topshop card and citizenship card (anyone else ever have one of those huns? I had my collar up in mine and had half a can of hairspray in my perfect slicked back ponytail) around a remote Greek holiday destination.

I’ve gone with this pink leopard number to hold my dollars for New York because y’know it shouts I LIKE INSTAGRAM AND MAC LIPSTICKS AND TAYLOR SWIFT.



This little sweetheart is part of bareMinerals’s Lovescape Spring 2016 collection and it’s the first eye shadow palette I’ve had in FOREVER where I’ve literally used every shade. In fact, it’s the only shadow product I’ve used in the past fortnight.

The peachy shade is perfect for no-eyeshadow eyeshadow, the gold is the dream holiday shade, the brown shimmer makes an easy smokey-eye and the pink shimmer is ridiculously on-trend right now and I’m wearing it as I type this. Who the fuck am I, discussing eye shadow trends. Get me back to cheeseburger chasers and Step Up please.



I’m on a bit of a trainer bender – my ankle boots and cute flats haven’t even had a look in of late because omg it’s so nice to go about my daily life feeling like my feet are wrapped in giant king-size duvets.

I’m obsessed with the basic blogger bitch all-over mint shade of these handsome hunnies AND they come in pale blue and violet too. Sweet hunky mumma.



This dreamboat only launched a few weeks ago and is the perfect low-cost dupe for YSL’s Touche Eclat. Like legit, I can’t even tell the difference between the two.

I’ve been using it under my eyes (because they’re always purple?!?! Someone pass a girl a giant bottle of water) and it feels like my skin just drinks it in meaning that blending is super easy.



I’m a proud sunglasses whore. I seem to get at least a new pair a month mostly because I lose/break every pair that comes into my life. My clumsiness knows no bounds. Although Chris and I have both lost our RayBans and so what seems the obvious reason is that someone broke into our house and stole them but left the electricals. Right, right?

These sassy sisters also come in a dark grey shade, but I love the pink because pink, pink, pink for lyf <3


  • Miranda

    Oh I spied the Reeboks in pale blue the other day and *nearly* bought them but decided on a pair of coral pumas instead <3 I've regressed back to my jeans and trainers style and you know what- much more comfortable!

    • YES. I’m all about the jeans and trainers life. So comfy. In my head I look like an off-duty Victoria’s Secret model, obvs. 😂

  • nueyork

    I never really was a big Burberry classic print kinda gal until I saw this scarf! Something about it is just so chic, stunning but still kind of low-key at the same time – plus the monogram is just too cute.


    • I know what you mean. I was never into Burberry when I was younger probably because it had such a chavvy reputation, but actually I find that classic check goes with EVERYTHING. xx

  • Those sandals!!! I love that the sun is making more of a apperance, making those perfect! Good job it was pay day yesterday!

    a life of a charlotte

  • Lucy

    The Sunglasses look gorgeous – I really want some rose gold ones 🙂
    Lucy xoxo

  • Those trainers are gorgeous. I am so into the trainer life. I only wish they were work acceptable, or I’d wear them 24/7.

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

  • That monogrammed scarf just needs to get into my life tbh. And I would love a lie-in-bed pizza day tomorrow SO DAMN MUCH xxxx

  • How good is the Maybelline brow drama! I’ve been using it for over a year now and gotten through 2 tubes. I love the brush! I want to try that 17 concealer and love the sunnies x


    • YES! The brush freaked me out a bit at first, but it works so bloody well 🙂 x

  • That BareMinerals palette has me a bit like the heart eyes emoji! I’m always on the lookout for a palette where I’ll wear every shade! x

    Jodie // jodieloue.com

    • I know, they’re so rare as well! Normally there’s like a lime green thrown in and you’re like ummm?

  • Love these kind of posts! Although they’re never that great for my bank balance. I’m the same, trainer-wise. I bought my first pair in years and now I just want all the styles and all the colours! xx


    • I’m constantly getting trainer envy whilst out and about. How many pairs are too many?

  • em
  • I’m absolutely obsessed with those Reebok trainers, I may have to purchase them, since pay day has arrived!

    You’re not doing good things for my bank balance Gale! 🙈

  • I’m always surprised how good Seventeen products are, for ages I thought I was too old to use them (how ridiculous is that?) so I think I’ll give the concealer a try! xx

  • I’ve heard soooo many good things about the Brow Drama gel, I keep meaning to give it a go but I’m really enjoying my Sleek clear brow gel. It’s so dinky and proper sets my brows in place! I didn’t know the 17 concealer was new! I noticed it in Boots the other day but thought it was something I’d already looked at, haha, it defo looks worth checking out! I love their Phwoarr Paint for under the eyes. 🙂

    Amanda Jayne | beauty, style, life

  • Seventeen is such a good brand for concealing dark undereyes and blemishes! And I adore that scarf!!


  • Love the mint coloured Reeboks. There is a real trainer trend at the moment with everyone wearing the same shoes so it’s good to have some originality and go for a funky colour. I might even get a pair myself…

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