26 Pretty Perfect Wedding Guest Dresses


In my head, picking something new to a wedding is the most fun thing. But OH you can wear lace and florals and colour and feel like a princess and ooh cute clutch and ahh sparkly heels and brb just going to audition to be Cinderella.

The reality is a bit more like OH FUCK.

You’re either worrying that the three-course meal will leave you with a gunt bigger than Jupiter, panicking that hang the flippety flip on DO YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE TRYING TO BE A BRIDESMAID? or megz anxious that old people will be whispering about why you’re wearing a beach dress to something so fancy.

Or if you weren’t thinking any of those things, HI.

Soz a bit.

I have one wedding this year and I’m considering a few options – that I’M A LEMON yellow lace H&M dress (although is the style too bridal?), a Chi Chi London circle skirt dress so I can feel all ladylike (but is that too bridesmaid-y?) or maybe something chic and lace in black. Teamed with a red lip and sunglasses like I think I’m a celeb. BUT CAN YOU WEAR BLACK TO A WEDDING?

So here are some options.

Just FYI if you go heavy on the weight machines and have some I’ve been in Thailand since 2012 tan, then maaaaate, get yo ass into number 4 with a matching lipstick and strappy gold heels. I die.

OH and just on a final note, if you’re skint but still want something that feels a little bit sexier on the skin than a Primark number – get yourself all over eBay. I once snapped up the dreamiest teal maxi dress for £50 that would originally have been five times that price. YES, I looked like a bridesmaid, but I look on fleek too, so whatevs.

27 wedding guest dresses

  1. H&M yellow lace dress, £79.99
  2. Whistles floral pencil dress, £150
  3. H&M black lace dress, £49.99
  4. Topshop red strappy dress, £59
  5. Miss Selfridge ruffle maxi dress, £69
  6. Miss Selfridge pink lace pencil dress, £49
  7. H&M silver sequin dress, £79.99
  8. Warehouse floral wrap dress, £45
  9. Topshop leopard print dress, £85
  10. H&M pink lace dress, £49.99
  11. New Look black lace bodycon dress, £39.99
  12. H&M floral dress, £39.99
  13. French Connection pink sequin dress, £160
  14. Topshop monochrome midi dress, £85
  15. Warehouse floral dress, £95
  16. Zara red dress, £39.99
  17. ASOS aqua lace dress, £85
  18. Zara floral dress, £49.99
  19. Zara floral lace dress, £49.99
  20. Zara navy lacy dress, £79.99
  21. Jarlo blue lace dress, £115
  22. ASOS floral dress, £85
  23. Chi Chi London blue dress, £65
  24. ASOS lilac grid dress, £48
  25. Chi Chi London floral dress, £60
  26. & Other Stories black lace dress, £79
  • Uhhh I am having this exact issue at the moment! Trying to find two dresses for different weddings and umming And ahhing over ones you’ve worn before but hey, they were different groups of people and no one has seen them other than on Facebook so is that allowed? Alice xxxx


  • Lisa Bichard

    1, 10 and 25 are my faves! I would def say that 23 is too bridesmaidy though!

  • Lottie Etchells

    Ooh! When’s the Wedding Hannah?
    Number 1 & 25 would be perfect for peak Summer time but 12 & 24 would be great for Spring time !
    I’ve got 2 Weddings this year so thanks a million for posting this…I was beginning to go into a wardrobe panic!! xx

  • I’ve no wedding to attend, but I do have my graduation which I think is pretty similar on the dress front. I’m loving 6 and 18! I’m pretty much just falling in love with loads of dresses until I end up last minute buying something


  • I’ve made a date with Warehouse this Saturday to try on number 8. Saw a girl wearing it at my cousin’s wedding this weekend and it was tdf.


  • Lizzie Purves

    Number 23 is to die for! would defo make you feel like Cinderella for sure. Have you thought about doing a post like this but with graduation dresses?

  • Oh so glad you posted this. I have a wedding to go to in June and cannot find the right dress to wear for the life of me!

  • Thanks for this, I have 3 weddings this year! And with social media these days you can’t get away with wearing the same dress for all 3 haha. I love the Jarlo blue one x


  • I have no weddings to worry about this year – bar my own..EEEK. Everyone keeps asking me what my dress is like and look horrified when I tell them I haven’t got it yet haha.

    Lovelovelove no.2 though and I’m thinking it would be great for my honeymoon 🙂 xx


  • Number 20 and 24 are my dreamgirls. Feel like such a sassy little thing in those bad boys. Dressing for a wedding is legit one of the biggest struggles of our time. NO I DON’T WANT TO CATCH THE BOUQUET. Yes that is a fake diamond on my ring finger WHAT OF IT. xxxx

  • I actually have two weddings to go to this year! I’m beyond excited but having not been to one since I was about 18 months old I’m having a major dress dilema. Also how the hell do weddings even work! Is there a lot of hanging around, so I should take flats too? Will there be prolonged periods of sitting down, so anything too tight would be a serious no go? At least I have until August to dwell on all this 😉 xx


  • Beth parker

    I’m getting married next year and I would be so upset if anyone wore black. All the others are lovely though x

  • Lily

    Such beautiful dresses, absolutely in love with pretty much every single one of these! Now I just need a wedding invitation…

  • *GASP number 23 and 25 !!!!!!!!!! Want want want want want .

    And numbers 4, 11 & 14. Damnit, I feel as though my credit card is going to hate you Hannah Gale, but I on the other hand LOVE YA!


    betty x
    The Betty Stamp

  • My favourites are obvi the most expensive ones. I’m going to a wedding in Ireland at the end of the month and I HAVE NO IDEA what to wear. This list is perfection. Thanks!
    Laura | collectinglabels.com

  • I love number 17! And I’ve just been invited to a wedding in Latvia so haven’t a scooby doo what to wear!!


  • This is such a cool idea! These dresses are gorgeous!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  • Rai

    I have my first ever wedding to attend this year! I didn’t even think of half of those problems you mentioned haha so I’ll be trying to narrow down a dress as well 😛 Love all your choices! Mine is in winter so don’t know to go floral or not as thats what my brain was leaning towards haha

    Rai | utterardour.blogspot.com

  • Love ALL of these! If I could wear yellow number 1 would be mine – or y’know – if I was invited to any weddings…


  • Other people’s weddings are just so damn expensive! It is getting crazy. Why cannot we go back to the good old ‘let us just enjoy each other’s company’ thing?

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