Friday Favourites: March 2016


Are you still breathing?

Y’know, what with the shock and sheer joy of having a Friday Favourites to digest on this rather majestic bank holiday Friday?

I know a lot of you have been missing this weekly round-up, so in the spirit of negotiation, I’ve decided I’ll do one of these classic HG posts on the last Friday of every month.

AND it’ll have ten things in rather than seven. So yeah, maybe pull some party poppers or cram a creme egg into your mouth in celebration or something.

Here goes.



I’ve mentioned these a bazillion times but they’re my new boos. I like them so much I even sometimes bother putting them in their little glasses case to keep them safe in my bag and that’s pretty much unheard of for clumsy mcclumsyson over here.

I had about 7 different pairs of cat eye sunglasses in my ASOS saved items and these are the fellas who came home with me. They pretty, huh? Oh and they go with every outfit, so there’s that. (Shop here)




Won’t lie, this MIGHT be my fave beauty product of 2016 so far. Which is cute considering it’s not available easily in the UK (maybe eBay? I dunno).

I mentioned in my Sephora haul post (over here) that I bought the wrong shade to use the lighter contouring end, but that deep brown end gives me the chiselled cheeks of a goddess in about 7 seconds and tbf I’ve never felt more on-fleek in my life. I hope kids admire it in the street.



Can peony season hurry its sweet little ass up please?

Yeah, yeah they’re a blogger cliché and I’m a blogger cliché and that’s a really cool story bro and please tell me more.

In the meantime Yankee Candle and released this scent as part of their spring collection to satisfy my cravings and it smells so fresh and happy. It’s my new I GOT THIS desk scent for mornings when can I just get into bed and watch Netflix on the iPad all day instead please?



Oh boy oh boy.

I’m going to be honest here and admit that I’m not sure that I’ve ever loved a pair of shoes as much as I love these hunks. And they’re trainers. Who am I. My nan would be crying in her nursing home if she could see me now.

I love that the monochrome colour scheme means they go with everything and yet the cheetah print makes them peak sassy.

Sold out on ASOS (unless you’re a size 9) but still available on Offspring. Huzzah.



Right back at the beginning of this month I drove back to Sussex on a Saturday lunchtime, armed with a cheeky little latte and alotta Kisstory.

Chris stayed at home to get some uni work finished off and I went to visit my nan with one of my brothers. We hadn’t been to see her for months and months and listening to her stories and memories of living in a Polish resettlement camp in Essex really helped put my life into perspective.

I spent the evening with two of my favourite friends in the entire world, eating Thai food and drinking our way through three sweet, sweet bottles of prosecco.

And then, after a quick brunch and coffee pitstop, I drove back to Ipswich on the Sunday. It was a fleeting visit but crammed full of moments that made my soul feel all kinds of good.



Chris and I visited Freeport Braintree a coupe of weekends ago and I found this little babe of a jumper hidden on an M&S sales rack.


I hope it’s one of those things that stays nestled in my wardrobe for 47567 winters to come. I bloody love Marks & Spencer these days, there’s so many devilishly good finds hidden in the sale. I’m currently trying to convince Chris we need this pineapple lamp.



I’ll admit it, I’m more jealous of the girls trotting about with their monogrammed Burberry scarves than I am of the girls with their chic lil Chloe bags. THEY JUST SO PRETTY.

Anyway, this one, from My VIP Wardrobe is the poor girl’s option. It’s only £30 and I’ve been wearing mine with my biker jacket and sunglasses, feeling all swish and off-duty model cool.

Anything with my initial on makes me basically do an excited wee.



Coco & Honey are an Ipswich-based start-up and zomg those brownies. So gooey, so rich, so soft. Even after the best part of a week they were still edible and moist.

My fave are the salted caramel ones which actually have a little sprinkling of salt on top and yeah, so good. Chris and I have eaten our way through more than I’d care to disclose to you for fear of being heavily judged. Soz.



The first ever time in my life I have been paid to travel. With a best friend and to one of the most stunning cities in the world at that.

Life is panning out ok, y’know?

I’ve not added this in here as a humble brag, more as a reminder that you have no idea of all the glorious, sweet, amazing things life has lined up for you if you can just find the energy to keep on marching forward.

Keep on growing and learning and pushing yourself and brilliant things will happen.

(Also, Paris is a babe, you must go and eat all the macarons and fries.)



I literally mentioned this in an entire dedicated post like a day ago, but seriously, you NEED it.

I mean, it’s only £2.99 (shop here) so it’s the perfect I FUCKING HATE WORK treat for the way home (aside from some sort of Easter-themed sweet snack, obvs).

Go on, make Kylie Jenner proud and embrace that saucy brown lip trend.


HAVE A GOOD EASTER WEEKEND BABY DOLLS. I WILL SEE YOU ON TUESDAY. (I’m treating myself to a long weekend without posts and I couldn’t be more wet-myself excited).
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  • missg

    Have a fab Easter long weekend Hannah! Hope the sun shines. Peonies are soo my fave flowers so bloomsy (a new word lol) and pretty, so need to get my mitts on one of those candles to go with a vase of them! Loved the Harwich post, it’s great to discover hidden prettiness in places that don’t seem that pretty at first if we can just appreciate. Loving your floral bower of a dining room too😄xx

  • Your style is gorgeous – I love your cheetah shoes and sunglasses! 🙂
    – Ambar x

  • YAY! Such a fab post, Friday favourites will be something to look forward to at the end of the month with a cup of tea and a slice of toast. Paris looked amazing, I have just returned from a very fleeting road trip Lyon. After reading your Paris blog post and speaking to a few friends it is now the city I most want to visit in the world! 🙂

    Thank you for the reminder that the universe has amazing things lined up for each of us that are just around the corner. We never know what incredible things are just about to happen if we keep going. Have a beautiful bank holiday Hannah!

  • Love those sunglasses. I am looking to get a new pair for some upcoming summer travels. Also, those brownies look so good! Happy Friday x

  • Yey so glad Friday Favourites will be making an appearance each month!!
    Those sunglasses tho!!!! Amazing.
    Have a fab Easter weekend lovely.


  • Omg i just fell in love with those trainers! They’re awesome! And the asos sunglases! Loved them! haha kisses:D

  • Opened up a tab and added those sunglasses to my bag straight away, you are such an enabler! Great post

  • I’m in love with those sunglasses! x
    Trudy | TrudyJohanna

  • Absolutely love the contour stick and your new lip combo – looking lovely!!

  • Ah those brownies look delicious and that lip colour! I’m sensing a chocolate theme haha. I’ve not looked at Barry M cosmetics for a while, but they seemed to have upped their game! Definitely going to have a little peek next time I’m in Boots. Just came across your blog through Bloglovin 🙂

  • hann

    Lovely faves, that contour stick looks certainly tempting!

  • Oooh great post! I might just have to try the Barry M lipliner, I’m quite partial to a 90’s style makeup look as well haha xx

  • Those sunglasses are to die for! So cute!

  • These salted caramel brownies are my lyf xxxxxxxxx <3 <3

  • Those sunglasses are heart eyes x39593249!!!

    Emma |

  • Ooo I do love those sunglasses and cheetah Stan Smiths. I’m also going to be on the lookout for that Barry M lipliner as the shade is gorg! X

  • Ooo I do love those sunglasses and cheetah Stan Smiths. I’m also going to be on the lookout for that Barry M lipliner as the shade is gorg! X

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